The Crown Chakra…


“The path to the divine energy is the serenity of our human existence that embraces the most simplistic nature of our survival – and this harmony and compassion is what every person, soul and spirit dreams, which is the eternal life of humanity and the end of all suering. This is the true light and the creation in mankind…”


Information about the crown chakra


    • The location of the crown chakra is the top of the cranium, the cerebral plexus.

    • The Sanskrit meaning of the crown chakra is ‘Sahasrara’.

    • The Sanskrit translation of the crown chakra is a ‘thousand­fold’.

    • The meaning of the crown chakra is ‘total self-realization, and total enlightenment’.

    • The main color of the crown chakra is purple or white.

    • The main key points of the crown chakra highlight our thought process, universal identity, self-knowledge, wisdom, self-realization, divine energy, cosmic consciousness and positive intellect.

    • The main intension of the crown chakra is meeting with the inner Guru.

    • The characteristics of a person in the crown chakra would be blissful, peaceful, content, grounded and farsightedness.

    • The element of the crown chakra reflects on such elements, although may combine all forms elements.

    • The crown chakra is a thousand-petal lotus.

    • The gemstones associated with the crown chakra are diamond, amethyst and rock crystals.

    • The planets associated with the crown chakra are Uranus and the Universe.

    • The main body parts related, to the crown chakra are the brain and the nervous system.


The main concerns of the crown chakra


    • This energy brings peace and understanding.

    • The crown chakra is an energy that will bring us total enlightenment.

    • In the crown chakra, our desires for the material world will diminish and we will want to spend more time within the spiritual world.

    • This energy is about surrendering to the divine law.

    • Here we will learn to accept our surroundings and the universal law.

    • Nothing is greater or beyond the divine intervention.

    • This energy will advocate the principles of humanity.

    • The crown chakra is about purity, innocents and bliss.   



The Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra


Learning to work compassionately with the energies of evolution and revolution…


This is all about how we learn to balance through the by-product of our manifestation… 


Oneness and social togetherness…


Conscious awareness…


The cycle of beginning and endings…


The completion within our A to B transitions within our transformation…


The butterfly – symbolism of emotional, mental and physical freedom… 


Stillness from within…


The fully pledged beacon of light…


Change that leads into new condition within our individual, social and political welfare… 


The connection between the commitment of the anatomy and the universal law – when the anatomy speaks – it speaks in shapes and symbols… What can you hear…! 





Manifestation, manifestation and manifestation – this is what the crown chakra is about…! When humanoids first walked on the earth. They devised a perplex civilisation – their curiosity and inventiveness was from within…! Today our emotional, mental and physical robotic nature and the lack of mental simulation – has suppressed our survival – and this restricts how we subsist…? The circulation of our human development is about change and not about stagnation…! Regeneration and renewal… are mechanisms of change within our subsistence in the fabric of our society – we all have a choice to allow this process to evolve.  Self-control and willingness is all it takes…! The movement within our intellectual understanding is about allowing our breathing system to flow…! This is all about the manifestation of our by-product…

Enlightenment and Intellectualism

The enlightenment of intellectualism – doesn’t occur instantly – it is a process… It’s not a blank cheque for material attainment…! As our spiritualist’s acclaim. Our higher forces play a vital role in the fabric of our society… whether we sense or experience these potencies… The sensitivity within our emotional intelligence is this projection in our human nature…  I often think that the word humanity itself is a simple practice – but to get to this pinnacle foundation is complex… Spiritualists will intoxicate and devote enchantment by the name of the divine… Scholars will educate. Metaphysical science and philosophers… will form a better understanding to the fabric of our society. Our hierarchies are searching for the answers about our subsistence… Intellectualism is a yearning not about suffering but about our healing… Constructed through our bio-chemical reactions – allowing individuals to question, reflect and resolve… This is a mathematical calculation for our metaphysical knowledge – about our human development… We are the measure of our human subsistence… An inventor attempts to implement change in our society – to make our subsistence habitable and prospers… The crown chakra energy will grant us want we pledge… Everyone will yearn for something different, but this journey is the same for all… We will meet all our accomplishments here…! Our universal knowledge does not have one image; these higher forces have multiple characteristics… be open inside the process of this expedition…!

