Atoms are bio-chemical reactions…!



The circle of life is all about change…!


Forward movement comes when we make change internally first…!


The power of one atoms consists of numerous components…!


What is the DNA structure made out of…?


We are all a cellular manifestation of atoms…?



We are all energy…!


We think upto 60.000 to 80.000 thoughts daily…!


Ideas are more than thoughts…!


Light up the imagination…!



“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

– Gandhi


The theory of this philosophy is all about two atoms… In this investigation these two atoms builds the entire structure of the body of knowledgethese particles are diverse and have the capacity to multiply, modify and take shape… building the whole composition of this tree of lifeand how this fabric of our society complies… 

Inside the human system…

Inside the human systemthese energies are cellstransporters of information. These bio-chemical reactions are stimuli energies governing our characteristics, identity, and moodsconstructing ones thought process, behaviour, and intent… 

In a social movement; these energies shape the ethics of humanity through the fabric of our society… This is a sophisticated knowledge and the more you investigate the more profound it becomes… However, for the principles of humankindthese energies are apparatuses that can be inspiring, constructive and fruitful… 

What are these energies that are around our atmosphere…? Well, these phenomenal energies are in the body of knowledge called evolution and revolution… these energies lay the laws of our hominid progress with our human transformation…   



What are the principle energies of evolution and revolution…?

The Body of Knowledge statesthe dominance of evolution and revolution is unified through time in space. These ideologies rotate in circulating motions against each other, at times changing the direction of these energies. These are complex laws that hinder with our national consciousness forcing our thought process to change with time… 

There will come a time… when these vivacities collide within one another (whether this is a personal, social or a national process). This system will demand change and will force our traits to alter… Suchchanges will affect our societies and the way these energies evolve will have an adverse effect on our thinking patterns… The energies of evolution and revolution are compelled to conflict nationally. The distribution of these energies will alter our persona. Forcing our cognisance to stimulate into the depths of our knowledge.

Evolution and revolution shape our experiences and build our philosophies, identities, and opinions… As we build these laws, we bind our traits through likeness and similarity. Conditioning the development of our thinking process to siphon with the laws of evolution and revolution. Here, we can implement our knowledge with our human psychology… We can break down each mental process of an individualto characterise one’s traits according to one’s individuality and behaviour… As generations proceedwe create this movement in time, and this epoch becomes the fabric within our societies… These changes are the vital structurethat manifest to transform the movements of our consciousness.  

The laws of evolution and revolution work identically but in opposite directionsworking hand in hand. If these energies malfunction, they will reside inside our own pitfallscompelling the elements of evolution and revolution to orbit deep inside the body…  

The Complex System

This complex system and this process is changing our infrastructure. The human system is stirring these intellectual activities inside us forcing us to develop ‘new transits’. As old perspectives begin to fail, new commands manipulate… This will enhance our regeneration spreading a new form of trait within our uprisings. These systems change individualsby interconnecting our energies and thought process to the fabric of our society.  

What the mind precepts is contagious, and this spreads into our national consciousness. When one-system collapses, another organisation is induced to revaluate our society… The science of this organism is the base of our human understanding. 

‘Time and space’ alternate these revolutionshow we behave within our societies will begin to transform…? The old principles of evolution and revolution will force our political systems to relapse. The transformation in this organisation will shape a new cycle.  

The overview of this complex process is difficult to understand. This system will shape dominant roles inside our societies. If evolution dictates the material world, a revolution will be called to make these changes. Once these changes incorporate within our human civilisation. They will settle into the laws of evolution… 

As time passes the principal science of this knowledge will again begin to collapse. And another time will begin to churn from these timeworn constitutions. The fabric of our societies will interweave many changes… 

These old laws will recall for new revelations to rise, once again shaping our national and personal consciousness… Evolution and revolution are continuously influencing the depictions of the world. This is the universal knowledge of our human understanding.  


This is a vital part of our human developmentmore will be revealed inside the body of knowledge…   


This is a chemical reaction – multiplied… 



“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”


– Albert Einstein






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