The fabric of our society… we are all linked to one another in this cellular movemement…



We are more than tissue and flesh society…!


Freedom from oppression…



Feeling trapped…?



Are you feeling the social constrains…?



The rise of dictatorship…!



How long will we endure inside the system of totalitarianism…?



What is the chain reaction of control and manipulation…!



It’s all about breaking down the walls…?



How can we break down these walls…?



“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.”


– Albert Einstein



Humans are the central foundation of our civilisation – it is the primal base for our subsistence – that directs the activity of our human behaviour…! How does our anatomy correspond with our environment…? This is a place, where energy is exchanged human to human…! We can learn how to survive – our mishaps and intentions are etched inside our characteristics.   This social platform is a pivotal place that breeds for humanity – but how do these atoms shape our atmosphere…?  Before exploring the body, lets investigate how we congregate inside our social system – to know what our place and predicaments are in our social atmosphere… and then examine how the anatomy functions…!  The body of knowledge is all about the ‘transformation of the anatomy… the build-up of this process will expansively change throughout these chapters…! The dynamics of this knowledge is colossal – and will constantly be adapting…! Building the movement of transition and awareness of change to the anatomy… What does the science behind our society consists of…? What is the fabric of our society…? We endure through our social conflict, how is this shaping the anatomy…  


The fabric of our society is complex – the prognosis of our social conditioning is weak against the difficulties – we endure in our subsistence… Our human development is moving in a direction – that is cloning, our segregation and the movement of isolation – this is feeding our social interaction… Before, developing the theory of the body of knowledge – I want to understand the dynamics of these social complications… to apprehend why the anatomy requires change…?  Why is our society so stagnated and what impact is this having on the body – that is developing our subsistence… The fundamental question about this theory is change… Can we recognise how humanoids develop – through the understanding of our atmosphere…? Let’s investigate…!


What are the complications inside our social system – at present…? The body of knowledge is all about the anatomy and how we can learn to survive within our emotional body, mental body and physical body… Before, I investigate this internal conditioning – it’s important to view the current state of our subsistence.  The anatomy is a natural healer and retains a lot of information about our existence…! We are all part of this cellular movement – and each bio-chemical reaction has the power to transform us… The anatomy is a vessel that allows energy to flow inside this biochemical machinery… The micro-management of our subsistence is all about how time collates these atoms, and how space puts this chemistry in motion. Each atom can define our identity and every chemical reaction creates a template within the anatomy. As we pass through each interval within our survival, we shape the body of knowledge…!


Why is our society so complex…?  What are the current problems inside our subsistence…? Why is it important to understand our social surroundings…?  The fabric of our society is multidimensional. Every part of our atmosphere helps to build the anatomy… We take 20.000 breaths daily each one of these breaths are atoms, which are thoughts that create our internal dwellings… We are governed by our democracy, and inside this organisation we are trained how to mould into our social conditionings.  How is the anatomy responding to these familiarisations…?  Equality in humankind is fading and social conflict is growing, the prognosis of alienation is spreading.  We are a loss of identity inside our survival and when mental health issues are on the rise, the search to look from within becomes mandate…  Our survival is in so much despair. What is happening inside the anatomy…? Crime is on the rise and becoming more mindless, we are more than tissue and flesh. Our dysfunctions and hardship is growing…  and we are evolving through these social conflicts.  Evolution and revolution are two energies that form the vital changes within our subsistence.  Our transformations are part of our existence. What’s important is how we alter our state of consciousness according to our survival…!  How are these changes shaping the anatomy…? We are all part of this atmosphere and we all should be equipped in how to sail these trajectories.  There is a skill in how we function in this biochemical machinery. Nevertheless, first we need to understand the fabric of our identity… Nothing in life is plain sailing, our emotions are extremely powerful. How we guide this emotional intelligence will create the impact of how we survive…? However, before we acquire this knowledge, we need to perceive how this world functions for the anatomy…! Our social challenges are making humans powerless because we are all procrastinating as a collective. We fail to use the full potential of our biochemical machinery.


Freedom needs to be earned…!


How does our social conditionings conform the anatomy…?

