The Sacral Chakra


“Equality and natural beauty is when humans begin to embrace each other as themselves in the unity to humanity and oneness. Our creativeness thrives in confidence the sacral chakra is the birthplace of our thoughts… Always create happy, well measured and healing thoughts…”


Information about the sacral chakra


    • The location of the sacral chakra governs the genital region, hypogastic plexus.

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    • The Sanskrit meaning of the sacral chakra is ‘Svadhisthana’.

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    • The Sanskrit translation of the sacral chakra is ‘sweetness’.

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    • The purpose of the sacral chakra is to enhance love and togetherness.

    • The main color of the sacral chakra is orange.

    • The main aim of the sacral chakra institutes the emotional identity of each person; this chakra forms self-gratification and a personal desire to grow and nourish our dreams.

    • The objective reflecting the sacral chakra is beset within our imagination and creativity to build our dreams and desires.

    • The characteristics of a person in the sacral chakra will focus on their families and will desire to build their dream world.

    • The primary element of the sacral chakra is water.

    • The sacral chakra is the six-petal lotus.

    • Gemstones associated with the sacral chakra that can help provide a better circulation of energy are the carnelian and the moonstone.

    • The planet associated with the sacral chakra is the moon.

    • The unsteadiness in the sacral chakra is obsession, coldness, envy and possessiveness.


The main concerns of the sacral chakra


    • The sacral chakra is a creative energy.

    • Love and affection is the primary release of this energy.

    • In this energy we must learn to understand what is fabricated and what is genuine inside the motives of others and ourselves.

    • The sacral chakra is a social, personal and cultural energy.

    • This chakra energy is about building our secondary principles of survival.

    • Nurture is the main vitality of this chakra energy.

    • Our desires and dreams are the uttermost correlation within the sacral chakra.

    • This chakra will build our social identity.

    • The main focus of this energy is within our social system.

    • This chakra is centered our sexual desires.



The Sacral Chakra
The Sacral Chakra


This chakra is about our creativity…


This energy is the birth place of our emotions…


When we are confident we can flourish… we can be confident within this beacon of light, we can form the trajectory of our thought process…  


Without happiness, we cannot find confidence…


This is where the flame is inside our internal machinery… 


This chakra is all about our emotional cycle and when water is the element of this chakra the flow need to be consistent…


When we are imbalanced inside this chakra, we will feel guilt and unworthy, if this is the place where our energies are birthed, we will be processing this chakra in procrastination, ego flame and conflict…


Rejection within our emotional cycle can lead into a series of addictive problems, retaining confidence inside our emotional intelligence is enhance our forward movement…



This is a major centre inside our chakra system. This is the womb of our creativity… In this orb – we can give birth to many ideas, methods and procedures to aid the manifestation of our subsistence… Our emotional intelligence is an exceptionally sensitive sphere that fills this chakra centre with self-confidence and originality…! The dynamics of our dreams and fears all dwell inside this sacral chakra… We are all enthralled humanoids…!  We all set ourselves aside when it comes to our pain and conflict…

Our obstacles impact on our negative mindset

Rejection and pain are ‘mindsets’, but we get bruised. These psychological scarring’s are obstacles that enquire a depth of understanding…!  When we connect with this tree of life. We enhance by planting seeds of intentions… Without this knowledge we can’t grow… There is a process to this development… time being one of them… The second aspect is about the investment of space and emotional energy that we give to our long-term gratification…?  Long-term goals need lasting structures and can only be developed, when short-term intentions can build long-term goals… Building our mindset on a short-term basis creates our endurance, which are small rewards that is short lived… and keeps us bound to our static identity… The by-product of our manifestations need to be processed emotionally, mentally and physically.  These three stages are vital for our forward movement… This is part of our healing power… Abundance is a process of learning how to retain happiness…?  The importance of change is about learning how to set these goals…?  Where are we planting these intentions…?  Where do we find the inspiration to invent these purposeful plans…? The pendulum theory will build the process of our emotional intelligence… Through our successful mindset, we learn to plant these seeds into our root chakra… This foundation is all about how we survive in our creativity…?  These conclusions are conscious decisions that can alter our subsistence…  The downfall in this chakra is the impact of fear – and how lifeless our stagnation can become…?  We are planting seeds all the time. What kind of seeds are we planting…?  This is the fundamental trajectory inside our human behaviour for the by-product of our manifestation…!  We are always planting seeds, when we chain ourselves to our cellular memory.  We are unconsciously planting weeds…! We will feel the consequences… This affects everyone – we can’t disregard the pits – we unknowingly fall into… but they fabricate our sustenance in life…  When we mask our wounds – we effect how the mirage of our identity reflects both internally and externally…? It will get difficult for the anatomy to speak back… When it is layered heavily by our social conditionings, we will be emotionally, mentally and physically weak.  This is a form of oppression.  It’s all about how we evolve that constructs our inner and outer being…? The anatomy is always evolving through time – these atoms of thoughts adapt as time goes by… These dynamics will affect our human behaviour…! We need to be conscious in how we create our subconscious behaviour patterns…? Our survival through fear is harmful, we can’t maintain happiness from this trajectory… The anatomy is a machine…!

