DNA Structure…!


What are the atoms of knowledge…?  

How can this shape our internal conditionings…?



Can we change how we dwell inside our internal conditionings…?


How do you shape your internal conditioning…?


It’s all about the commitment of the anatomy…!



Thoughts have power – they build this biochemical machinery…!


Be abstact within your every thought or atom…!



We are all cells in this cellular movement…!



We have the power to change…!



“Love all’s creation, the whole and every grain of sand in it. Love every leaf, every ray of God’s light. Love the animals, love the plants, and love everything. If you love everything you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it you will begin to comprehend it better every day, and you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.”

– Fyodor Dostoyevsky



Earth my body, air my breath, fire my will and water my blood…!

– Unknown

The theory behind the atoms of knowledge…


The atoms of knowledge is a science that can help us to conform and process how to circulate our inner energies through the anatomy.  Helping us to navigate our thoughts positively for our biochemical machinery… We can help to unearth past trauma’s and build a recovery process to allow our thoughts to circulate effectively…! When we find wholeness within ourselves, we will attract wholeness within our culture.


What are these atoms of knowledge about and what can we do with these atoms…? This development is an internal process – relating to our bio-chemical reactions… It’s about how we take in information concerning our atmosphere… We are a creation of our surroundings – this is all about our cellular manifestation.  How we retain this knowledge and how we exhale this understanding is vital for our subsistence…


The body of knowledge is getting inventive…! How can we heal the anatomy…? When it is negatively trapped inside our social conditionings.  How can we overcome our procrastination process…? What are these atoms of knowledge about and what can we do with these particles…? This development is an internal process – relating to our bio-chemical reactions… It’s about how we take in information concerning our atmosphere… We are a creation of our environments. This is all about our cellular manifestation.  How we retain this knowledge and how we exhale this understanding is vital for our subsistence… This is a self-healing development that is consistent with our breathing cycle.  It’s an interesting process that will lead us into the by-product of our manifestation – here we can achieve our biochemical machinery…!



The energies of evolution and revolution transform our human development…

What is the process of the atoms of knowledge…?

We take 20.000 breaths daily and we think 60.000 to 80.000 thoughts everyday… These thoughts and breaths are atoms shaping our internal conditionings.  This is all about a process. How we conform our internal conditionings is what we will perceive externally…! The anatomy is always processing our atmosphere, whether we acknowledge this or not. When the anatomy speaks – it speaks in shapes and symbols… When our body clock is ready. The anatomy will process this cellular memory.  The atoms of knowledge will shape the initial phase of this transformation…  When we can address these problems or issues that arise within our sub-conscious thought patterns… We will enhance to the next stage of this process…!  It’s all about our cellular memory.   

It starts with our breathing process.

Our breathing cycle is reflective with our thought process.  The mind is constantly functioning… It never stops thinking… How we think is important in how we build our internal conditioning… This is all about the manifestation of our by-product and the cycle of our thinking patterns… Once we can master this instrument inside the anatomy… The succession of change will come swiftly…   

We take 20.000 breaths daily.

Learning to relax, calm and compose our breathing cycle will help reduce our anxiety levels. This will improve our nervous system, allowing our thoughts to flow productively.  How we shape our emotional body, mental body and physical body –depends on how we unlock our internal mechanisms…    

We think 60.000 to 80.000 thoughts daily.

How we think every day will conform the structure of our anatomy.  What we perceive cognitively will shape our imagination.  Think wonderful things and the result will be of happiness… How we take these breaths is important…? Our internal conditionings need a healthy dwelling.  When we learn to use these two instruments internally and externally. We will be able to turn negative impact into positive influence in the anatomy…!   

These thoughts and breaths are all atoms building our breathing cycle.

Our inspirations feed our emotional intelligence. How we nurture the anatomy for our continuation will condition our survival…?  Our growth mindset needs to expand our common-sense.  It’s difficult for our internal process to conform our individuality without truth, clarity and reflection… The transparency inside our internal and external identity will give us more stability in how we survive…? Every atom inside our anatomy is an active bio-chemical response that helps to conform our identity… How we use this system will enhance our forward movement…!