We would be surprised with how much impact our social conditionings – and our behaviour patterns have on the anatomy… It’s all about what we can’t see on the surface – but what is lurking inside us…?  This science of knowledge is all about our cellular movement that is conformed by atoms around us.  These bio-chemical reactions are shaped to create the chemistry inside us… The trajectory is adversely different, but the reflection is the same… The mirage of our existence is complex, and we are all enthralled humanoids… We spend most of our subsistence in fear. We hinder through life wearing numerous masks as we learn to hide our true identity. What happens in the making of this conundrum…? In this rat race we feel the dysfunction between our internal and external identities and instead of emerging these two individualities as one… We separate these characters. Where we learn to survive in isolation.  Atoms are transmutable energies that only enhance our human evolution.  We are all part of this cellular movement – and we all learn to adapt to the same energies…

Cellular memory…

We are all conditioned by our social culture.  We all dwell in the same habitation and endure the same problems… When we unearth this cellular memory – we learn to address our complications… This is a place inside our anatomy, where all our traumatic problems hinder. In fact, we all have an emotional body, mental body and physical body… Our problems, fears and stress are all part of our bio-chemical reactions that retain in the anatomy… When we are all conformed by the same form of negativity, we halt the process of our forward movement… When majorities begin to procrastinate, it becomes part of our cellular movement…


Our procrastination process comes with many complications. When we reside in fear, we choose to survive in the conditionings of control and manipulation.   We are more liable to survive anxiously in this rat race…! This process releases a dopamine chemical, when formed by a compulsive behaviour. This development will condition our thoughts and reward system addictively… We can’t gain success through this trained behaviour – as this development is inclined towards a self-sabotage programme… Anxiety today is a widespread problem that people are learning to accept. The stress and strain inside us are complex and deeply infused inside the anatomy. These problems are more difficult to detect… When we can’t process our internal conditionings, we will find it challenging to survive…! It’s all about what’s happening inside the anatomy…?

Behaviour patterns…

What transmutes from our procrastination process is an emptiness within our identity… The ethics of control and manipulation stems from this development. When our behaviour patterns conform from this ideology, we build co-dependant and dependant societies… When we build these behaviour patterns, we begin to breakdown the structures inside the fabric of our society… Building loopholes in the system that conforms our isolation. These dysfunctions shape many problems inside our society and form many problems inside our emotional and mental security… When our society becomes dysfunctional externally – our internal conditionings become unhealthy and unfunctional…! When the process of the anatomy starts to halt, problems inside this biochemical machinery occur… When we lose the ability to use the by-product of our manifestation, we lose our stardust material… When happiness is the only truth about our identity – we begin to strive for freedom…! Our internal complications will shape our struggles to reflect our social projections. Before any transformations, we need to understand how and why our subsistence becomes oppressed…?

They rub salt on our wounds, when control and manipulation is applied to take us alway from the commitment of the anatomy…!


The vital reason for change is to allow movement and flow. When our social conditionings don’t meet affably with our identity – the commitment with the anatomy is hindered…! The ebb and flow needed within our individual and social desires becomes contested…! We are all part of this cellular movement and how we fill this atmosphere is how we shape our internal conditioning. Our commitment with the anatomy is key…! Our survival inside this rat race is tremendously difficult. The stresses and strains about maintaining the pursuit of happiness is an endless defeat of pointless objectivity, but what this hopelessness does to the anatomy is even more damaging.  When the conception of this theory leads into the trajectory of nothingness, we become a part of this vicious cycle. Why pursue this rat race…?  Our ultimate responsibility in life is to find happiness, but we end up constantly chasing this nothingness, resulting in self-defeat.  Our survival is a constant compromise between our truth and acceptability. We lose our sense of being present within our here and now… When we pursue this drip injected dopamine feed, we end up compiling more problems inside our cellular memory. Where we repeatedly dwell inside past issues and traumas. The anatomy is so complex, when our system measures to the same complexity our atmosphere becomes more dysfunctional. How do we survive through these pitfalls…?  How can we find our stability to maintain our happiness…? We are more then tissue and flesh, humans cannot pursue a mind-numbing subsistence. As this will impact on the anatomy negatively. We want to understand the process of our human development and how it functions for each anatomy.  We are a nation trained to people-please. What are the consequences when we neglect our own needs for others…? Why is our despair encumbered inside the conundrum of our isolation…? When we feel this separation, we feel alienated from the world around us…? Filling this emptiness can be difficult, our recovery from this point forward can be complex. If we don’t have the right tools to comply, we endure needlessly. What is this conundrum within our subsistence about…? What don’t we understand about our survival…? This question is paramount for our existence, if we can learn how to exist successfully, we can learn to expand our knowledge. This will start from the by-product of our manifestation. Where this process can impact positively on the whole of humanity… We are all part of this cellular movement…!        


