The Heart Chakra…


“The heart is the union of two worlds – the energies of evolution and revolution are part of our expansion and contraption cycle – these worlds are one. Learn to love through this whole process…”


Information about the heart chakra


    • The location of the heart chakra is the heart region of vertebral column and the cardiac plexus.

    • The Sanskrit meaning of the heart chakra is ‘Anahata’.

    • The Sanskrit translation of the heart chakra is ‘unstruck’ sound, fresh and clean’.

    • The meaning of the heart chakra is ‘unshakable’; this is the heart of the soul and our emotional identity.

    • The main color of the heart chakra is green or deep red.

    • The main key point of the heart chakra is air, circulation, social identity and self-acceptance.

    • The intention of the heart chakra is to shape the elements of karma, ‘What comes around goes around’, selfless service and self-acceptance.

    • The characteristics of a person in the heart chakra will reflect passion, devotional love and selfless service.

    • The element of the heart chakra is air.

    • The heart chakra is a twelve-petal lotus.

    • The gemstone associated with the heart chakra is emerald, green jade, kunzite, rose quartz and pink tourmaline.

    • The planet associated with the heart chakra is Venus.

    • The unsteadiness of our heart chakra is directed at our emotions.


The main concerns of the heart chakra


    • The heart chakra is the temperament of the soul.

    • In the heart chakra we will gain knowledge through our soul identity.

    • This chakra will advocate the principles of Heaven and Hell.

    • The heart chakra is the wheel of our emotions.

    • This energy is the opening door of spiritualism.

    • Here we will connect with others spiritually.

    • The heart chakra will teach us compassion.

    • This energy is about selfless love and sacrifice, but a sacrifice for the right reasons.

    • In this chakra we build the greatest emotional upheavals and the heart chakra can help in understanding these energies and emotions.

    • Our biggest fears lay within the heart chakra.



The Heart Chakra
The Heart Chakra


Learning to put heart over matter…


Learning to embrace the by-product of our manifestation…


Love is the only source of forward movement within humanity…


The source of happiness… 


Learning to heal your emotional wounds…

Learning to overcome fear… 


The process of compassion is all about how we learn to balance these our emotional intelligence… 


Learning to circulate the energies of our emotional cycle…




Happiness is a conscious process and the heart centre is the vital generator of these bio-chemical atoms… When we can understand the process of happiness, we can acknowledge the magic and mystery about humanity…  The process of being able to go past our fear to develop the expansion and contraption inside our evolutionary and revolutionary energies is a journey about finding nirvana… The power of thought, action and inaction through this process is colossal… This expedition is hidden with lessons and obstacles. The more we unlock these complications, the more we learn to overcome our fears…  Believe it or not – but even this organ has a structure – it’s not unreasonable, its complex and philosophical, but it’s not crazy.

The frequency of love.

The heart is a frequency of love…! The creation of compassion and love can build the depth of this existence… The more we open this energy the more open we are to happiness and towards the by-product of our manifestation…! The heart chakra is an extremely powerful and a magical orb. Without compassion the anatomy cannot function. The feeling of being deceived, isolated, fearful – is imaginable inside our social conditionings…! We are part of this complex process within the anatomy – we are born to unearth who we are inside this biochemical machinery…? Every reaction is a creation within the body of knowledge. Our emotions and thoughts create our emotional intelligence. Atoms are cells inside our breathing cycle… It’s part of our energy field… How we feel about ourselves is important…? We are complex humanoids that refer to isolation when we don’t understand the world around us… Our purpose within our survival is about discovering who we are…?  We are unknown about our true potential… Until we are willing to discover…!  The heart chakra is the place where we can conform the by-product of our manifestation…

Humanity is an interpretation of compassion – love is a powerful element within the fabric of our society… This is the only curative element that is substantial within our subsistence… We all have compassion – we can leather it … but what we can’t do as hominids is open it within the fabric of our society in a world of procrastination… Nevertheless, when it’s opened – humanity shows the power of love. We all come together… What terrorists can’t destroy is this compassion… Minorities in our societies can’t take this away from us either… hostility, discrimination and intimidation can’t infringe this emotion… Somehow – it’s consistently protected, it will always be naïve, fragile and tender… No matter how much it gets injured or how intensely its traumatised…? This feeling doesn’t impair…! We can neglect it or forsake it… We can’t change the frequency; love is the only pathway towards humanity…! The anatomy is self-healing…!

Love, hatred, hurt, anger and desolation… and all the other emotions of the human soul control the anatomy… Energies, atoms or bio-chemical reactions are triggers inside the body… When we generate our emotional needs through our imagination, we need to be able to structure our thoughts to reflect according to the by-product of our manifestation. It’s all about how we use our core sensor through our gravitational forces…? When we create our cellular memory from our fears… these stimulations will build our atmosphere… Generally, the reconditioning of our thought process will allow our heart centre to find transparency within our internal and external conditionings… Healing will come when we allow our thought process to develop into our emotional intelligence through our forward movement… The anatomy needs to learn how to circulate the emotional body, mental body and physical body…?

