The Root Chakra


“We can act upon our principles of thought – through what we can elaborate within our emotional cycle that processes our nature… Or we can act upon our nurture, which is part of our physical identity/animal nature to fend for our survival. This system forms the mountains within our thoughts… Our roots can channel these energies/memories by grounding our animal instincts deep inside the earth – and our emotional cycle are thoughts/atoms that can reach the universal law. Every atoms needs an identity – be the stardust material that can shape this creation…!”


Information about the root chakra


    • The location of the root chakra is governed through the perineum, below the genitals, and above the pelvic plexus on the base of the spine.

    • The Sanskrit meaning of the root chakra is Muladhara.

    • The Sanskrit translation of the root chakra is root support.

    • The meaning of the root chakra focuses on our foundations – regarding our survival.

    • The main color of the root chakra is red.

    • The aim of the root chakra is to nurture our survival. 

    • The main structure of the root chakra grounds our cultures and traditions that provide the basic principles of our values.

    • The characteristics of a person in the root chakra would be rooted to Mother Earth and grounded in their belief system.

    • The main element of the root chakra is earth.

    • The main element of the root chakra is earth.

    • The root chakra is a four-petal lotus.

    • Gemstones associated with the root chakra can help and provide a positive energy such as agate, bloodstone, garnet, red coral and ruby.

    • The planet associated with the root chakra is the Earth and Saturn.

    • The planet associated with the root chakra is the Earth and Saturn.

    • Unsteadiness in the root chakra can result in anger, rage and fear.


The main concerns of the root chakra


    • The root chakra looks at the principles of our animal nature.

    • In this chakra we learn to uphold our origins, culture, and backgrounds.

    • Nature and nurture is the greatest battle within this chakra.

    • This chakra gives us the understanding of our nature, and how we draw to others through likeness and similarity.

    • This energy can evoke spiritual connections.

    • Reincarnation is the essence of the root chakra

    • This chakra will enhance our a social, personal and a cultural identities.

    • This chakra energy is about building the primary principles of survival.

    • This chakra will build our personal identity.



The Root Chakra
The Root Chakra


When our thoughts are grounded, we won’t feel anxious…


When we have on complications inside our close connections, we will we won’t feel happy… 


This chakra is about our cultures and traditions, but when these conditionings become broken, we lose a part of our identity too…


This chakra is all about our animal nature and our emotional cycle… 


This chakra is about how we survive through our truth, dignity and social conditioning…


This chakra is the beginning of our commitment with the anatomy…


This is the source of our sexuality…


This chakra is located on the base of the spine, allowing us to build our foundations deep within Mother Earth.  


Why do we feel abandonment and isolation from within…? These emotions are deep rooted characteristics in our anatomy… When we feel our segregation – we feel the loss of empathy within humanity.  Our connection with our society is part of our internal identity…! Our external and internal atmosphere implicates the same emotion… The root chakra is about our security, foundation and self-assurance… How we function within our subsistence is key within our survival…? How we develop individually will cultivate nationally and how we act nationally will influence our authentic self…? This reflection is central for our development… We are all enthralled humanoids. This philosophy is all about our co-creation. By prohibiting our growth – we are creating the facet of our identity to decline into stagnation.  This is encouraging our automation, routine and repetition in our drip injected dopamine feed…  All these energies build a part of our identity. Therefore, through this structure, we are character building. This is a vital aspect for the by-product of our manifestation…  

What can we discover in the root chakra…?

What do we discover in this energy…? Rage, passion, security and fire are all energies – that shape the dynamics of our emotional identity. This is all about how we relate to our internal conditionings to create the depth of our characteristics…?  What we are searching for inside our internal conditioning is a flame – this is our human spirit…?  In this atmosphere – we embody and express the innocence of our animal nature… because deep down we are all loyal people… We are all enthralled humanoids… What is our self-perseverance about – it’s all about nature and nurture…? How we condition our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns is a vital process inside this journey…? We learn to change the flux of our positive and negative cycles inside our thought process – it’s all about how we overcome our fears…? It’s all about gravity – and how we think…? This is the foundation of our chakra system – a base will form this mountain of thought.  This platform needs to be secure…