Humans are a cellular production. What are the underlying patterns or codes of this energy field…?  This is the so-called primal foundation for our survival. How does the undercurrents of this system work…? What is the vital importance of our social system…?  Why does the complexity of our social system bind us to the prognosis of segregation…? This complex fabric within our society conditions our endurance. The stride towards freedom is dependent on how we conform our biochemical machinery… This guides our cellular movement through our human evolution…! How does the anatomy correspond with this atmosphere…?  This is a place where energy is exchanged human to human…! We can learn how to survive in this complex society. Our social conditionings are frequently bound by the constrains and confinements of the system.   This social platform is a pivotal place that breeds our human conditioning – but how do these atoms shape our atmosphere…? 


The body of knowledge is all about change and transformation… The build-up of this process will widely focus on how the template of the anatomy evolves through these changes. Throughout, these chapters the complexity of the anatomy will be explored to excavate the blueprint of the anatomy…! The dynamics of this knowledge is colossal – and this thought process will indicate the multi-faceted identities inside the anatomy…! We have many templates – and all these characters shape our identity.


The fabric of our society is a complex structure. The prognosis of our social conditioning is about our endurance… How do the beliefs of our democratic society work for us individually…?  We abide by a system that considers all members of the population as equal… but the populace still suffers through the constrains of this system…!  How is our human development moving through this organisation…? We are transferable cells that are clones within our survival, but where has it gone wrong…?  We are not intended for isolation, but this is our survival…!   Majorities are segregated inside this movement of isolation – and this is feeding our social interaction… Before, developing this theory – I want to understand the dynamics of these social complications… to understand why the anatomy requires this transformation…?  Why is our society so stagnated and what impact does this have on the anatomy…? The fundamental question about this theory is change… Can we recognise the science of our human development by understanding our atmosphere…? We all want clear goals; we all want to perceive the world ethically and logically… but the world doesn’t operate according to how these coherent transmissions appear. Our actions are the most fundamental transits within the template of the anatomy, this code of belief is the most neglected aspect of our anatomy. We need to be able to see this facet of our identity to perceive how the fabric of our society functions… We are all a cellular movement inside this development…       


Why is it always difficult to understand our society…?


What are the current codes of our human behaviour – how do humanoids manifest within the elements of evolution and revolution…? If we focus on the social relapses within our society – can we find the cure for our social destruction…? This is a section of the body of knowledge that states – change in humans and humanity is possible…?  Can we uncover – a healthier social integration within our subsistence for our cellular movement…?


The body of knowledge looks at every aspect of the anatomy. Our compassion is the extension of our happy manifestation inside our subsistence – shaping our habitation, atmosphere and interaction with one another… How does the function of our individual progress direct our social cultivation…? What is happening beneath this system…?  These dwellings create a domination and direction inside the movement of our existence.  All these apparatuses are links expanding our human development. Our emotional body, mental body and physical body determines our human survival… Our introspection and extrospection is the significant cycle shaping our thought process. But how does our thought process work…? This is a pivotal characteristic conforming our forward movement. Ourgravitational forces are compelled to react with the conundrums inside our thought process. As we challenge these deviations, we shape our atmosphere… Our resistance or pitfalls are not only part of our emotional anatomy, they are part of this universal law… We are all gridlocked inside this gravitational force… This is the dynamics of our social conditionings…!


How are we now surviving – when we are all contemplating the process of the mind… Our dysfunctional societies will unable our forward movement. This protrusion we exhibit in our societies – will damage our communication not only with our society, but with our own commitment with the anatomy… Humans need to belong…! This is how we subsist, but what we don’t understand is – what the anatomy wants when it withstands…? Humans need to know how to survive. A perfect system can only last for an interval – before changes – need to be revised or reformed… If we had a survival kit with instructions, we will know how to pass through this changing environment without the complications of fear…  


Our society, culture or associations form numerous façades of our human conditioning… How we live and play – depends more on the make-up of our traits and behaviour… Our existence is complex – and it can be plagued with endless suffering…! Anxiety in our civilisation is an increasing problem and this is developing our unhappiness. Nonetheless this is fuelling the fabric of our society…! Therefore, as a civilisation – we need to process these problems – and define laws of actions against this disease… we are more than tissue and flesh. Our subsistence is more than isolation – the process of going all in – is vital inside this theory… 