Fear can shut down and reject the symbolism of love and affection that we have for ourselves and others… As a result, our communication will become complicated… If we all work in the congregation of control and manipulation… Our only navigation will be our procrastination. This will fuel the process of our nothingness into the concept of our tissue and flesh society…!  Therefore, this pendulum theory is all about how we manage our thought process…? It’s all about the trajectory of how we use the development of gravity to fuel the anatomy…? Resentment will cause stagnation – the principles of evolution and revolution will shape this complexity through resistance… Our communication within the commitment of the anatomy is hindered by this notion.  The anatomy communicates in shapes and symbols…! We can develop this process through our emotional body, mental body and physical body…? In the body of knowledge – the concept of fulfilling the anatomy comes from how we reflect between our inner and outer character…? When we are set apart from these two identities, we are in conflict… Any internal and external communication will focus around our fear…  This is where we will find balance…! We are more than tissue and flesh – this production makes the anatomy weak… We are shaping indentations within our individual growth that will impact on the fabric of our society based on how our cellular memory functions…? This production confines our isolation and we interweave in all this miscommunication… We all subsist in this cellular movement… by segregating the self from our society, we will not change our circumstances…

It’s all about unchaining our development from our cellular memory. This is an oppressive habit within our thought process that will continue to raise our anxiety – it’s all about the trajectory of gravity…!

These stimulations circulate our inner conditionings through these 20.000 breaths and 60.000 to 80.000 thoughts we think…!  Our bio-chemical reactions operate through this circulation of science… When atoms become stagnated – these energies become programmed ‘atoms’ moving in the same emotional cycle over and over again…! When we refuse change, we become static internally. The development of this thought is motionless within our emotional intelligence. There are three stages inside this pendulum theory – the energy field is the base of our identity. When we utilise our thoughts from our drip injected dopamine feed, we are processing from the programmes of anxiety and procrastination… How we develop inside these identities will depict how we materialise inside the production of our survival…? The obligation we face within this congregation – doesn’t allow hominoids to function liberally… In this cycle, we need to follow one another – and this builds our national consciousness with our behaviour patterns. We lose our generosity – independence and willingness to love. When we pursue life in repetition, we are in constant motion through our sub-conscious behaviour patterns. We act against each other to be competitive, egoistic and controlling to our material obligations… Our main objectives as humanoids is to give affection, love and companionship to all those around us… Being hostile, inverted, selective and discriminating – doesn’t nurture humankind… or our fellow members… This chakra is the birthplace of our creativity – we need to acknowledge the patterns within our thinking process to allow how we circulate inside these energies…?

Our emotional identity

The sacral chakra is our emotional identity this grounds the law of compassion that binds with the universal law… Developing and connecting our social identities to our internal conditionings. When we dwell inside our emotional intelligence our insecurities enhance, we construct mental blocks that form our anxiety… How will this affect the emotional body, mental body and the physical body…? When the emotional body and the mental body become immovable – we begin to feel paralysed within the body.  When we become ridged in all our templates inside the anatomy – being paralysed becomes a state of sub-consciousness. These toxic energies will fill this beacon of light with fear… The more entrapped we feel inside this emotional cycle the more confined and constrained we become.  The repetition of these cycles are forcing the brain to define this action to set as a belief system. We unable our ability to function past these blocks that makes us feel anxious.  When attempts or circumstances form triggers within us – we begin to panic and feel unable to cross these barriers.  Slowly these unsolved thought patterns and energy vibrations become the vital factors that chain our complexities to our cellular memory.  As a result, our interpretation becomes complex – and we hinder inside the process of self-destruction. Through the transits of self-doubt, we will halt our forward movement. Therefore, our forward motion is prohibited. The problem inside this structure is fear. Our inability to build or meet with our core sensor is tempered… The process of nothingness won’t let us in…! We are a cellular creation of atoms that work through this metaphysical knowledge expanding our awareness… By unlocking our internal mechanisms, we can uncover our transformations to reveal what the anatomy is saying…? Take notes, when the anatomy speaks – it speaks in shapes and symbols… No one can control it or even access it apart from you. ‘You’re in charge, and this is the start of our independence’.  Allowing self-control to subsist in the fabric of our society is the first aspect in gaining our self-consciousness… This biological process is more than a bio-chemical reaction – this chemistry and interaction with the anatomy is phenomenal…! This journey is about the commitment of the anatomy and how our thoughts process our internal conditionings…?

