The science of the human mind – part III

How we think is important for our forward movement…!

What are the intellectual hindrances of the mind and brain…?

Bio-chemical reactions are intellectual responses that can stimulate our internal conditionings back into the blueprint of the anatomy… Water flows with our emotions – earth is where we subsist – air shapes uncertainty, and fire fuels our determination. The atoms of knowledge condition both of our psychological and material survival – are these energies guiding us or are we controlling these energies…? The real question is… do we generate these energies for our subsistence or do these atoms emanate to help us…? When the anatomy speaks take notes – how we use these energies will depend on the process of our inner conditionings. A choice between procrastination or our happy manifestation will depend on the manifestation of our by-product.  


These atoms are transforming and transmuting energies. They are everywhere – materially and spiritually forming the development within the fabric of our society… More importantly enhancing our intellectual process… These dynamics are persistently changing.  This will be dependent on our thought process and the elements of fire, water, air and earth…!                 


“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

– Gandhi                                                         


How can we change our thoughts…?


We are challenging our thoughts with the world on a daily basis. We are shaping our subsistence through this process. When we are binding these thoughts with fear, we are working with the same sub-conscious behaviour patterns and storing the same patent messages inside our cellular memory.  Our subsistence here will be of stagnation. The emphasis of how we live through these energies will constantly conform through our internal and external conditionings.  The laws of the material and spiritual worlds imply with the energies of evolution and revolution to create our identity… No matter what conditioning the anatomy is in – or whatever the make-up – we cannot change the blueprint of the anatomy… It is how well we can read someone – that will highlight one’s identity… The important factors of these four elements govern the body in innumerable ways. These elements help to build our thought process and our psychological conditionings. The vitalities of these elements are profound components in the body that place both positive and negative origins inside us. When we transform the anatomy through this biochemical machinery, we are working to enhance our happy manifestation.  We need to rise above the lather to unearth our authentic identity to drive this biochemical machinery forward… Instead of chaining our cellular memory to oppression, we are transforming our cellular memory to make positive change moving onwards.

How we subsist within the fabric of our society is shaped from within our internal growth…  What can happen to individuals when they develop these atoms…? How can these elements construct the vital mechanisms of the anatomy…?                                                                                                                         

“Hope is wanting something so eagerly that in spite of all the evidence that you’re not going to get it, you go right on wanting it and the remarkable thing about it is that this very act of hoping produces a kind of strength of its own.”

 – Norman Vincent Peale        

What impact does this have on the psychological facets of our identity. How can the science of reasoning impact on our subsistence…?

What happens when these bio-chemical reactions enter within the mind and brain…? Why do these energies react inside us…?  The mind has the capability to embrace apparitions that conditions the anatomy. When the anatomy speaks, it communicates in shapes and symbols. Unexplainable objects are experiences that shape the transitions of our cognitional activities.  We all perceive a different atmosphere… But we all confine to the same pitfalls of isolation. We can all experience these phenomenal expeditions within both realms of our existence. Our illusions and fears are powerful components that process the functioning of nothingness. They have the capability to influence our thought process – and how we view our atmosphere…?  Finding self-control within our consciousness is difficult…?

The commitment of the anatomy is our sole purpose…! When we fail to understand our subsistence, we will endure inside our continuation… When we can’t process the complexity of the anatomy, we will strive inside our subsistence. We need to utilise these mechanisms inside our biochemical machinery to conform the by-product of our manifestation…! We can process these energies at any point within our subsistence – ‘no matter how little or ineffectively we use these instruments inside the anatomy…’ These atoms of knowledge will still remain inside us. However, our fear is overriding these mechanisms – it’s overriding our anatomy. We learn to ignore these apparatuses… When the anatomy speaks – take notes…! The less we know about our inner self – the little we will know about our human progression…  The anatomy is a profound internal and external journey… The implementation of the mind and brain is the mechanism that functions the entire body – both spiritually and materially… The imagination of our subsistence is cultivated by our thought process… The mechanisms inside the anatomy are phenomenal – the dynamics of our inner consciousness works closely with our visualisations. We subsist psychologically and address our bodily structure accordingly… We move forward through this internal conditioning. We are all energy…!


Think outside the box…!


This is an intense experience for each anatomy. The journey of our self-discovery is about our forward movement…! The body of knowledge is about the commitment of the anatomy – and it’s not implied to any religion, but it does look into the skin of the anatomy.  Our truth is the vital quest inside this process that helps to build our inner beliefs. The cycle of our cellular memory will help us to identify this development. What this research looks at is the functions within the anatomy – and what affect this has on our subsistence is dependent on the atoms of knowledge…?  The theology of this knowledge is about stripping away our social conditionings to see our authentic identity… Everyone will share the same type of emotional impact – the body is the strongest aspect for our survival…! The original experience of the anatomy is through shapes and symbols…! This is the colourisation of the soul…! 


“Man’s power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave. What he chooses, mind will create and manifest”

– Frederick Bailes                                                                                                 

Abstract Thinking

Our abstract thinking builds our emotional intelligence, these instruments work with our conscious and sub-conscious behaviour patterns – directly working with our cognitional activities.  They are powerful undertakings guiding our subsistence… Who controls these energies…?  How can these mechanisms affect the anatomy…? How can these energies misguide us – how can this vessel be filled negatively…? These are powerful thoughts that every individual acquires for their survival…!  The laws of evolution and revolution are two functional energies. These transitions adapt with the four elements of fire, water, air and earth shaping the inner and outer laws of the body. Our societal suffering has constantly marked a history inbred by hate and war. Inside these conflicts, we have learnt only instructions that augment indifference… As we investigate these conundrums – the anatomy will undergo the dynamical changes inside the template of the anatomy… Breaking down the whole conception of this system to understand how and why the body can get ‘strained’ – when we uncover this biochemical machinery…  This is an expedition about our transformation. Why has suffering always been amongst us…?

