The science of the human mind – part II



We grow from our emotional intelligence…

The lessons we learn – we grow from. If we succeed forward and cultivate positively. How will the anatomy function and subsist…?  We will ascend to higher challenges in our forward movement…!  What are these encounters…?  The process of the body of knowledge is to find self-control… In a world of craziness – how can we rise above the lather…?

What can we learn from atoms and cells about our transformation…?

Humanoids are more than cells that have manifested and transmogrified through our human evolution. This tree of life is about how we consciously and sub-consciously survive through our every breath…! We have a desire and we all want to achieve something inside our continuation… We are all storytellers of our own existence – we all leave our identity behind… How we write these stories plays a great role in the body of knowledge…

These energies create commotion – we are all chemistry inside our bio-chemical reactions…! Why are our transformations so important for our human development…? The DNA system is a unique code of our individuality. These atoms are requiring a certain amount of self-discipline to be part of this structure. This is all about our willpower… We can all change this molecular construction, if we desire to transform… How we survive materially and spiritually will balance the body of knowledge… this will determine how we live and play…?                                                                        

The fact that we are tirelessly following others – for the sake of being part of a system – that ‘doesn’t serve anyone anymore’. Says a lot about the absence of our continuation and about the stagnation of our survival…! Making change through these predicaments will be extremely difficult – discovering independence means taking huge strides, and lonesome expeditions into the unknown…!   Who wants to do that…?  What will we find on this journey and how will it help within our survival…? What can these atoms or bio-chemical reactions teach us about our existence…?               

What role do these molecules play inside the anatomy…?

What is the role… of these molecules – and do they have the capability to transform how we think, feel and act…? What is inside the anatomy that aids our subsistence…? This is a movement that teaches us about our birth rights.  This knowledge is all about understanding, the entirety of our being… About unearthing the blueprint of the anatomy.

There are various templates inside the anatomy.  First, we need to understand what fails our consciousness… What happens inside our internal awareness…? How does it feel inside these conditionings…? We are existing inside these dwellings, how are they fuelling our subsistence…? We exhume everything – the science of reasoning are atoms needing answers, what we inhale inside us is what we will process consciously… Self-control is all about understanding the entirety of the anatomy…?  The aim is about overcoming these mental, emotional and physical obstacles… Negative energies weigh the anatomy down…! Positive and negative energies are always working with our gravitational forces and determining our individuality… When we transform these energies, we are overhauling these illusions… by stimulating our thought process into positivity, we can dwell and attract a better vibration for our subsistence. When happiness is key, anything is possible…!              


How do these energies function in our atmosphere…?

What are the basic principles of this knowledge and how are these energies stimulated…?  Every system has a law and function… These energies subsist within our surroundings… but how do they manifest in and around our atmosphere…? What is the systemisation of this knowledge and what are the basic elements of these stimulations…? How do these energies gather and multiply within our atmosphere – and connect to the fabric of our society…?


What values do the energies of evolution and revolution have on the anatomy…?

The body of knowledge resides inside the laws of evolution and revolution… It states that our whole atmosphere functions with these two energies – but how…? In this chapter – I’m going to investigate what happens when these atoms intensify. The anatomy is the vital instrument for this philosophy; this is the heartbeat of our human consciousness. A truly phenomenal system that conjoins with the cosmic law…                                                                                                                           

Energies are atoms that link to each other when suffused inside this atmosphere. These particles formulate differently inwardly and outwardly. They can work simultaneously in many situations. We all need to stimulate these energies productively… Our human development only comes into fruition – when we are in the by-product of our manifestation…  How do we unlock these internal mechanisms…?

Being a mother of two children and experiencing the process of birth is incredible… This is a time when we often think of divinity’s greatest conceptions. This is the first awareness of our human life, and the initial thought process of the body of knowledge… The discovery of our self-awareness is turbulent, meaningful and forceful – it is not without loss, pain and sorrow…! This is the transition between our inner and outer consciousness.  The magic of the anatomy is all about how we choose to utilise these skills we develop for our subsistence…

How does our relationship with atoms relate with our consciousness…?

We are part of both worlds of consciousness this shapes our biochemical machinery. We learn to protect the ‘self’. When we conform to the commitment of the anatomy, we learn to enhance our human evolution. This is a natural law in every living creature… It’s called self-defence. We are all philosophers of our individual experiences inside our internal conditionings… We all fall apart from time to time. These energies are turbulent and foreign atoms, but they are the vital lessons inside our subsistence. Nevertheless, when the atoms of evolution and revolution begin to work against each other… we begin to create resistance… In these opposing laws, we destabilise the human structure. How we dwell inside this vessel is hindered…? When this happens, humanity is divided, and isolation becomes more predominant…!

We create our internal conditionings…


The problem with these two energies is conflict; time governs one energy to work at one time… Therefore, we shift from one world to the other – these transitions are pivotal, yet – turbulent for our experiences.

