The facts about how the anatomy works…? Based on the philosophy of the body of knowledge…



We are building the body of knowledge...?
We are building the body of knowledge…?


The body is complex. It has many functions that work simultaneously…!  The vital aspect inside this process is about how we unlock our internal conditionings…?  How can we be part of this biochemical machinery…? What does the impact of our emotional body and mental body have on the physical body…? How can we find empowerment through the expansion of our introspection…?  The magic is all inside us…! When we can commit to the anatomy – the perspective in our successful mindset can change our world…! It’s all about how we use this anatomy that can change the trajectory of our survival…?



Humanity time and space
Body Facts


When the anatomy is fuelled through this drip injected dopamine feed. The anatomy sets into automation… We are more than tissue and flesh. When we are static in our thoughts… We cannot escape from this conditioning.  When we process the anatomy from these addictive behaviour patterns.  The body will only learn one type of programming… When we become looped inside this process.  The anatomy begins to procrastinate, this is a downward spiral… Chaining our cellular memory to the endurance of fear…  The is no A to B transit – this process feels endless…!


How many aspects of the anatomy become dysfunctional, when the process of our stagnated anatomy becomes chained to our cellular memory…?


Everything begins through fear… In fact our emotional intelligence first learns to process from fear…?  This is the reason why it is important to learn how to overcome our fear…?  When we plant the right seeds of intention for our growth and expansion, we can learn to nurture this tree of life – through our emotional intelligence…! 


What part of the anatomy does our fear fuel…?


Our thought process is the most important aspect inside the anatomy… Negative self-talk is the beginning of this downfall… When we can’t find praise and acknowledgement within our society.  We feel alienated and isolated inside our thoughts… The lack of worth, we feel inside this network both externally and internally – will affect how we consume these 20.000 breaths everyday – and how we think these 60.000 to 80.000 thoughts daily… 


Anxiety will fuel the anatomy…

The energies of evolution and revolution are in conflict…!


When the emotional body and mental body are dominating the anatomy – the physical body is working through past templates to build our subsistence… Our actions are being guided by the trajectory of fear… This is the beginning of this cycle that creates our nothingness…




What organs are being affected…?

The heart and brain organs are affected by the process of anxiety… These two organs cannot meet in harmony. Fear is fuelling the process of our breathing cycle… This biochemical machinery cannot shape without conforming our emotional intelligence… We can’t create the foundation of this pendulum theory in anxiousness and we cannot continued inside these comportments – that builds our energy source through this beacon of light…! It will still function, but now this beacon of light will feel empty… Finding balance here is impossible… The brain organ and heart organ gives fuel to the anatomy. The nervous system is the biggest organ that connects with the heart and brain functions… When we are anxious – our thoughts run through our nervous system… We can feel stress and conflict inside our whole body… When the nervous system cannot connect with the brain and heart – we cannot work continually  with our emotional intelligence… When we halt the motion of this process – we become trapped inside this system… When we can’t feel comfort inside the anatomy through the heart, brain and nervous system – we can’t feel present in our here and now – time and space…! The feeling of being absent can be experienced, because the heart, brain and nervous system are all our of balance… For the anatomy to feel present – all times.  The anatomy my needs to articulate through the core sensor – we need to feel our cognitional experiences.    


When our thoughts become negative our heart centre becomes unused… When we can’t fulfil this biochemical machinery – the body feels incomplete.  What types of atoms are we consuming…?  Well, when we have no hope and inspiration and everything is worthless within and around us… We are manifesting this vibration through the anatomy…  They are very dull, boring, depressing – isolated atoms that cannot fuel the anatomy on a long-term basis… The transits inside these electrons and neurons don’t have enough power to engage with the anatomy… This halts our forward movement… All these energies are thoughts that we have created… When we are constantly fuelling the anatomy with dull, boring, depressing – isolated atoms, we are encouraging the process of our procrastination… There is no end to self-destruction, the depth of endurance is colossal…! This process functions with our drip injected dopamine feed…  It’s like being a hamster in a wheel…!




