Fear of failure


“Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.”





What can fear do to the anatomy…?




“The worst cruelty that can be inflicted on a human being is isolation.”

– Sukarno


What are our failures teaching us…?




“Procrastination is the thief of time.”

-Edward Young


Every thought is created from fear inside this drip injected dopamine feed…!













all result in

Lack of confidence



A stagnated anatomy will find fault within our every communication.

The conflict inside us will create the difference within all our interactions… When we are all communicating the same language – we are creating the same constant conditionings inside the fabric of our society… This is shaping our cellular movement…


This creates glitches in the human computer


The glitches we face inside our emotional body, mental body and physical body shape our pitfalls…! 


Emotional walls


We build many barriers and internal walls inside us – then we get stuck in the conundrum of this procrastination…. We chain ourselves to this cellular memory… When fear begins to take over – our energies start to mutate…! 


Fear procrastinates and transmutes


Fear procrastinates and transmutes…! It weighs the anatomy down and expands our illusions…!


Nothingness makes us feel unwanted, ugly and hopeless…!


Negative self-talk will deprive our bio-chemical reactions.  Our neuron cycle begins to shutdown… Fear begins to take over and life from within our internal conditionings becomes dull…! When energy doesn’t flow – the anatomy will halt…!  Nothingness takes over…


Synapse and Neurons need to send electrical signals
Bio-chemical reactions


This process is endless – we can get misplaced inside this loss of identity…


Identity Crisis

This process works through our drip injected dopamine feed – which processes our bio-chemical reactions – through the cycle of addiction and compulsion…! Our rat-race society – will aid this development through our social conditionings, increasing our anxiousness through process of fear…  We have become a tissue and flesh society…!  The process of nothingness will only magnify within our cellular movement. The feeling of emptiness forms around us, when we strive for instant gratification.  We grave for short-term fixes to cure our long-term problems.


Addiction shapes our DNA


These chains create obstacles that manipulates our thought process… Entrapment happens when we are confined and constrained… Our social conditionings are adding to this procrastination process.


The strings of manipulation create deep wounds


When we are vulnerable and weak, we are open to the process of control and manipulation…


Think outside the box


We are more than tissue and flesh…! 


Our non-existence is shaped through the elevation of anxiety – when the process of procrastination enforces our isolation, this development becomes endless. This journey of nothingness shapes our survival… When the complexity of this drip injected dopamine feed begins to inhabit inside the anatomy – these mutating emotions expand… When these habits settle inside our sub-conscious behaviour patterns they reflect within our atmosphere. The energies of evolution and revolution become adapted within the fabric of our society… Once this prognosis has infused inside our culture it becomes part of our cellular movement… This cycle of thought will impact on our national consciousness…!


The process of our procrastination has no A to B transition.  Isolation is about our stagnation, and this is a dead baseline. Where the movement of anxiety finds flux…! This non-existence feels like the pulse of our heartbeat… but this development is more about the unsteadiness within our subsistence…!  This nothinigness is an illusion…! When we are up in the air and in the drama of our emotions, we are learning to transmute the same energy in various forms…  Our nothingness cannot be reasoned with – there is no calculation inside our non-existence… Don’t reason with these emotions – reason with the actions that conform our sub-conscious behaviour patterns…! We learn to exist through our heart centre… when we are inside our thoughts – the mind plays games…!


Everything is normal externally – the craziness is happening internally…  We can hide a lot inside our nothingness… Fear has a way of making us feel weak about the real issues we face…!


Our procrastination will infect many templates inside the anatomy… The more masks we wear the bigger our closet becomes…!  


In our procrastination we hide behind many masks…!


Fear teaches us to run away from our problems…! We feel the shame and weakness within our truth…! Here, we chain ourselves to our cellular memory…!


When we retain all these elements of fear inside us – it should be clear that our social conditionings will portray the same reflections… The ethics of control and manipulation functions inside these systematic transmissions…   


Our social conditionings can confine and constrain us… The ethics of control and manipulation shapes our cellular movement…


The problem lurks within our sub-conscious behaviour patterns… Our nothingness thrives here…!


Our nothingness thrives inside our sub-consciousness


When the body clock changes, we will move on… How do we transform… when our body clock changes…?


When our body clock changes… We will rise above the lather…!


It’s a matter of time…!

But our nothingness likes to surround the heart with conflict and woe… 


Nothingness likes to control and manipulate to create illusions…


It will make us believe that our dreams are impossible…! Negative atoms only muiltply – don’t let them infect every template within the anatomy…!


