It’s all about how we think, negative self-talk, self-doubt and lack of respect for the self – is the start of our procrastination process…! 


Head in the cloud


Feeling empty…?


Why do we struggle…?

Will this endurance ever end…?


What is mental oppression…?


Why do we feel oppressed…?  




Fear is resistance…?



Suffering, change or restoration is the key element of human progression

What are the dynamics of evolution and revolution…? Where does this process take us… and what can we learn from these two ideals…?  They are very complex energies that have the ability to reconcile, rebuild and recreate.  Breaking away from old laws and rebuilding new ways of subsisting is a process that will come into fruition, over a period of time. Recovery, reflection and change define the dynamics of this transformation process…  Our pitfalls are poignant inspirations to our self-discovery – if we allow ourselves to understand… These are life changing aspects rebuilding the anatomy for reasons of surviving. We need these pitfalls, Why…? How can we define our mental health…? Fear is the primary indication inside our our mental blocks…

Suffering is the opposite of Healing

The body of knowledge is a complex system… the stimulation of this realisation is a psychological and physical transition, derived by a need to understand and communicate…  We are intelligent beings filled with desire and contemplation… We sense sorrow and we have a need to connect with these feelings…  

There are different levels towards this void – varying on each individual’s progress… depending on the greater depth of one’s awareness.  The complexity in the body of knowledge is vast, however the end is simplicity…  The exploration of each chapter shapes a profound awareness to the anatomy… Pain can be a downfall or a vehicle of our success – this bio-chemical reaction is an intellection of our ability to think, feel and experience… Knowing that this change comes from these bio-chemical reaction, which are small atoms, altering our subsistence – is a phenomenon…  An instant reaction for transformation is all it takes for one person to alter – and to change one’s circumstances for the better or worse.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The complexity of this realisation will only get deeper from this point onwards… The subject of suffering, change or restoration and the mechanisms of the void will come to a peak – the impact of this thinking process will bridge both worlds of awareness as one – giving us dynamics…  ‘This is a profound aspect of the body of knowledge…’

Our stagnation is suffering and this is mind-numbing…

The substance of suffering can sound very cloudy and mind-numbing – as this matter produces sorrowfulness. A journey that most of us avoid… The exploration of this expedition is about the commitment of the anatomy. However, this philosophy is a profound instrument that will aid our thought process. This motive challenges the human spirit and takes people into phenomenal places. Often taking individuals away from obligation and into the dwellings of freedom…   

The most difficult chapters of your life are your transformations – because here you understand that change is needed. It’s a time for reflection, reconstruction and acceptance, a moment of release and forgiveness. However, the hope is curiosity – ‘this transformation will make you someone stronger – a person you haven’t yet come to know…! But this is another dimension of your identity. Suffering carries a lot of negative energies… It brings social disturbance, destruction – and breaks our unity with our dear ones.

Out of suffering we can gain abundance and this trajectory comes from transformation that we attract from our healing…

However, it can bring abundance and clarity to one’s subsistence….   Suffering, change or restoration is a path of reconstruction – about revising your weaknesses – and about defining your identity.  It’s about learning from lessons and experiences. This process is the foundation of change.  It maybe unpleasant, unacceptable and a difficult expansion for the body of knowledge.

But his transformation is about tearing each fragment of our inner structure apart to rebuild the core elements of our inner being again. This progression rebuilds our subsistence, there is a need for healing – this expedition is about finding a way to subsist in the fabric of our society. Discovering contentment inside ourselves – after the pitfalls and experiences we feel…

What strength can we gain from our internal conditionings…?

Our inner identity gives us courage and determination – therefore, this process is a profound element of our existence.

Throughout, history people have been tortured – often in masses by dictators…  Sorrow causes world-wide pain – and when it has risen it has always changed the fabric of our society through suffering. Why does doubt, regret or sin have such a profound effect on our thought process… Why does our grief or pitfalls make us feel like we have sinned and cannot be forgiven…?  This act is like a self-sabotage process, a spiralling cycle of self-destruction.         


The suffering of Christ…!


“The Crucifix does not signify defeat on failure.  It reveals to us the love that over comes evil and sin”

– Pope Francis

Suffering and Penance

This subject has lead humans into the path of penance and torture, as a form of humanoids to discover “enlightenment…” This has formed the core element of our religions, as a way of life. And for some individuals and communities, this identity is still a pivotal base.  By physically torturing the self or others – individuals feel a release from sin… This is a vicious cycle that has no end… In humanity, it has always been pivotal to torture the weak for power and control… we have built this system of suffering. This practice has aggravated the fabric of our society – is this the process designed for the body of knowledge…? What will the body of knowledge conclude about this theory…? How much of this process is man-made or organic…?                                                                                    

The origin of this ‘void’… within the anatomy spawns suffering and advocates change and restoration…These are the primal tenets that build the ‘void’ inside us – that urges individuals to question life…This all about our procrastination process…!