We will continue to build our identity through this chakra system… What we need to consider is how strong this foundation is for our subsistence…?  The atoms of knowledge needs a solid structure – that is immovable for our forward movement…!  Tremors or vibrations of sudden emotional upsurge can move any identity…! Our energy system has its own triggers… We are not always prepared for the truth… Therefore, the chakra system is constantly being restructured… This is the core foundation of our identity… Ego and compassion are two substances that will be in constant transformation. Recreating our thought process – to conform our forward movement.  Every emotion through our bio-chemical reactions is forming our thought process. We are constantly being moved by our subsistence. How we react to this chemical reaction is in our hands…? We control this machine… When the energies of ego and passion clash our stability will shudder…

The chakra and our DNA system…

Our chakras connect with the whole body. Our DNA structure, inheritance, culture and traditions… are all elements that conform the blueprint of the anatomy that builds our cellular memory. When these atoms are dysfunctional and complex, our external influences are unstable… These identities are memories that creates our emotional and structural aspects inside the body.  When we use this technical thought process – we can build the architecture of our internal identity by functioning through our biochemical machinery…? It’s all about how we build these particles of thought – that matters metaphorically and scientifically…? This will give the anatomy strength to rise above the lather… This association is bound by instinct, conflict and logic – it’s a stimulation for our thought process… The anatomy has its own personal mapping. We can navigate our subsistence to safety and security by listening to the anatomy… Our social conflicts are unfriendly transitions and transmutations, when we are isolated and trapped, we are leading ourselves into procrastination.  We can’t always see past our fears… When we can release ourselves from our cellular memory – we can create forward movement…  Our internal conditionings retain the secrets…! The magic is all inside us… We create our subsistence in how we operate through the by-product of our manifestation…? It’s all about how we transform inside the anatomy…?  

The root chakra is the aperture of this expedition… and the inherent institution in the chakra system… The two identities inside this method… will shape how we progress and develop…?  Our decisions can be based on our animal nature – or intuitively – and when the anatomy speaks take notes…! We learn through both identities one builds our physical growth and the other will enhance our emotional intelligence and this creates the different facets of our identity…! Our body language communicates with our mental stimulations.  This is a powerful mechanism that enables us to open-up the anatomy… being true to the body is the vital asset to the by-product of our manifestation. The three lower chakras help create our physical, social and political identities. These energies are all about our material characteristics that work with the fabric of our society… How are we interpreting these bio-chemical reactions…?  When we compress these atoms, we will form obstructions… This is all based on the principles in how we shape our negative and positive thoughts…?

Fear through the root chakra…

Our misconceptions arouse through our insecurities. Fear is the first interaction we will create from inside our emotional intelligence.  Overcoming fear is our primary process… How does the body function inside these failures…? When the anatomy goes into self-sabotage mode… We press the button of self-destruction. We send these vibrations into our cellular memory that transcends through our cellular movement.  Eventually we all start to procrastinate.  The human body can generate numerous illusions and fabricate many inconsistencies inside us… Fear can only isolate our thoughts. It’s all about how we conform our thought patterns…? How we create sustenance within our bio-chemical reactions will affect our internal conditioning…? Our thought process nurtures our emotional intelligence… The cycles of these atoms build our identity from the negative or positive vibrations we create. Therefore, we decide, which type of energy to exhume and how we expand it…? The anatomy will shape according to our thought process… How we decide to comprehend these 20.000 breaths we take daily is about how we process the science of reasoning…? We create the conundrum and then we solve the problems…! This is the difference between fear and contentment… 

The way we live and feel can be self-contradictory… When we refuse to understand ourselves – we hide from our truth… Fear allows us to run away – it places us in our comfort zone…! We will process anger, frustration and act incoherently, when we are ignited by our ego… But before, we find a positive, loving and compassionate way to introspect our thought process. We will tie our cellular memory to conflict and hate… These are all actions and inactions – within our bio-chemical reactions…! We can find contentment in the root chakra… and discover the science of reasoning through the by-product of our manifestation… By unchaining our cellular memory from oppression, we are utilising the strength of our transformational mechanisms that lay inside our inner being… The dynamics of our core sensor needs to be explored.  It’s all about the discovery of our central system inside the anatomy… It’s all about finding this flame inside us – this is our human spirit…! We are compassionate when we build this anatomy through the windows of our soul… This is all about how we rediscover our flame…? This deepens our conflict… with our animal nature – against our instincts… The dynamics of conflict is all about our survival – it’s about finding balance from inside both of these identities… When the trajectory of our thought process is weak – the imbalance in this chakra is colossal… These energies are influential connections that can help us build our atmosphere, according to the body of knowledge… Through, the flux of our human movement – there is a constant need for change…!