If it’s inside your blood – it will eventually become part of your cellular memory and then part of the DNA system that will shape our cellular movement… Human science and our social science are connected profoundly to our human evolution…!


When we are chained to our cellular memory – our thoughts are structured from our external and social cycles…  This will conform dysfunctions internally…!


We are connected to the world around us… Every atom can tell us a story – but when we are denying the truth about our reality, we are enforcing the process of nothingness to form our isolation. Building emotional walls and mental barriers in and around our atmosphere… 


When we can’t connect with our social conditionings, we feel abandoned and rejected, this fuels the process of our drip injected dopamine feed that keeps us bound to our cellular memory…


What is our cellular memory…?


The anatomy is a vessel that stores memories deep inside the anatomy – every cell is fuelled by an emotion that carries vital information about our emotional body, mental body and physical body.  The memory of our thoughts don’t only retain inside the brain, it retains within our tissue and flesh. Traumatic events, childhood problems and negative beliefs all retain inside the anatomy… This indicates the depth of our identity – we are all energy to be part of this biochemical machinery, we need to understand this process.


What fuels our dopamine chemicals…?


The anatomy is fuelled by chemicals and hormones. When these chemicals react – the body acts, feels and is stimulated with a communication…! These chemicals send messages to the brain responding bio-chemical reactions inside the body. When we are circulating through the same bio-chemicals reactions, we are sending the same message inside the anatomy.  Dopamine chemicals cause depression and addiction – it is responsible for controlling our emotions such as behaviour and cognition. When these chemical are infused with stress and anxiety the result is negative…! These bio-chemical reactions are dull and boring chemicals, the anatomy cannot achieve happiness through this conditioning…


The energies of these chemicals need strength and power to allow these brain cells to respond to the anatomy affectively. These energies are flowing through the nervous system – channelling all the information that heart and brain produce… Our bio-chemical reactions are caused by neutrons sending eletrical message to the brain… There is no direct connection inside these stem calls – its a electrical charge that sends these message from one synapse to the other… These atoms need the right amount of power to fuel the whole anatomy…


Atoms are everywhere and everything, they can have various names, but these energies are internal and external inside our atmosphere…  Atoms, cells or energies, they have the same meaning…! We take 20.000 breaths daily and think 60.000 to 80.000 thoughts everyday…! 


We are all energy
We are all energy made-up of atoms…


Always remember that negative thoughts generates stress that increases our blood pressure and anxiety, which fuels other physical problems… When this thought process becomes part of our drip injected dopamine feed – the body starts to develop addictive behaviours… When we feel empty emotionally – we want fulfilment…! This activates a short-term intentions. What do we do here…? We search for short term fixes to find pleasure… Drugs, alcohol, shopping, over eating etc. Eventually we will become tired of these fixes and will feel unable to find cure.  When we procrastinate, we become static…! The brain looses it’s ability to develop in a progressive mindset… The anatomy starts to become inactive and dysfunctional – fuelled by fear…! We are chaining ourselves to constrains and confinements in our cellular memory…! 


These are dense, weighted negative energies that tie many complications inside the emotional body, mental body and physical body…! When energies are frustrated, misty and immovable in our internal conditionings – they will feel like that externally too…!


When our conflicts within our isolation begins to ride with our drip injected dopamine feed… We start to chain ourselves to our cellular memory through fear… The more we chain ourselves to fear, the more suppressed we become… making us feel suffocated, as our negativity begins to rise through the anatomy… It starts to condition our lungs to feel misty, stale, steamy and frustrated… The heart begins to feel burden and uneasiness as its weighted down by our fears… then the brain starts to go into overdrive – through our drip injected dopamine feed… This cycle then starts to run through our nervous system and the cycle of anxiety goes into flux… every time our fear intensifies the pressure through our anxiousness increases… As this pressure lowers it will make us feel empty – this despair will make us rise back into the higher pressures of our anxiousness again – and the loop will take us around and around…   


How does our mindful process work…?





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