The sacral chakra is an element of water… and water is unpredictable, which needs to sway equally in this chakra to shape synchronisation… Our emotional identity will manifest in various directions and tides.  How we react…? Depends on how we feel in the root and sacral chakra…? Evolution and revolution are transmuting energies… connecting us to our emotional attachments… This is the beginning of a social predilection.  We want emotional truth or emotional understanding in this chakra… This energy is a ‘primary foundation’ that shapes our personal, social and political identities. Our imagination gives us the structure of independency – the template of the anatomy is colossal. Here, we can advance towards a conscientious atmosphere that allows both mental and physical growth… This will encourage all three lower chakras to balance…! Nonetheless, it’s a different atmosphere when all these chakras are out of place…! When 71% of the body is made out of water – this chakra becomes vital in how we structure the anatomy…? The sacral chakra is an orb of knowledge that retains water. When we find balance inside this chakra, a mass amount of our body will find stability. We can learn to link each chakra creatively…

The problems that we can face through this energy…

These aperture’s rift between our duties and our desires… The way we think, act and feel will predict how we connect to others…? We can’t always achieve these conceptions, though we can attempt to understand them. This energy can be challenging, when ego befalls on us – our isolation will become more predominant. The allegory of the cave is about facing our fears… When the flame inside us becomes replaced by the flame of ego – our illusions come to the forefront…! When we act out personally. We strive for personal willpower, and the circulation of this emotional intelligence will alter dramatically from being subjective to objective – but when we can’t control these energies, we cannot find contentment… These chakras are cycles of thought that conform our emotional body, mental body and physical body. Every aspect of our identity is building our emotional intelligence…! Chaining the birthplace of this chakra in fear will create many complexities – the sacral chakra is below the gut brain, developing this chakra unconfidently will impact on how we develop our solar plexus chakra…? When our energy field is broken it affects how we use our instinct to navigate our subsistence…? The law of compassion is the lord of this energy. This cycle is all about our forward movement when we are building the body of knowledge…

Destruction against destruction can’t progress, it can only decline. When our subsistence is hostile – we can’t rebuild it with the same arrogance and conflict that we build our fear with. We cannot make change from old programmes… Negative energies will weigh the anatomy down… It’s all about the process of our gravitational forces…! Our kind-heartedness is the bridge that can re-build our isolation. We can lift our human spirits to form this biochemical machinery.  It’s a mechanism that will engineer our dreams and desires…! Without conscious determination, we cannot transform.  The input of change comes from our consciousness…! Our ability and strength to shape this cycle of change is part of our belief system. We need to simulate our internal mechanisms to function for our survival.  This production of energy flows around us and within our environments… constantly articulating our cycle of thought. We need to understand these problems that we mirror with our social conditionings, which we experience inside our root chakra. These energies are tirelessly circulating through the rat race nurturing the process of our drip injected dopamine feed… Humanity is the key element in the sacral chakra… Compassion is a guide for this complex system. Everything in this system should balance between evolution and revolution. These energies circulate around our atmosphere shaping our emotional intelligence. It’s all about how we build each facet within our identity…? What we experience within our society – the anatomy will practice internally…? This is the pattern that conforms our human system… 

How worthy are we of being loved…? How much affection are we capable of retaining…?  Self-love is an identity that gives us confidence – more importantly it gives a knowingness about who we are…?  This creativeness is a dwelling for our manifestation… It will eventually connect with our throat chakra – allowing this creativity to conform our manifestation… It’s a technical projection… we need to understand our feelings according to the commitment of the anatomy. This is the basic source of our forward movement… Our internal conditionings will illuminate our problems. Lessons need to be learnt through these atoms of knowledge.  The chaining of our cellular memory and the unchaining of our cellular memory – will disclose our truth…


“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”         

– Louisa May Alcott






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