The energies of evolution and revolution…

We need both these characteristics within our body, the energies of evolution and revolution are part of our subsistence… We cannot survive without these two traits – both these intensities form our physical identities that ground our strength and willpower. What we should never forget in each chakra is the nature of karma…? This is our life force that generates the by-product of our manifestation. The chakra energies connect directly with our universal law… Energy meets energy in this science of thought – evolution and revolution are two different atoms, but when these two energies are one – life is formed…! The anatomy will reveal its deep-rooted discomfort through the unchaining of our cellular memory.  When the anatomy speaks – take notes, it speaks in shapes and symbols…! It’s all about how we use our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns for our survival…? The anatomy can transform when we can activate the empowerment of our thoughts… In the time it takes for our transformations to adapt to the commitment of the anatomy – we will learn to trust the process… The science of this philosophy is profound… The path of endurance is activated through this void of emptiness that we feel within the ethics of control and manipulation. This yearning is an expedition filled with many obstacles that creates the chaining of our cellular memory… This is the beginning of this expedition from inside the body of knowledge – a pathway of self-reflection.

The Cellular Memory

Our cellular memory is the foundation of our survival – these energies help to resolve the conflict and struggles that we face within our insecurities. The anatomy retains emotions, trauma and retention… We learn to unchain our fear – that we build through our survival… We are all injured in some way emotionally, physically, materially and spiritually… Can we change our circumstances – by taking control of these energies…?  

Our alienation

The feeling of alienation, loss of identity, confusion and denial are negative energies. When we allow these emotions to subsist inside us – we create many complexities in our inner being… It’s all about how we build our internal conditionings that create our external responses…? How will we reflect externally, when we are creating murky, stale and misty conditionings internally…? What we are internally, we are externally…? Imagine – what we do to our subsistence – every time we neglect our problems, circumstances or woes… We misguide our identities… and complicate our connections in the fabric of our society…? What each humanoid endures within this system… Affects our communication, interaction and existence… How we react, think and behave is sourced from our cellular memory…? Therefore, we fail to acknowledge – and fail to enhance. As humanoids, we become static characters inside our habitation… This affects the fabric of our society…  Our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns are important ‘markers’ inside the chakra system… They hold vital information about our growth and expansion…! If we listen carefully to the anatomy, we can progress prudently… We learn to overcome fear… Past this notion we find our freedom from the chains of oppression.


What we learn through our chakra points will help us to conform how we build the facets within our identity…? According to what we retain inside our internal make-up… We have everything inside us…!  What we are externally – is what we are internally…?   Therefore, we need to learn how to control the machine to control the anatomy…? The chakra system is a tool that can help us to internalise this concept in how we function through this biochemical machinery…? This operational development is technically a complex process – it’s all about our anatomy… and how we unravel through our emotional intelligence…? We find our own way through our life-experiences… Every transformation is unique and different to each humanoid…

What makes us feel comfortable…? How comfortable are we with others around us…? Every humanoid is whole… When we become segregated, we become weak, incapable and dependant… This feeling will only halt our progression – by understanding our fear we allow ourselves to understand what segregates us within our society…? This is part of our human movement – everyone goes through this conditioning…! We may be able to connect better with ourselves… It’s all about how we shape our social conditionings and stardust material…? Fear controls the development of our self-sabotage process. We need to be part of this progressiveness… Everything is about how we surpass through the ethics of control and manipulation to build this authentic identity…? When we learn to cancel the noise around us – we will introspect inwardly… The commitment of the anatomy means that our focus is on the self and not on the world around us…! 


“Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather.”

Martha Graham






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