Mental Health Check

Check in regularly – to see how your mental health is performing…? A successful mindset requires the right amount of fuel to function.  When we have enough strength and confidence to provide for the anatomy – the magic will happen…! It’s all about our forward movement and how we keep the emotional body, mental body and the physical body in check…? 



It's all about going all in...
It’s all about going all in…


The anatomy needs internal sunshine…! On a daily, weekly and monthly basis, how many happy biochemicals are being produced…! We should be mindful that 90% of our daily intake is about being happy… This is just the maintenance of happiness… If we are continuously sad, depressed and dull, the amount of happy chemicals need to triple to rise above the lather…!


A small amount of happiness can be cultivated… By boosting our daily happy chemicals – our confidence will increase…!  When the three levels of our mindset are balanced and aligned – we can start building the awareness of happiness within our survival…  


We are all energy
We are all energy made-up of atoms…


How do we inhale these 20.000 breaths daily…? If we consciously try to use these atoms to condition our internal beings… We can find growth…? Choose love over hatred…! The anatomy doesn’t function properly in fear… When we are happy in all levels within our emotional intelligence the anatomy is balanced – we can find stability…!


Reduce negative self-talk and change it with positive self-talk… Praise yourself when you have learn’t to reduced the intake of fear…  When our negativity has reduced the anatomy will have space – use this vessel to fill happy chemicals…

healthy communication
Encourage healthy communication 


Don’t associate with people, groups and situations that threatens your emotional body, mental body and physical body… You are telling the anatomy about the associations you don’t want in your life…! Negative associations won’t bring you happiness… You will only question your sanity…!  


We are not on this earth to suffer – it’s our birth right to be free… Stop thinking humans are a punishment…!


When we commit to the anatomy, we will find structure and emotional stability…! 

Barometer Mental Health Check


Check in – to see how much happiness you have provided for the happiness barometer on a regular basis.


Calculate how many mindful minutes, mindful hours and mindful months we can achieve…? Reduce any anxious minutes, anxious hours and anxious months…! Start rewriting the programme. The right amount of negativity can be healthy if we can challenge these thoughts for a potential outcome…? 


Always choose happiness over fear… Fear is endless. It will only lead us into procrastination… Happiness is the only way… When we learn how to be happy, others around us will learn to be happy too…?


Learn to overcome fear...!
Learn to overcome fear…!


Stop thinking about past events and start thinking about the present and near future… We think 60.000 to 80.000 thoughts daily… 60.000 thoughts need to be actively centred in the present moment…!


This means the emotional body, mental body and the physical body needs to check in – ‘to this present notion…’ This is a daily task.. Every atom will help to top up the barometer of happiness…! 


Learn to clear the mind – when we are working from the heart centre, the mind is only a navigator… It’s easy for the brain to think negative, a positive mindset is a conscious choice… Be mindful…!


It's all about how we balance our emotions...
It’s all about how we balance our emotions…


In difficult situations always find ways to feel empowered… Choose peaceful resolutions instead of conflict… This is all about self-control. When we choose negativity, we will only carry this process inside us… We are choosing to lose to ourselves all the time. The anatomy cannot survive in anger or frustration… We can find our wings when we are happy…!


Learn to question fear for the purpose of growth… Once found embrace the lesson and let go of the cause or impact… The anatomy is self-healing, learn to process this ability…!


The world is full of conflict… We don’t have to look directly at negativity all the time… The barometer of happiness will reduce…! The only one item in our survival kit is the rose coloured glasses, use them when applicable…!


Positive action for our forward movement will reduce our static behaviour patterns… Keep the emotional body, mental body and the physical body intact… 


Take positive action
Take positive action


When the emotional body, mental body and physical body are balanced – a successful mindset can progress inside this biochemical machinery… 


The brain needs more energy then any other organ – it takes 20 percent of the body’s fuel – therefore, it needs empowerment – use the muscle of will…! Happy atoms give natural electrical impulses… We need a good cycle between food for thought – and thought for food…! 


The body needs power
The body is fuelled by the will of the mind…


Anxiety is a massive problem worldwide – when we are under the lather… We feel oppressed and want to break free from this thought process… If our circumstances around us are in constant conflict, the anatomy will react through the nervous system…! Anxiety is a strange feeling, when we can’t relate or reason with it, we allow this disturbance to continue… In most cases we tend to ignore this feeling – but as this feeling is unbearable, compelling and unsettling, we struggle to communicate with it…!  This strange restrained sense within us triggers a deleterious unending dread – when our thoughts can’t break free from this feeling – our thinking patterns learn to adapt with these negative vibes… The cycle of procrastination begins…  It’s starts as an energy/feeling – then it transmutes into our thought process and eventually we will start to take action from this process…  How we think is important…? Our breathing cycle retains energy, thoughts and initiative that allows us to take action… We are all related to our internal and external atmosphere…! Learn to stay in tune with the commitment of the anatomy…!


Isolation is an imprisonment…


Learn to stay above the lather…!






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