We learn to unlock the internal mechanisms inside the anatomy… Every encounter we experience is an enhancement within our emotional intelligence.  These chambers open up the anatomy – that will deepen the manifestation of our by-product… this will help us move forward within our human movement…! The opening and closing of this beacon of light is dependent on how we feel…?  How we endure and exist through our suffering will navigate our emotional intelligence…? The U-turn through our revelations is about how we learn to heal through the concept of isolation…?   The downfall occurs when we become ‘static beings’ and reject change for comfort – forward movement is the most important aspect of our survival…! This is the key to our successful mindset.

The Birthplace of the beacon of light…

The heart chakra is the birthplace of our energy field… Our thought process develops our forward movement – according to how we function inside this entire anatomy…? The magic we manifest here, is what we create inside this world of imagination…? For this reason, the heart is the centre of the chakra system… Our heartbeat is the power station of our energies that produces both negative and positive atoms… We are spiritual beings more than tissue and flesh…! This chakra is the emotional wheel of the anatomy – this process is about our existence…!  Atoms are everywhere…!  How we use our breathing cycle will determine how we structure our emotional intelligence for our internal and external existence…?  

The heart chakra teaches us how to use this beacon of light to restore our thoughts from isolation…? The centre of our human existence is about humanity…! This is all about our universal knowledge, we are more than tissue and flesh… We are all energy and all part of this cellular memory. We are here to develop our biochemical machinery to find our worth through our survival…  The three brains will navigate the trajectory of our subsistence…  When we can learn to put heart over matter – we can work with the universal law and with the commitment of the anatomy… But instead, we hide behind unfulfilled hopes and dreams and scattered energies… We react with conflict because we are unable to express our true emotions.  Humans have a tendency to hide behind fear…! The real exposure of the self – is a feeling of shame or vulnerability… But this place of openness is the place we find our true self… we are all authentic humanoids…  A heart without logic is naïve… This centre is a precious place, when the heart and mind are prepared to go on a journey… Phenomenal experiences will occur…  We undertake what we simulate – whether its real or not…? This trust is universal…  The belief that we can be open inside our core centre – for our forward movement inside a world of turmoil and conflict is phenomenal… We can self-heal within a world, where we constantly feel pain and endurance – and still learn to rise above the lather…!  When we learn to understand the process of this journey, we will allow the universal law to work for us…! The dynamics of being part of our stardust material is remarkable, but we are all mixed up and the other way around…! We need the ability to overcome our fear to be part of the by-product of our manifestation in this science of knowledge.  Our emotions need to be grounded by logic and truth – our misconception is the greatest enemy of the soul… How we build our atmosphere and how we behave in the public sector will matter a great deal to everyone…?  There is pride in all…? It’s all about the skin of the anatomy… When we are able to meditate between the energies of evolution and revolution… We can learn to reflect upon these two halves… Our subsistence is consistent within this expansion and contraption process, our material and spiritual patterns conform our breathing process.  If we can’t fill our spiritual wealth, we feel empty materially… These energies are transforming forces that need to survive… What are we learning through this heart chakra…?  We are learning to overcome our fear, so we can enhance into our biochemical machinery… The need to move out of stagnation will allow us to live life fully… 

The activity of these atoms…!

These are highly active atoms conditioning each human being. The heart chakra is an apparatus that ought to work simultaneously with the mind and soul – because these laws shape the apertures of our consciousness. The higher these apparatuses travel, the deeper we immerse inside our inner knowledge. Evolution and revolution are two vivacities that we must align in the chakra system, if we want to enter with the ascendancy of this process… From here on… these energies will need to shape the two and 3-dimensional laws of the chakra system – to conform the entirety of the anatomy… It’s all about how we develop this pendulum theory – according to how we use our emotional intelligence for our subsistence…?  We are the truth seekers building the science of reasoning for our internal conditionings.  We are learning to navigate between the material and spiritual worlds – to connect the pieces of our existence together… It’s all about the by-product of our manifestation…. This is a purposeful creation of our imagination…    


In this expedition – we will continue to hither through the material and spiritual worlds.  Finding a mediation between both energies will be difficult – we will conflict with these two mechanisms – this builds each humanoid… We are all part of this stardust material that undergoes a process of refinement – to enhance our by-product… This orb of love – holds the unification of our survival – this gives each anatomy hope, resilience and courage for our purposeful intentions… Humanity is a movement of ‘our’ togetherness…


The most important aspect of the heart is how we allow it to behave – when we are hurt or in fear, we shut down – the anatomy begins to procrastinate. We build walls and barriers around this delicate organ – to protect ourselves… We sub-consciously confine and constrain the heart in many ways to halt the process of our emotional intelligence… When we can’t overcome our fear, the anatomy starts to look for a substitute – that can be found inside our drip injected dopamine feed… When the anatomy finds contentment, it is whole through this biochemical machinery, we are loved – we can open the soul and be free to explore… The anatomy is about gaining self-control… Through an open heart – our willingness to explore is heightened and this is stimulated through the by-product of our manifestation.  The conflict of abandonment and isolation is restraining – that consumes our insecurities… that changes how we function and how we perceive our subsistence… Everything inside the anatomy is about our forward movement…


“To speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks.”

– Ben Jonson                       







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