The science of the human mind IIII



Fire, water, air and earth build each atom inside us…!


These energies need to change or transform into ‘new traits’…

The cycle of these atoms are highly complex. Nevertheless, with our will power, we can change and transform our atoms of knowledge. It’s all about our emotional intelligence and growth mindset. Most importantly, our thought process allows us to reflect upon our dysfunctions. Where we have a choice to transform… This process allows us to act according to the by-product of our manifestation…! How does this knowledge move through our consciousness…?  These atoms of knowledge are extremely complex, they are everywhere inside our atmosphere. How do we detect these adaptations…?  How can we consume everything…? The objective is to discover what these atoms are communicating… because these energies have a tendency of resounding one lesson numerous times…!   The dominance of evolution and revolution is unified through time in space. These ideologies rotate in circulating motions against each other, at times changing the direction of our movement. These are complex laws working with our consciousness functioning with our thought process to allow the movement of change to occur through this gravitational system… Our three brains will navigate this process…


“Do not wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person.”

– Mother Teresa


There will come a time… when these vivacities collide within one another (whether this is a personal, social or a national development). When all our templates within the anatomy become infected – our conflict will create friction. When our body clock changes – our emotional body, mental body and physical body will alter. This process will demand change that will force our transformations… Such – changes will affect our societies and the way these energies evolve will have an adverse effect on our thinking patterns… The energies of evolution and revolution are multifaceted energies… They work with our cellular movement. These energies will enforce change, and as lessons are learnt we will excel further inside our emotional intelligence… Until we find our happy manifestation.


The laws of evolution and revolution…?

These two laws of evolution and revolution work identically together. Though opposingly in two parallel directions…! It’s all about gravity… When these energies malfunction or develop in friction. They will conform into our pitfalls – compelling our procrastination process to orbit deep inside the body… How we think will direct the process of our gravitational alignments…? Our happy atoms will enhance the by-product of our manifestations.

This complex system is changing our infrastructure. The atoms of knowledge are developing our emotional intelligence. Commanding us to advance our growth mindset into ‘new transits’. As old perspectives begin to fail, new commands start to cultivate… This system is constructing a new trend within our regeneration. Spreading a new wave of communication within our cellular movement. This cycle of thought has the power to change individuals. Everything is about our atmosphere and how we behave inside this environment…?

What the mind precepts is contagious, and this spreads into our national consciousness. When one-system collapses, another organisation is induced to revaluate our society… The science of this knowledge is the base of our human understanding. ‘Time and space’ alternate these revolutions. How we behave within our societies will begin to transform. The old principles of evolution will force our political systems to relapse. Where the transformation of this organisation will shape a new cycle…! 


Atoms are emotions…!


“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

– Gandhi                                                         

The Muscle of Will

We are challenging our thoughts with the world on a daily basis. We are shaping our subsistence through this process. When we are binding these thoughts with fear, we are working with the same sub-conscious behaviour patterns and stockpiling the same patent messages inside our cellular memory.  Our subsistence here will be of stagnation. The emphasis of how we live through these energies will constantly conform through our internal and external conditionings.  The laws of the material and spiritual worlds imply with the energies of evolution and revolution to create our identity… No matter what conditioning the anatomy is in – or whatever the make-up – we cannot change the blueprint of the anatomy… It is how well we can read someone – that will highlight one’s identity… The important factors of these four elements govern the body in innumerable ways. These elements help to build our thought process and our psychological conditionings. The vitalities of these elements are profound components in the body that place both positive and negative origins inside us. When we transform the anatomy through this biochemical machinery, we are working to enhance our happy manifestation.  We need to rise above the lather to find our stability to drive this biochemical machinery forward… Instead of chaining our cellular memory to oppression, we are clearing our cellular memory to make positive change going onwards.

How we subsist within the fabric of our society is conformed from within our internal progress…  What can happen to individuals when they develop these atoms…? How can these elements construct the vital mechanisms of the anatomy…?           


“Hope is wanting something so eagerly that in spite of all the evidence that you’re not going to get it, you go right on wanting it and the remarkable thing about it is that this very act of hoping produces a kind of strength of its own.”

            – Norman Vincent Peale        


What impact does this have on the psychological facets of our identity. How can the science of reasoning impact on our subsistence….?