Our consciousness echoes through our manifestations, and this conditions our social structure. How we act, behave and communicate is a reaction of what we manifest…? When the fabric of our society is damaged… Woven knots build inside the anatomy… These small changes, mark effects on individuals and groups… adding micro changes in our evolution. This is a cycle… between evolution and revolution, when evolution overloads – revolution assists to progress and develop. Meaning forward progression is required for our human development… Our constrains and confinements of oppression – drives the production of control and manipulation… When we conform from under the lather. We are not fully in control of ourselves. When we conform within these automatic motions. We disable the template of the anatomy as we procrastinate…!  If we can’t halt the process of our self-sabotage mode – all our templates will become infected. Nevertheless, what makes our subsistence so complex is how these external influences affect different aspects of the anatomy.  Our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns need structure to identify with these social trajectories…   

Laws and rituals… are obligations – we feel we need for our subsistence – we follow them endlessly and tirelessly… Churning our evolution involuntarily because as hominids, we don’t like change. What effect does this have on the anatomy…? What is happening in the anatomy when we are operating in automatic mode…? We believe in what we practice… This assists our self-belief, this is all about the skin of the anatomy – it drives our self-confidence, but for how long…?  The body works with our gravitational forces. Action is the main aspect of the anatomy.  When old laws and rituals come to an end – letting them go is an exercise. Replacing them with new conditionings is part of our transformation process.  These atoms of knowledge help to build our emotional intelligence. Stimulating our internal conditionings by creating a healthy dwelling… Where we can reflect this knowledge externally – this requires coaching and practice… Anything that is left unresolved will retain inside our sub-consciousness…


Human evolution changes as time passes… We become shrewder and our thought process familiarises with these habits and behaviours…! Our vital characteristics expand from within our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns… How we develop this action will play a great part in how we function as individuals. Reflectively this will indicate, how we interact inside our atmosphere… This is all about our coping mechanisms and how we are trained to use these internal apparatuses. Our revelations are experiences that we discover on a conscious platform – how we alter this dynamical thought process is through the cycle of change. The regeneration of our productivity comes through our transformations – and when we enter inside the by-product of our manifestation – we conform with our biochemical machinery. There are many dynamics inside the anatomy, all these layering’s need to be unearthed. Subsequently, we can discover the blueprint of the anatomy. However, before we uncover our untrained thought process, what is a trained thought process within the fabric of our society…?

The mechanisms of evolution and revolution mould phenomenal connections and reactions inside our internal and external identities… Our trained thought process are set goals that we are projected to obey.  At a small age. We are routinely shown, what are objective, or milestones ought to be… Not just a guideline for an adolescent but for an entire lifespan. There is an expectation to follow…? Social guidelines and our accepted behaviour patterns are barriers and confinements within our civilisation. How to evolve from youth to adult…? What differentiates us from good and bad, in manners, as characters and in societies…? We are systemised with how we ought to live by parties, organisations and culture… What makes us rich and what makes us poor is all outlined in this system… Our law and order assembles our social system ‘appropriately…!’ We form our communication according to these material objectives. The system teaches us everything that one requires to survive on earth…! However, this system currently only fuels our tissue and flesh society – we are not born to be robotic…! Our civilisation has become more of a production operated through stress and anxiety. Through this production we are more likely to procrastinate then enhance our human conditionings. The consequences of this establishment has an impact on the way we subsist.  The pursuit of happiness is enduring, but we still chase this vicious cycle.  We flock together as a congregation and here we look for acceptability within our community…


What happens with this inexperienced mind-set…? When our infrastructure begins to break down…? We start to procrastinate. When we neglect our internal conditionings, we become unfamiliar with our emotional intelligence… This philosophy orbits around the elements of evolution and revolution – which builds the dynamic of our atmosphere… We captivate our whole atmosphere through what we articulate… When we can’t process our internal and external conditionings. We will fail to understand the anatomy and what it is communicating to us… We only accept one type of realisation within our existence…  When we go all in – we need to light our inner birthplace, without this knowledge we cannot fix our internal conditionings.  Our survival here will give us a strong foundation, but this knowledge is not readily available, it needs to be discovered… How does a person behave when they shift from – one thought process to the other…? When the anatomy speaks, take notes – it communicates in shapes and symbols.  This is our primary communication stimulated by our cognitional activities.  The body can’t communicate in words, our subsistence is symbolic… We can’t perceive everything consciously in our material existence. The anatomy will distinguish this process through these three brains.   Our first commitment is with our anatomy, then it can be extended.  However, in reality we do the complete opposite.  Our psychological infrastructure is fragile and naïve, who do we trust through these changes…?