We create change…!


Change is transformation…!


It’s all about the muscle of will…!


How does a stagnated anatomy makes us feel…?  


The process of our internal conditionings works in two fundamental trajectories… A stagnated anatomy has various complications – the anatomy cannot find contentment – within this process…! What impact does a stagnated anatomy have on our survival…?  How does this process configure our internal conditionings…? What consequences will these complications have on our thought process…?   How we survive internally conditions our atmosphere…? We are a mirage of our internal and external conditionings… We are all enthralled humanoids… How does the mutation of fear interweave this procrastination process within the anatomy…? When we establish our human development through fear, we endure and suffer. The complications we endure for our survival is of incompleteness… The anatomy can endure so much pain and suffering.  Somehow, it’s resilient and when it fails to process productively – the anatomy shuts down its main functions and begins to work through its secondary process… It’s all about gravity and how we gravitate within our thought process to guide our internal conditionings. How the anatomy functions is important…? Our secondary development doesn’t allow us to commit to the anatomy…! We are complicating our emotional intelligence through this process… What is the development between these two identities…?  When we become stagnant, our thought process becomes static too – and through this process we fail to make forward motion… Our thoughts begin to process from past events, and the flux of our anxiety begins to rise… We become detached from our present moments and begin to feel absent from the commitment of the anatomy… The perception of our lens changes – which will have a detrimental effect on our internal conditionings… When we feel dim from inside, we feel empty… Light functions from within… Isolation is our greatest obstacle, this fills our internal conditionings with darkness… This separation causes us to detach from others that results as a breakdown within our cellular movement… Causing conflict and dysfunction within the fabric of our society… Isolation is our greatest problem inside this world… This addictive behaviour is fuelled by our drip injected dopamine feed… Once we enter inside this process – we have no ‘a to b transit’…! This non-existence fools us into believing that our existence is built on automation… Little do we know that our nothingness is shaping our non-existence…   As a result, we begin to process our sub-conscious behaviour patterns from this trajectory.  When the process of our procrastination becomes infused inside the fabric of our society… We become oppressed – through our national consciousness, we all begin to function from under the lather.  Our worth inside this process is the decline of humanity…! How we conform through this cellular movement is important…?  We all work together within this time and space… Through this process the effect of our survival is hindered in self-doubt… We don’t only distrust our own commitments to ourselves, but we distrust each other…! We are all enthralled humanoids – we can’t see past ourselves – but we are all made from the same material… We all feel the same experiences…  We are more than a tissue and flesh society…! Compassion is a tool to bring humanity together… Our grievance about our isolation spreads to one another… Energy needs to keep moving through our anatomy – so this anatomy can function… When we stagnate our thoughts, our emotional intelligence becomes hindered and overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. When these bio-chemical reactions fail to process these atoms, the anatomy starts to nurture these insecurities and fears… We lose our identity through this process – our emotions begin to impact and dominate the human body. What is the result of gravity – through this process…? The anatomy becomes weighted down, oppressed and troubled through this state of consciousness… We attract this hardship because we are manifesting the process of gravity negatively… This friction is being shaped through the ethics of control and manipulation… This reality is a world that is built on the concept of our non-existence… We feel alive but not truly happy from within. We can where the masks, but we feel afraid to unveil the real identity… We choose to run away and fail to accept…! On the other side of this dilemma – our fears and failures can ground our strengths… Determine our muscle of will and define our identity.  The volume of our fears and conflict need to be paramount but fractional inside this biochemical machinery.  We are part of both energies – the body of knowledge is about learning to accept both energies of evolution and revolution.          


What does fear do inside the anatomy…? 


Fear conditions our procrastination – it halts our growth and stops our forward movement. We feel incomplete and here we work with our drip injected dopamine feed for instant gratification – when we fuel the anatomy through these secondary provisions the anatomy falls into automatic mode.  This is a place where there is no beginning nor end.  This process is of endurance… and when our thought process becomes inactive, it becomes mind numbing, we feel our endurance from our tissue and flesh existence… This happens because our cellular memory is chained to so much complexity the anatomy cannot process these difficulties… When the anatomy becomes constrained and confined – it becomes oppressed.  We cannot function from under this lather… When fear enters inside the anatomy it directs our trajectory into the ideology of nothingness – the strings of manipulation form the spiral of our procrastination process… Where are these strings mutating…?