What happens when these bio-chemical reactions enter within the mind and brain…? Why do these energies react inside us…?  The mind has the capability to embrace apparitions that conditions the anatomy. When the anatomy speaks, it communicates in shapes and symbols. Unexplainable objects are experiences that shape the transitions of our cognitional activities.  We all perceive a different atmosphere, but we all confine to the same pitfalls of isolation. We can all experience these phenomenal expeditions within both realms of our existence. Our Illusions and fears are powerful components that process the functioning of nothingness. They have the capability to influence our thought process to how we view our atmosphere…?  Finding self-control within our consciousness is difficult…? These energies build our intelligence – and we grow from these transmuting energies. This biochemical machinery is about learning to develop the difference between these two transits of thought.

The commitment of the anatomy is our sole purpose… When we fail to understand our subsistence, we will endure inside our continuation… When we can’t process the complexity of the anatomy, we will strive inside our subsistence. We need to utilise these mechanisms inside our biochemical machinery to conform the by-product of our manifestation…! We can process these energies at any point within our subsistence – ‘no matter how little or ineffectively we use these instruments inside the anatomy…’ These atoms of knowledge will still remain inside us – our fear is overriding these mechanisms. Therefore, we will ignore these apparatuses… When the anatomy speaks – take notes…! However, the less we engage with our inner self – the little we will know about our human progression…  The anatomy is a profound internal and external journey… The implementation of the mind and brain is the mechanism that functions the entire body – both spiritually and materially… The imagination of our subsistence is cultivated by our thought process… The mechanisms inside the anatomy are phenomenal – the dynamics of our inner consciousness works closely with our visualisations. We subsist psychologically and address our bodily structure accordingly…  We move forward through this internal conditioning. We are all energy…!


Create your own atoms of knowledge…


The overview of this process is complex – this cycle is sophisticated, and our societies are unreceptive to this process… when our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns become stagnant. Our human development endures… making the cycle of change impossible… If evolution dictates the material world, revolution will be called to make these changes.  Once these changes incorporate within our human civilisation. They will settle into the laws of evolution… As time passes the principal science of this knowledge will again begin to collapse – and another time will begin to churn from these timeworn constitutions.  The fabric of our societies will interweave many changes, we are all part of this cellular movement our human development is dependent on this process… These old laws will recall for new revelations to rise once again. Shaping our national and personal consciousness to adhere to our atmosphere… Evolution and revolution are energies continuously influencing the depictions of the world. Through time and space.  This is the universal law of the anatomy – we are complex humanoids with a lot of stardust material…! We are more than tissue and flesh…!


“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

– Jim Rohn


What can we expect from these transits…?

Every form of intellectual movement is like an orb. It has a separate law and a level. As we learn to comprehend one stage of this cognitive activity. We can then transcend into the next orb, and these treads will only steepen…! Each layer of this intellect will testify building the depth of our consciousness. The structure of evolution and revolution will imply inside every transition… These are all important stages of our intellect – when understanding the body of knowledge. It’s all about our development as humanoids…


“Difficulties are meant to rouse not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.”

– William Ellery


Set yourself free…!


Our biological philosophy

Our biological philosophy is a phenomenal expedition. This experience proposes our success within our survival… The by-product of our manifestation is all about our abundance.  Life is the greatest wonder within our survival. Evolution and revolution are small atoms of energies that multiply within the universal law. This is the journey inside our body of knowledge… Can the principles of this knowledge fulfil the production of our thought process…? What is inside this structure – that supports the values of self-control and resistance within the anatomy…?

These atoms of knowledge are powerful mechanisms, our subsistence is about our continuation. How we encourage the anatomy, internally and externally is important within our identity. The flow of our progression depends on how we cultivate within our continuation…  In this stagnated world – this conception is a foreign process – perhaps the reason why – we are so isolated.  We exist in the absence of our inner identity… We have stopped attending to our inner body… because we fear the unknowingness of ourselves…!  What can we discover inside the body…?  The anatomy is our natural guide – its instinctive and retains all the imagination to take us forward – we have our own internal mapping… why is it so neglected…?  

We are a confined society and restricted as humans – we are more than a production. Yet, we decide to breadth the concept of oppression within our society – we are surrounded in stale conditionings – and this is prohibiting our human development…! Moving forward from these habitations is difficult – humanoids suffer as a result of negligence…

The problem with our evolution – comes when the development of our anatomy yearns to subsist forward. When our social conditionings are intertwined in conflict – it’s difficult to conform our true identity in procrastination…! These contemplative energies strain our development that prohibits the cycle of our thinking patterns.  It’s all about finding a melodious rhythm inside our manifestations… but when we are surrounded by social dysfunction – humanity suffers.  What halts the process of our forward movement…? Our human development at present is only indicating the discomfort of anxiety, endurance and conflict – we learn to procrastinate, and our drip injected dopamine feed keeps us bound to these conditionings.   These are all negative spirals inflicting pain and despair… They are energies that stagnate and halt the movement of our thought process.