We pay less attention to this other world. This knowledge is substantial. It’s part of our untrained thought process, but why is this knowledge needed within our subsistence…? Humans often fall into the traps that compile in our social system – and when this occurs, our explorations react out of conflict. The human body is delicate; we can’t face rejection and we need justice… We feel our destruction, and we empathise with sadness. Humans need to search for truth, and we have a need to communicate. Humanoids cannot survive without a civilisation… and yet; we abuse this system and those around us every day – for the sake of our egotism or self-image. The human system isn’t intended to yield negativity but all we process through this system is procrastination. Our societies flow better when we are progressive; negative energies only force the innocent further into desolation. People yearn to find freedom. In this process, our experiences overturn phenomenal changes. The demand for our revolution is needed for this cycle of change.  How do these energies resonate inside the anatomy…? Our pitfalls spiral many complexities. Past the transitions of evolution and revolution, we hope to find our freedom. We go through this process to build our human identity… At one point; every individual will fall deep into his or her pitfall – without any inclination towards this other territory…


The more we respond to these bio-chemical reactions, the more knowledge we gain. Each stage of this knowledge builds a template within the anatomy – we are all energy…! The development of this knowledge is phenomenal. This journey is all about a process. The spiritual world helps stimulate our willpower. This other world identifies with our soul and it can seem alien, but it’s not illogical or false. It’s a thought process that helps to build the process of the anatomy. However, without guidance, this world of spirituality is a delusion. This is more about our emotional intelligence, then a figment of thought. We shape our paths according to our struggles. Our collaboration with our atmosphere is about our alignment with the universal law. How we evolve through our atmosphere is complex…? We are constantly revolving around these two atoms.


The template of the anatomy is formed by two identities.  We are imbedded inside the constrains and confinements of our social system and we are born with our stardust material… The constant conflict of our inner and outer being is challenging for the anatomy.  How do we find the balance with these two identities…?  This is our greatest battle. The energies of evolution and revolution are reactive energies. What happens when we are crippled through these two transitions of thought…? The anatomy needs to be able to process these thinking patterns. The mind needs to be able to adjust. How do these energies affect the anatomy…? These energies are part of our nervous system, these reactions are part of our lifeline… Every pulse is communicating information, thoughts or memory inside the anatomy – whether we are conscious or sub-conscious about this progression.  We are processing these bio-chemical reactions every day.  How we function with the world around us is reflective to our nervous system… What else happens inside the anatomy when our emotional body, mental body and physical body react…? 


All these instruments are tools that aid our survival. As we swift through these two transits within our existence… We learn to balance between – peace and harmony. The brains hemispheres are divided in two parts. The right side is structural, and the left side is creative. Inside the anatomy, we have masculine and feminine energies.  Therefore, if we split the anatomy in halve, the right side will signify our structural process, and the left side will represent our emotional reasoning.  In order to function and grow inside the body of knowledge.  Both of these hemispheres need to function.  The balance between these two atoms will shape the cycle of our thought process. When we don’t know how to function inside our internal conditionings, this subsistence will be fearfully dysfunctional. No one really wants to explore this introspection, nevertheless, to go all in to utilise the true potential of our identity is the base of our survival…  


“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.”

– Martin Luther King Jr


How important is the world around us…?  Because when the world around us falls apart – why do we fall apart internally and externally…?


What is the current conditioning of our society…? The fabric of our society is constantly circulating through time and space.  Where is the current trajectory of our civilisation…?  A democratic society means that we all have equal rights. Therefore, how can we maintain our society in accordance to our social requirements – while we move through this motion of time…

Change is the most difficult aspect of our human evolution, and indifference is a spear that woes with the fear of loneliness… The process of alienation is a prime confutation of our identity. The way we live and play in this society matters, no matter what walk of life we come from… The structure of our society is changing. Nuclear families are not the concept of the twenty-first century. Gay household marriages and the lineage of mixed race is our future… The concept of how we view a family is altering…