These atoms are bio-chemical reactions – interacting with our anatomy.

The atoms of knowledge is a process that can help us to recycle our thinking patterns.  Where we can restore our energy imbalance that we magnetise from the world around us… Every bio-chemical reaction that we process is a lesson to help us shape our subsistence. Giving us structure and emotional truth to dwell within.  When we are satisfied internally, we will be content externally… The assembly of the anatomy is such a phenomenal structure – we cannot lie to this body.  The more we try to deceive the self – the more problems we endure… This is all about the process of our cellular memory and how it functions to aid our survival.  When we structure the base of our anatomy – we can then establish this biochemical machinery.   

These thoughts are creating our perceptions and beliefs.

When we establish this process – we will commit to the anatomy…? We are all energy…! When we go all in – we will learn to discover how to unlock our internal mechanisms.  The more trust we have upon ourselves the more trust we will gain from our internal guidance… The anatomy speaks in shapes and symbols… Take notes when the anatomy speaks.  It’s all about our social conditionings and stardust material, through these two identities we will conform our authentic identity.  Every part of our internal mechanism needs to be unlocked to process this biochemical machinery. This is all about our belief system and how we see the world around us…? Everything shapes our subsistence.  The anatomy functions when our thoughts have power…!

Our internal instincts…

The anatomy is a natural navigator – when we learn to dwell inside this anatomy, we will learn to steer the trajectory of our subsistence… The three brains inside the anatomy will help to guide our internal process…! This will shape our external subsistence. Where are these three brains inside us…?  We have the mind brain, heart brain and gut brain, when we align these three brains together, we create our internal identity… These three brains are natural navigators to the body…!

The process is about going all in – we are all energy and when the anatomy speaks – take notes.

It’s important to follow the process – when we advance through this system to progress into the by-product of our manifestation. We learn how this chemistry works inside us. We are all energy…! This is all about how we develop our anatomy… We learn to trust the process. We gain clarity through our transformations – when we become perceptive to our cellular memory, our survival becomes easier…  The body communicates in shapes and symbols. We learn to strengthen the commitment with the anatomy.  

This expedition is a phenomenal journey…

The journey of this process is a phenomenal experience – it’s all about the commitment of the anatomy. This is a unique opportunity to understand the core level of our subsistence.  This empty feeling inside us echoes and when we don’t listen to this anatomy. We will feel the unease…! The body of knowledge is a journey that will guide us back to the blueprint of the anatomy. This process brings us into our knowingness – when we learn to master the anatomy – we learn to gravitate with the by-product of our manifestation…


What do you see through your anatomy…


The philosophy behind the atoms of knowledge

What is the philosophy behind these atoms of knowledge…? This is a progression of our biochemical machinery that shapes a deep psychological awareness within our internal conditioning. This knowledge interconnects through the anatomy from within our cellular memory. This process indicates the dynamical changes that we experience as we cultivate through this emotional intelligence…  It’s a much-needed protocol – as mental health and our emotional complications are on the rise…! The body of knowledge states the key points of our human failures – and the effects of oppression the anatomy has inside the undercurrents of our survival.  We are unable to perform with this biochemical machinery under the structure of these co-dependant and dependant behaviour patterns… This rat race produces unreceptive and diverse conditionings for our internal identity.  Our survival here is hindered, and the template of the anatomy is unfledged for our human development.  The movement of evolution and revolution build these dynamics within our atoms of knowledge… We are made to survive in confinements – we are deeply bound by the chains of oppression…!  Who we genuinely are inside our rat race makes us absent within our consciousness…? Therefore, we become a loss of identity in this process. We are heavily structured clones in our social conditionings – and less consistent within our stardust material… The threads of control and manipulation are negative elements – infringing our society into fragments…  This conforms our dysfunctional identity – in order to find freedom from isolation, we need to rise above the lather…!