Don’t question why nothing is working through this procrastination process – start acting through this progressive anatomy… to unchain these stagnated thoughts from this cellular memory.  Desire can be met when we can overcome our fears… 


What are our failures teaching us…?



We worry needlessly about everything, when we are procrastinating, we are building negative structures… This fuels our anxiety – and when this process becomes endless, it becomes infused with our illusions.  The more we pursue this process the more we magnetise this nothingness to our negative thought process.  This worry becomes a base where we encourage negative self-talk to primarily structure our sub-conscious behaviour patterns. Our nothingness will play with us… When we act from worry, we create these manifestations around us.  As a result, we begin to co-create from anxiety this shapes our atmosphere…


This is the fuel of our nothingness, when our fears and insecurities begin to take control.  We start to comfort these insecurities.  When we start to adapt to these conditionings, we begin minding these commands.  Here we stop our forward movement and begin to react to these fears externally.  Our mental body and emotional body become preoccupied and we function from this base – to build our reality.  This foundation can only fuel our conflict and disillusions – we can’t find happiness through this process.  Fear halts our forward movement and traps us into isolation.             


The main process of nothingness shapes when this development can work endlessly within the anatomy… Our anxiety elevates from our nerves… This process makes us believe we are functioning from our heart centre.  The barrier we conform with our heart and mind organs will make us subsist anxiously. When our worry, dissatisfaction, fears and insecurities start conforming these structures our nothingness begins to take over the anatomy. Our drip injected dopamine feed starts to develop these structures that allow these addictive motions to churn repetitively.       


This is a slow process but when we lose all perspective of our subsistence. We will begin to procrastinate; it depends on how our social conditionings conform our atmosphere…? When our bio-chemical reactions begin to overload the same lessons numerous times – our internal process begins to fully function through our secondary devices. The rat race needs to align through the ethics of control and manipulation to spiral this decline. When our gravity is operating in the same trajectory to this manifestation.  The anatomy will weaken – chaining our conflicts to our cellular memory. This entrapment is creating our isolation.


When all the atoms inside our anatomy start functioning from depression, we will lose the process of stimulating the strength to keeps this anatomy alive. Dull, boring and unmotivated atoms process the same conditionings of fear inside us.  Our unhappiness creates an emptiness.  We pretend to be happy. We choose to live through many masks and disguises.  Tend to people please and subsist through obligation. This causes us to be unfulfilled and unsatisfied with our own mindset growth.  When we rely on others to make us feel happy, we fall into co-dependant and dependant behaviour patterns that are governed by the ethics of control and manipulation.       


When we feel empty.  We fail to commit to the anatomy. We fail to provide for our individual, social and political beliefs. The anatomy is complex – we need to provide for the anatomy.  Before, we subsist through a mindful existence.  We endure through our failures. When we subsist through fear – the anatomy is preoccupied emotionally and mentally through worry and anxiety.  As a result, we are empty, when we can’t fill this void, we struggle to maintain a firm foundation from within us. Our happiness is out of reach – we can still live but the quality of life is in hinderance due to our insecurities. We are more inclined to pursue and chase our happiness, but we will always be out of reach with this state of consciousness.     


When we can’t find happiness, we will replace our fulfilment by enticing our instant gratification for our quick fixes. When we can’t achieve our long-term goals, we replace our dreams and desires through our drip injected dopamine feed… The stimulation of this response is addictive and compulsive – breaking away from this process is difficult and not easy to recognise in the first instance.  We are hamsters in a cage – that feel static through this process. 


When we are unknown about how the anatomy works…? We will fail to use this anatomy… When depression dominates the anatomy, it will be difficult to relate with the anatomy… Thoughts are scattered, we have no real goals and will lack confidence in everything that we do… When we can’t fuel positivity inside us – the anatomy will attract more negativity.  It will feel impossible to escape this self-imprisonment.  


We are all isolated inside the fabric of our society.  When all the structures around us begin to fall away, we become dysfunctional through these external influences.  We begin to adapt with this cellular movement.  As a result, the conflict around us will increase. When we believe we are isolated, we will project this emptiness to others. We are not meant for isolation; we are all part of humanity.  When we become detached from our natural environment, we can’t find completeness…   


When we feel worthlessness, we become worthless… When we plant weeds inside us, and self-talk negatively we won’t nurture positively.  As a result, our negativity will enhance, and the growth of our procrastination will nurture our unimportance within our subsistence.  Feeling oppressed and nothingness will fuel the anatomy in emptiness. 


The gravity through our negative cycles loop into many complications that bind many chains within our cellular memory…






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