Individuals and societies are adapting to change – people and groups that don’t accept – are delaying transformation… Our societies will subsist in this direction – this is our future. Commonness is a cultivation in our movement; these trends ground our circumstances to likeness and similarity. It’s common for a sole parent to have a solitary role in a child’s upbringing… Surrogacy, test tubes, and designer babies are supplementary towards the movement of change…! Marriage in one gender identity is growing, and gender reassessment in young children is developing. Our societal structure is reshuffling, and we need to make alterations to the fabric of our society – how we think needs to be revised… People need to understand these changes, their selections or inner simulations are requirements – they need to exist within…! This is a pivotal base in our identity. Being gay or wanting to change your gender is an inner plea. Internally the masculine and feminine connections are assembled differently. Therefore, we need to question these emotional needs and question whether making these unique hominids – to feel alienated in society is necessary…? These functions are different… and external changes are needed…!


The most difficult fluctuations come through resistance… by opposing change. How do we accept these changes…? When old traits have depicted a different picture…? How do we adjust with these transformations…? When fractures occur within the fabric of our society – our cultivation becomes vulnerable and individuals become prone to the alienation of isolation. Regeneration is a vital expansion inside the process of our anatomy… This cycle is inevitable for our human development. When we refuse to change, we refuse to alter our human progression… This is damaging for the fabric of our society.

Our new generation ought to be loved and nurtured to shape our forthcoming society… However, these new ties within our society can become complicated as our backgrounds become more complex… When people begin to question the fundaments of their identity – individuals will question their ‘belonging’. When societies halt… coercion grows. When individuals shadow against inferior societies – these triggers will shape our dysfunctional behaviour patterns…! This should be a point of transformation inside our society – but as this system develops humanoids become alienated to the process of segregation – forming a void inside the fabric of our society…! This ideology doesn’t repair our civilisation, it hinders our subsistence. The body is rooted in the DNA system, and our identity obstructs with this notion… Whether this is a question of who we live with or what our sexual orientation is to what gender we choose…! Everything is linked to our molecule system…! Therefore, these dysfunctional patterns can modify our DNA structure. This will reduce the quality of our identity – that will halt our forward movement from generation to generation.


Chemistry plays a vital part in our cellular movement… This is a question between nature and nurture, and anyone can fortify… When love and logic is the root of this institution… Any relationship that has a strong bond and steps towards humanity through love will withstand the test of time… Unity, faithfulness and guidance are the vital instruments for our human growth that can break – ‘in acceptance’, our bondage towards our nuclear construction. Where we come from doesn’t matter – as much as who we become… Whether we are a nuclear family or a family/blended unit.  We are part of a social network, which needs to work together without the prejudgment of others… Social acceptance is key…!


If I could ‘sketch’ the current social system, I would say – social discrimination of any form is a monstrous whirlpool, and this feeds our negative atmosphere… A prime weakness in our hereditary is fear, loss and discrimination. We all struggle to be sincere with our ‘true-self’ – because we crave ‘material standards’.  Complications in our ‘so-called loyalties’ will woe individuals to be manipulated… allowing a void to materialise in our consciousness. Discrimination is an intensity that pushes people into areas of neglect; hatred and carelessness are acts of social indifference, but as people, we strive for equality…


The third world war is upon us – is this predicament, a social conflict or a mental instability…? It might be a minority, but this reflects our societies – and mirrors our vulnerability as a cultivation…?  Why do we disown our failures…?  Why are we in self-doubt that everything will resolve effortlessly – we need to solve these social conflicts… politically…!  World poverty can end – why doesn’t it…?


Social instability is a strategic movement in our civilisation.  Sadly, its growing – children today are abused for their vulnerability. They are being robbed of their childhood… Sexual conflicts is emerging more each day – where authorities are comparably failing this system – against the laws of humanity. Our future is threatened… We are creating darkness in our society to dependent members. How will they cope in their independent worlds…?  To cope with these new trends – we need to nurse the abused… We can build outlets to prevent and prohibit – but we can’t stop this cycle…? This is forging our forth-coming society, and our long history of paedophilia is growing. Trafficking humans for these needs is proliferating… Children going missing, women being enslaved by the craving’s others dispel – and parents destroying their own offspring… It’s very common – it’s making headlines regularly…!  The emptiness inside us will feed our insecurity, trust in our society is critical for the anatomy.  We are more than tissue and flesh…! When we don’t sense this security externally, we don’t feel safe internally…  Our anxiety is a response to all these reactive conditionings.


Our human evolution depicts the same conditionings…!