The environment and our response with the atomosphere

Stale environments will halt the process of our survival, when we are stagnated, we cannot remain comfortable under our skin… Forward movement is the key development for our biochemical machinery… Self-imprisonment is the underpinning of our procrastination…! When we are all enthralled humanoids – this process is difficult to detect – and when the majority of our society is endorsed in the same conditioning.  This process will be difficult to identify…  We are far from the blueprint of the anatomy… We are a production of control and manipulation. We have no real control of the body, when we have no commitment to the anatomy, we are a loss of identity… Before, we realise that change is needed in our subsistence… We will be profoundly drowsed inside this drip injected dopamine feed… Our transformations on the other hand are conscious and pivotal experiences for our biochemical machinery.  As a result – most of our sustenance would have develop through fear, rejection and isolation… These trained thought patterns is shaping how we think. Our lack mentality is conforming our subsistence, in this rat race we are rotating around the same consequences.  How we function with one another is hindered… These bio-chemical reactions are low and short-lived stimuli functions – that keep humanoids in search for fulfilment, but the anatomy is functioning through a process that only churns our emptiness… The problem with humanoids is that we keep on pursuing our nothingness – believing that what we have been taught is the key process of our existence. We are a cellular movement… We are complex humans all mixed up and the other way around…! The manifestation of our by-product works with our thought process. We are all energy. Therefore, to find contentment we need to comprehend. We are a biochemical machinery inside the science of our existence, we learn to intensify the by-product of our manifestation to conform our survival.  This allows our atmosphere to work with the anatomy… What happens when we inhale and exhale our breathing process…?  What are we conforming inside our internal conditionings when these bio-chemical reactions respond inside us…?  We take 20.000 breaths daily, these thoughts are atoms and emotions, filling our internal conditionings.        


We are enthralled humanoids and very loyal by nature.  We are here to survive. Nature’s first law is about self-defence. But when fear and isolation conforms our social conditionings – the process of our human development is hindered. We are complex humanoids inside this atmosphere… with unclear instructions with how we ought to subsist…! It’s all about how we survive through our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns that will determine our happy manifestation. Our production is complex – to conform with the entirety of our anatomy doesn’t come easy… This is all about our biochemical machinery…


These atoms of knowledge are two particles that shape from the energies of evolution and revolution… What is the process of these two dynamics…?  The question is can we accustom, a science of reasoning for our survival…?  Can we utilise a production for our emotional intelligence…?  Can we conform our thought process with our survival…? Our internal structure is fragile and unexperienced. We grow when we can enhance our emotional intelligence.  We discover the soul through our experiences. This is about our survival; how can the energies of evolution and revolution help us internally…?

How do bio-chemicals influence our identity…?

Our biochemical machinery shapes our individual identity.  This is accomplished within the atoms of knowledge. This development functions from inside our internal conditionings – this is the core aspect of our being, we are all energy and energy needs to flow. We construct this knowledge in accordance with our emotional intelligence… We can conform this biochemical machinery with our thought process.  Our emotions are powerful. They shape our internal conditionings. We are all energy…! The elements of fire, water air and earth are energies that transform our emotional intelligence.  These emotions are creating our emotional intelligence for our bio-chemical reactions. Our atoms of knowledge are detailed thoughts that have movement… We are all conform from inside these chemical reactions – this is the base of our emotional intelligence. Energy can never be stagnated unless we clench onto these energies… Emotions need to be structured – the process of procrastination and our happy bio-chemicals both transmute our emotional intelligence. We choose which energies we nurture.   Fire fuels anger and passion, while our frustrations with water will shape steamy and misty dwellings… We can’t live under these conditionings. How we shape this internal identity is important…? How we conform the circulation of this process will block or unblock our internal mechanisms.  The cycle of this system is about inhaling these atoms that we process from our atmosphere – that will exhale positive atoms to develop this biochemical machinery.  How we perceive the world will engineer our emotional identity.


We grow through our emotional intelligence…