Our Pitfalls

In the previous chapters, I briefly touched on the pitfalls of the body of knowledge… Now, I am going to speak more in depth about the detailed rapport of this path of knowledge – by understanding what effect religion, history and suffering has on our thought process…?

Why, do we become insensitive with the material world… when we initiate with religion or suffering…? Why do we feel the need to scrutinise our material society, when we grow ‘a small fraction’ intellectually…? Suffering, change or restoration is an instrument in our body designed to bring us closer to our inner-selves.  Why does this process cause hostility…?  Sorrow can only be felt on this earth; socialism is the only foundation for humanity… 

This is the only platform where one can find recognition… We can say who we are on this earth… our IDENTITY is vital here.   Human suffering is a fuel in our body – and the inner truth is the expedition that we desire to meet with. This development works through our thought process…

In the material world, no legislations change without a happenstance… the process that identifies human errors is through ‘lessons learned’. This process is the same for the human system… No mistakes can be identified unless we detect an error and amend.

Our suffering is pivotal… this system churns the energies of evolution and revolution – humans advocate this as pain… This penetrates deep in the mind and soul – defining how we visualise and shape these transitions within our identity – everyone is unique. This system is the same for everyone… 

The theory of opposition

This thinking process is natural – the components of evolution and revolution stir inside the anatomy. The yin and yang signifies this theory – implicating a bit of yin represented in yang and a bit of yang represented in yin. Reflecting unity and indicating these two cultivations, as one…

This method sustains this thinking process… These perceptive energies connect our knowledge through a retinal function that beams light into our thinking process… The energies of evolution and revolution stimulates this movement within the body of knowledge.

‘We’ will never find a fault in evolution – unless something affects us first… These problems can be dynamic – even if they are retained in a low profile… Is it vital for our suffering, change or restoration to implement within the body of knowledge? Are these energies a platform of our suffering… or are these fluctuations of pain stages of enlightenment or a complex awareness of our being…?                                                                                                                   

The expedition of the soul can be questionable – is this a provocation to find a continued existence past both worlds of knowledge…?

Understanding our emotions…

No matter how immense our grievance feels, this is a process, and everything has a structure. In our adolescence, the first awareness of lust is an amazing experience… but when we look back, we can’t understand why we were so sensitive or over emotional… A Heart break is challenging at this moment of time. We embraced these feelings so extremely, because we are unknown to these emotions… However, this is the first sign of an emotional arousal. In adulthood, we mature – we develop from these transitions. These stages of development are important for our subsistence, it helps us to grow and ripen.

However, this is the first stirring of our individuality and this process takes us further into our human development… Inner truth, is the same… any unfamiliar process in the body is innocent, naïve and unknown… we need to grow to accept these changes… We need time to understand each realisation… Therefore, being progressive and walking onwards steadily but productively is the way forward…


Change and Transformation

Metamorphosis is a transformation and every change we experience should be seen in the same perspective – if it gives you wings in the end – it means that this change has been progressive… and this a positive experience within our inner consciousness.  The process of this birth is a struggle – a butterfly needs to wriggle and squirm its way out to be free.  Leaving the old behind and forming new transitions is an important process.

Being psychologically strained in a straight-jacket is frustrating for our subsistence.  It’s not healthy for the development of the anatomy – to connect ourselves within the fabric of our society will be toxic. The process of this recovery will be enormous, though the contentment it brings will be worth it.  The greatest problems within our subsistence is entrapment and stagnation.  The body of knowledge is more prone to fear, illusions and negativity, through this existence. 

The body of Knowledge will constantly inspire change – strength and skilfulness within the elements of compassion – this is the only truth of the anatomy.  The energies of evolution and revolution are elements of progression designed to aid our subsistence.  Being able to swift through these changes will give us stability and acknowledgment – towards our existence as humanoids.  Who we are in this tree of knowledge and the part we play within the fabric of our society is so simple…? 

Yet, we take the role of self-sabotage and social destruction.  Instead of being kind to ourselves and our surroundings we become hostile.  We neglect others out of envy, we fail the system because of our human failures, and we build the fabric of our society grievously. I wonder what it would be like if we built it the other way around…  Knowing that everyone has a reasonability to love themselves as much as loving others – would be a wonderful place to exist…  Every individual is hard work and unique, knowing this labour of love is needed for each individual will make us value each humanoid.  At the moment, we are envious of each other and failing each other because no one wants to progress or change.  For the simple reason of fear, and unknowing what this change can do to the fabric of our society… but past this cloud is a realisation of clarity, I feel…   A freedom away from obligation and falseness – into a world of realism of what we create…!    


“Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but – I hope – into a better shape.”

– Charles Dickens


How we see light our internal conditionings is how we light our external conditionings…!


Let Suffering, Change or Restoration make you indestructible more compassionate and studious – and lessons will be learnt…






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