The threats of crime, when it comes to mental instability is allowing acts of terrorism to spread. Why do individuals feel the need to pledge alliance to terror groups – or allow manipulative manifestos to materialise…? It is the trends and fashions of our societies that give birth to these individuals…? People are suffering, and the system is letting us down…! The most precious members in our society are vulnerable and made to suffer. This cultivation is a clear indication of human negligence. There is not one person in this society that is free from this cycle of abuse…


Criminality is increasing and becoming a trend feeding our adrenaline; individuals want to feel aspired – and if this side of the field – gives an individual emotional security – they will accept this world of manipulation… If our common society is stagnant – the productivity of humanity is going to halt. This will not stop the movement of time… This whole system is accumulating liabilities. Hominoids are not made for isolation… A halting society means – due to the lack of social integration – majorities are going to become misplaced. The world of criminality, self-abuse, and self-sabotage are channels of escapism…


No one wants to deal with this system – humans divert their energies; they don’t solve problems. The accumulation of excise duty ‘is and will’ mount. Fractures in our societies will upsurge – majorities will require rehabilitation. The need of therapists will rise – community services will be inundated, and the expense of imprisonment will increase – accumulating expenditures for each department and country. It’s an overflowing drain. Cluttered further – with physical and mental health complications – healthcare will collapse, it’s a problem today…! Governments will capsize and humanity – well it will be the survival of the fittest…! These on-going social problems are increasing. Due to the hostility we project internally and externally… Mental health is now opening up – people find it difficult to understand their emotions against their circumstances… It’s a process that society is failing to acknowledge…!


This can go on… Foreign aid and asylum seekers are facing the brunt of these occurring expenses – and again – the need to blame – is flowing through our societies.


Our governments are deteriorating, and people are pursuing the endorsement of corruption. Forthright provisions in our cultivation is not working… How do individuals or groups of societies survive…? Every tribe or clan is concluding their own opinion about their societal system for existing… Allowing hostility to grow in the fabric of our society.  Old history resurfaces, for reasons of conflict – where young blood act to rewrite these stories… Little do they know that sometimes history, should be left where it was projected…!


These contradicting laws are building barriers in our societies… Diplomats and politicians are leading conflicting lifestyles, and this is adding to our social destruction… The body of knowledge cannot accept social indifference… We need to be part of a society that works for all… This grounds the vital acknowledgement of our character. Any form of dissatisfaction belittles our identity. Our human movement is stagnant in this procrastination process. Individuals are continuously striving for freedom, and we need to look beyond the material world to find our place on earth. When all the barriers of the material world shut down, the human system needs to survive, and only ‘ones’ consciousness will aid this intervention… This is called willpower and what gives a rule to the human body when the material system comes to a standstill. This notion can be part of our national organisation, social inference or a personal predilection. The interference in the human system will be the same; the magnitude of this creation will be phenomenal. This is a transitional movement…


Whoever we are or wherever we come from is not important. What’s important is who we become… Divinity is inside every individual, and we are all part of this one creation, good and evil are seeds inside us, we churn our own destiny… This science is part of our internal structure. We choose how we live…?


However, at present the materialisation of our evolution is at a standstill… Our thinking patterns and social traits are halting our human growth… Humanity is being divided for the sake of ‘ones’ self-centredness or towards loyalty bound to old traits… Our system is delicate; we can’t often change our traits without major shifts in the system.  It takes time for our thinking patterns to understand these altering methods. This is a vital progression inside the fabric of our society.


Humanity is our responsibility…

How long will this go on for…?


Any confusion…? Well in simple terms – if we create complex societies – we are inversely creating complex characters…! When complications in the fabric of our societies form to the extent ‘that they have…’ We need to reassess – how…? Going any further in this approach will affect every one of us… and our future generation… in every single way – the more problems we have – the more capital we need for the operating costs of restoration – and this restitution isn’t a cure…!


Imagine – if everyone can change these social attributes – we’ll become a significant generation for the development of our future…! How…? By simply changing our complexity to simplicity – how we function with one another will change the deficit in our country – because the need for these services will be reduced – a better community is a stress-free society.  This will spread laughter and happiness – easing the health-care plan and so on… the possibilities are endless. It’s our willingness that needs to be questioned…!

Anyhow, I’m just another dreamer – dreaming of a better place to subsist – and if not now – then it will be someday soon – when humanity does transform into a better society that works for humankind…


“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”                          

– Mahatma Gandhi





Jagdeep Takk 2017






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