The crown chakra is a completion of a cycle. This energy has an immense vivacity; and is the vital science of this metaphysical knowledge… The crown chakra is the ultimate transmission of our healing process. The elements of evolution and revolution will finally come together to balance this beacon of light. We are enthralled humanoids – our thought process is about shaping this truthfulness… The laws of materialism and spiritualism will not adjust in principle… humans learn to work and evolve through this process of change… Our transformations learn to circulate through the energies of evolution and revolution – this is about the expansion and contraption growth for our breathing cycle… Time needs to transform, develop and cultivate – this is all about our cellular movement – that we change as a society… The dynamics inside the atoms of knowledge take us on a journey… stagnation cannot be prosperous…! Therefore, forward movement is about our forward movement… mentally, spiritually and physically…!  

It’s all about our transformation…!

There is so much knowledge that we can gain from within ourselves to inspire our survival… When we can master the anatomy, we can shape our biochemical machinery… We will allow the structures of evolution and revolution to alter within the fabric of our society… When one transformation occurs – another one follows. These cycles within the fabric of our society – will eventually come into the production of success… The energies of evolution and revolution will always circulate and inspire the end outcome. These energies will not withdraw from us… This experience will embolden through the science of evolution and revolution – and how we reform the human system with these energies…? As the chakra system evolves. We will view the world in a different point of view. Furthermore, what we experience we will want to share with the world in a diplomatic way… As this knowledge refines… the vivacities of evolution and revolution will become more sophisticated… All this is taking place inside the expansion and contraption process of our breathing cycle… The circulation of this chakra system will cultivate, as we captivate our knowledge from inside these energies… The motion within the energies of evolution and revolution will keep circulating through time. Our experiences will develop to extend with this circulation of consciousness… This is all about how we learn to commit to the anatomy – and align with the universal law…?


 “We could say that meditation doesn’t have a reason or doesn’t have a purpose. In this respect it’s unlike almost all other things we do except, perhaps making music and dancing. When we make music, we don’t do it in order to reach a certain point such as, the end of the composition. If that were the purpose of music, then obviously the fastest players would be the best. Also, when we are dancing, we are not aiming to arrive at a particular place on the floor as in a journey. When we dance the journey itself is the point, as when we play music the playing itself is the point. Exactly the same thing is true in meditation. Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment.”


– Alan Watts

The value our inner world…

We grow from our inner worlds – this is how we form our thought process. All these undertakings enhance our cognitional activities – we need to understand that change and transformation is key for our freedom… Allowing us to progress forward within our expeditions. The stresses and strains the anatomy endures builds our experiences – we are achieving something out of these unhinged times.  Our knowledge is our identity. Every activity defines our characteristics – and we decide which path we follow not our circumstances. We decide whether we want to feel liberated or suppressed… Our destiny is in our own hands… The chakra system gives us a deeper insight and a profound inspection inside our anatomy… This knowledge is an education of our life experiences… It tells us everything about the body – and how our by-product enables us to manifest… without the complications of our insecurities…?

How beautiful would it be – to see humanity with wings… instead humanoids are in shackles tied down to tireless material obligations…! We are all a production in the fabric of our society, compiled in this network to subsist – and we are all looking for change – that we believe will never come…! We are unaware that each and every one has the magic to subsist – and if only, we can open the heart – the base of compassion, a little and allow the movement of time to persist… We will make humanity move again… In our continuation, we may open new laws and new civilisations to satisfy new and transformed humanoids… ‘to remain as we are’ – is a threat to humanity…!

The beacon of light is all about our survival and how we heal within the anatomy… The chakra system is about our energy field and this will allow us to navigate the anatomy independently… The theory of the body of knowledge is vast, but in every chapter, we can learn about fundamental theories of our existence that can help us to understand this biochemical machinery…! When we are entrapped by the constrained and confinements of our social conditionings – this beacon of light can give us a deep awareness about our human identity… and how we can take action through our purposeful creativity…?


“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”

            – Buddha





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