The deeper we travel in this process the more intense this knowledge will become… We make these laws so complicated. When these stages of evolution and revolution relapse. We churn through this process of transformation… Conflict in humanity is part of this world. It’s been imbedded in our beliefs system and religious cults since the beginning of time… Throughout history, this complexity has always been present… How we decide to shape our subsistence is our choice… do we bind with the ethics of fear or freedom…? Humans need to feel wanted – significant and appreciated no matter, which side of the world empowers us… Surely, as we are enthralled humanoids – we know what is best for us…!  We cannot be the ones who are misguiding ourselves…? Can we…? The story will write itself…                             

These moving emotions cultivate inside us, this vessel homes our emotions – these energies circulate all around us. The implications of these moving atoms will stir our thought process – in these dwellings, we can circulate the same emotional intelligence numerous times…! The complexity of this system is intricate – as these multi-layered energies yield out of stagnation… We will permit possibilities of malfunction inside the anatomy. As these energies besiege around us.  We will be inclined to question this feeling of emptiness inside us. The process of going all in will intensify our fears. The consciousness these atoms of knowledge transmits will cultivate our process into our biochemical machinery – building our identity… We need to understand these intellectual fields… and begin to identify this emotional intelligence to understand exactly what this implication is communicating to us…? These energies exist inside our emotions… this instrument is the strongest intellectual activity inside the body…

What are the psychological complications…?

The psychological complications within our internal realisation can be unsettling… When the apparatuses of evolution and revolution collide. They release energies and experiences that cannot be explained – but when the anatomy speaks take notes…! The atoms of knowledge are energies that are often being transmuted and reconditioned, our body clock will change according to our emotional intelligence… Our psychological activities communicate on a much deeper level our cellular memory is part of our cells and tissue that stores different aspects of these atoms inside us. Our traumatic experiences have a profound effect on the anatomy.  The body has a complex structure, it has the ability to heal, protect and cure.  Our traumatic mental and emotional experiences create the same impact on the anatomy – but the effects still remain inside the body.  This investigation can be a phenomenal experience – but logic needs to persevere. Our cognitional activities communicate through shapes and symbols – take notes when the anatomy speaks, the anatomy is communicating with us… This is the bodies original language… The mind can yield complex visualisations. Every chapter of one’s life – from past, present and future can instantaneously be felt and witnessed in the body… The anatomy is not simple, it can relive past moments in present times – and on the other hand we can experience forth coming scenarios from inside us… Everything we experience the anatomy will retain inside this cellular memory…! 


“To be human is to be challenged to be more divine. Not even to try to meet such a challenge is the biggest defeat imaginable.”                                        

– Maya Angelou

The energy of evolution and revolution... 
The energy of evolution and revolution…
About the energies of evolution and revolution…

This theory indicates how the elements of evolution and revolution mutates within this science of knowledge. Our cycle of thought is a process that needs to change.  Therefore, if we remain stagnant, our thoughts will persist in the same way… (a) is the principle theory of reflection. (b) is the primary element of our thought process… The positive and negative atoms of the universe both bind the elements of science as one… Psychologically, this system contradicts two paths and the two different directions of our knowledge … When we transmute these energies together – life is formed… This is our cellular movement.  We can either walk up the mountain, or we can walk down the mountain…! These structures work with the body of knowledge that builds the blueprint of the anatomy. Our emotions develop this theorem inside the body as the laws of opposition. What grows from these two energies is the tree of life. Our subsistence, thoughts and experiences that we have conformed inside the anatomy… is manifested because of these two energies… The magic happens when we entwine through these two energies – the philosophy of life spirals through this knowledge… Therefore, these energies are larger than life… Our subsistence is a progression built by both our social conditionings and stardust material… We are the inbetweeners in this dimensional world…!

We send these thoughts into the atmosphere.  These transitions are like hydrological thoughts patterns, where these energies can transcend into the universe. This process works with our gravitational forces – and when we learn to process these atoms through the cycle of our thought process – our thoughts can take flight. The elements of fire, water, air and earth shapes each atom… When numerous elements confine inside this vessel, chemistry multiplies these atoms of knowledge…! We build these communications within our thought patterns – our science of knowledge is conformed through this gravitational system… Our cellular movement adheres to these atoms that connect with our atmosphere… We are linked to the science of knowledge through our chakra system – we are all part of this universal law. This is an awareness of our knowledge that bridges our material and spiritual worlds as one – and together they shape through the energies of evolution and revolution – our thought process are the threads that have the power to shape humanity… Therefore, I can’t stress how important these atoms of knowledge are for the development of our human evolution… The by-product of our manifestation is all about how we project our internal truth…? 

This is the creation of our universal knowledge, and the only discovery is inside the self. This is a complex structure that has the intelligence to manipulate our entire civilisation…  What we give to the world is what we get in return… The universal law governs these energies, and these extensions shape our characteristics… These circumstances define how we shape our mind and body for our subsistence. The process is about going all in – to rediscover our identity.


“If you see ten troubles coming down the road, you can dream it, you can be sure that nine will run into the ditch before they reach you.”

– Calvin Coolidge