What we perceive is what we believe…! The mind is powerful, but how accurate is this analysis for our internal intelligence…? What impact does this effect have on the depictions of the world…?  We are all little pieces in the conundrums of our societies… We all have our own place. Our atmosphere cultivates from what we think… This is an important acknowledgement within this process… The mirage of our internal and external identities is a reflection of one’s thought process.

What is the difference between the energies of evolution and revolution… and how deep can this realisation be…? Life is an art; how can we understand the beauty of this existence…? 

The material and spiritual worlds play a vital role within our thinking process. Stagnation is a development that limits how or in what way ‘individuals’ evolve…! The mind and the brain are two different functions – that illustrate two distinctive mechanisms… Our thinking process has a profound impact on our internal system.   ‘Inner consciousness’ is the prime source of survival – neglecting the material world is not advisable… Our internal identity gives us an outward perception of our external world that we conform from the by-product of our manifestation.                                                                                          

The mind is the vital instrument within our thinking process, without this sensory elevation; we cannot explore our cognitional activities… These atoms are only progressive – while the energies of evolution and revolution flow naturally – when they contest against each other.  They intensify becoming stressed and negative. When these particles react. A parallel communication between these energies are formed to shape the dynamics of our thinking patterns.

Our thought process is a powerful element inside our consciousness. With a single thought – we can change how we view the world and ourselves…?  We can stop the process of hostility and halt our procrastination process. If we can find the willpower within us – we can change the trajectory of our subsistence…          

What happens to us internally through this process…?

Why do these atoms become more significant when they work with our internal system…? The greatest change comes internally to any humanoid – and the reason for this – is identification, learning to connect with an internal system requires knowledge and reflection within our belief system… Those experiences that we are affected by psychologically and physically are matters that need to be dealt with. These scarring’s need answers and time to heal… However, our internal system doesn’t come to us straightforwardly… Hominids run away from their problems; when we process from fear, we build numerous complexities inside our cellular memory. Our internal weapon is this biochemical machinery formed by our thought process that aids our experiences to conform our belief system. This is the skin of the anatomy. Developing our emotional intelligence to nurture our commitment with the anatomy.

Being unknown within our internal structure is fearful – no one treads in unfamiliar places, unless we fall into it…! Our unknowingness elevates fear and anxiety…! Our internal and external identities shape profound experiences to conform our biochemical machinery…

social communication
We communicate in shapes and symbols in this cellular movement…
Our bio-chemicals reactions are part of our emotional identity…

Our bio-chemical reactions are constantly triggering our emotions… The challenge is to work with these atoms of knowledge to discover this authentic identity.   When brain chemicals react with new bio-chemical reactions – atoms build onto existing structures. If this structure is fertile – we can gain knowledge and inner strength, but if this system is fragile – newer bio-chemical reactions are only going to overload.  The conditioning of the anatomy is dysfunctional, and when we cannot commit to the anatomy. The body will release chemicals of depression – and over a long duration of time – our internal system will breakdown… The implications of stimulating the anatomy with fear will create numerous complexities for the body of knowledge.

What we implore within the anatomy and how we retain ourselves is important…? How we think, observe – react and respond to our atmosphere shapes the body of knowledge…? Therefore, we are the sole individuals in control of our own anatomy. 

What can we gain from this knowledge about our internal identity…?

What are we going to gain from these two energies…? How can these energies affect our human growth…? What can we learn from these two atoms and how can they transmute…? The atoms of evolution and revolution are energies and once they react within the body, they form a bio-chemical reaction… When we begin to enquire about a thought, we begin to question, we try to configure these thinking patterns – we start to feel, and we aim to empathise with these emotions…!  The process of this sensitive response, cultivates and begins to birth our inner identity.  This knowledge expands and the energies of evolution and revolution begin to transmogrify. Creating an identity that becomes part of our inner consciousness or character… Therefore, how we shape our emotional intelligence will shape our internal and external identities, these atoms are building our biochemical machinery… Our three brains learn to follow this process, where this journey conforms the blueprint of the anatomy…

Humanoids develop from various energies. These atoms transmute inside us – shaping our identity by modelling our psychological thought patterns.  As these emotions endure inside us, they will change character and configure different reactions.  Through time these energies will mould and re-mould these thoughts according to our emotional intelligence. We will be guided by these complex reflections through how we behave, act and communicate with the world around us.  It’s all about our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns – and how they evolve… This is the vital dynamics of this process inside the body of knowledge… Nothing really ever goes away. Learning from our life experiences is vital…

How the anatomy reacts depends on one’s emotional state…? Our wounds over time transmute into templates that define our identity. As we develop our conditionings according to these impacts. The template of the anatomy will learn to accept these reactions… and we will evolve through time within these transmutations…! We proliferate more anxiety and encumbrance more conflict when we retain in the process of fear and procrastination.  What happens through this process is that numerous mutations become numerous pitfalls, and this eventually becomes our identity. As a result, the dynamics of these atoms transmute, producing a slow release of toxicity, which is harmful internally and externally.  As these energies continue to transmute inside us – they begin to transfer externally.  We become a loss of identity…!