The condition of our inner being…

The state of our inner being needs to be nurtured – we decide the conditionings of our internal identity.  The body is our temple – the way we use this vessel will conform our entire atmosphere… The energies of fire, water, air and earth – are elements that will shape the development of our emotional intelligence… This knowledge is about our forward movement… Imagine – how murky, damp and indecisive atoms would look inside this structure… How will this shape our inner truth…? What implication will this have on our atmosphere…? Humanoids are delicate creatures – we are profoundly complex… and we need time, experience and knowledge to conform to the commitment of the anatomy…! By creating a harmonious internal being – we are allowing the manifestation of our by-product to subsist… Happiness builds a structure where atoms can remain in contentment. Its sunshine inside our inner being – to generate an anatomy full of compassion… This is about existing inside the commitment of the anatomy… Be kind to this body, when the anatomy speaks take notes…!  

What happens to the body when it subsists inside the dwellings of oppression…? Being controlled means to halt the natural process of the anatomy… Where we become strangers to our own development… Mental slavery doesn’t nourish humanoids – it captivates… The atoms of knowledge – is a process that can help and heal our inner being… We have the freedom to create our own identity… How we learn to cope with our pits – matter… They conform the cycle of our thought patterns…!  The anatomy needs to subsist in a healthy place – to survive… The anatomy needs guidelines – we need to consciously converse with the body… Where we can work with this sophisticated machinery…  It’s all about the commitment of the anatomy – take notes when the anatomy speaks…! 


We are all part of this cellular movement…!


The process of the atom of knowledge…

Our atoms of knowledge is a method that works internally to develop the cycle of our thought process.  The more we inspect this inner dwelling – the more clarity we gain within our commitment. In this process we are learning how to cultivate our internal world within this vessel that will eventually conform into the by-product of our manifestation… This will project our purposeful action… When these bio-chemical reactions enter inside us.  They will retain within us, until we learn to practise how to release our energies through our transformations… Before, any changes occur these atoms of knowledge will retain in our cellular memory.  Here we will be chained to the complications of our unknowingness.  The more we enhance into our fear – the more complications we bind to the anatomy…  This process is about going all in…! We are all chemistry, having a chemical reaction from within – all these atoms that we circulate around will create our lessons and growth through our emotional intelligence… The battle is between our social conditionings and stardust material…! Time and space will determine the trajectory of these energies. This process is all about change – and how we can adapt the anatomy for our subsistence…. There is no magic wand… It’s all about how much willingness we have to remain in our happy manifestation… When the body clock is ready – the transformation process will conform.  We are learning to breakdown the unchaining of our cellular memory – and learning how to breakthrough our fear – to earn our positive results… We will learn this process until we can subsist in the here and now…! The atoms of knowledge will bring all our complications to the surface. The objectivity is to follow this process and allow the anatomy to indicate these complications… This commitment of the anatomy is the most important aspect of the body of knowledge.   

When the commitment of the anatomy has instilled through our subsistence – our body clock changes… Phenomenal experiences develop inside the anatomy when we can communicate with the anatomy. These cognitive activities will interact in shapes and symbols…! This is a wonderful experience, be content with your inner-being… This means not to be empty…!



Look for your internal truth – go all in…!


“Sign a contract with your anatomy… from today you are in charge of your own by-product…   Be your own healer – hold your own board meetings and allocate your own team… Record your own minutes – On how long you spend – on wasted energies – that are impossible to invest in…! By simply speaking to it…! Tell your own body when your stressed, happy. sad or down…! It will listen – and it will speak back. Every time the same feeling and the same interaction – comes your way – your body will remind you…  And it will keep on retelling you – until you understand sub-consciously and consciously… that you are going around in cycles…   Tell your soul – all those remarks that belittle you when people deprive you of being you. Tell yourself that from now on… you are in control of your own schedule…  and watch – what magic awaits you…!  We are all stardust material. The power of love… is the only magic – that can change the body of knowledge…!”


“What has destroyed liberty and the rights of men in every government that has ever existed under the sun? The generalising and concentrating of all cares and powers into one body.”

– Thomas Jefferson


‘How we come across to others is deemed more important then how we feel about ourselves on the inside – how crazy is that – we worry about what others will think of us, but then who is worrying about us, if we aren’t…?  Others won’t help…? The body of knowledge states that only ‘the self’ can free themselves from mental and physical slavery…’


‘We are in control – of our existence.’



We are a cellular movement…!





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