Biological Machinery

Thought for the day…!

Journal on COVID-19 World crisis… 4th of May 2020


The anatomy projects a complex creation in how we co-exist within this biochemical existence…? In the fabric of our society, we are all connected to each other, through the structures that construct our social conditionings… Every external system becomes a process that connects us to our thought patterns that builds our identity… When these connections become dysfunctional, they will dictate our subsistence… As we learn to survive through COVID-19 within this biological warfare, we are learning to reconstruct our social conditionings… As we alter these structures within our societies, our thinking patterns will adapt… in this cellular movement our DNA structure is modifying…! As COVID-19 lessens the number of deaths it claims… The crisis within our social and economic system deepens… From this disaster we learn to see beyond the cycles of this rat race society… The vital question about food and shelter provides the fundamental questions about our survival…  How are we going to survive through this crisis…? When these social and economic structures are collapsing… Our social conditionings are projecting our downfall – and our obligations are binding us further into fear and chaos… Some difficult decisions are going to rise from this crisis… Without this muscle of will nothing is achievable…  Within history, our administrations and our so-called democratic rights have often converted – this biological anatomy in motion and robotics… However, before this man-made society… We were all simple human beings who looked to the universal law for shelter and bread… The complications that rise from the social and economic crisis is colossal… As this chapter comes to a close a lot of businesses will come into their ruins… There will be many dead ends within our rat race society… We need to see beyond these constrains and confinements… and think outside the box…! Though, I still think hope remains – when we have the by-product of our manifestation… we all belong to this universal law… Our destiny doesn’t stop with our administrations…!


We can find wholeness within this universal identity, when times are tough, we can build this biochemical machinery for the by-product of our manifestation… The path is built on the dedication and passion of this emotional body, mental body and physical body… This whole biological data connects to every part of our biological existence… We are all part of this science of reasoning and when we can be part of this universal identity, we can move mountains… and open doors that have never been opened before…! The process of this commitment within the anatomy can make us stronger, through the toughest and darkest of days… It’s all about the alchemy of our transformation…! 

Mind map
It’s all about our stardust material..!

As we all learn to reconnect with our emotional intelligence, we can pave a path beyond this downfall… COVID-19 won’t take us any further past this chaos… Humanity will go further to reconstruct our forward movement… Without this universal law there is no “shelter”… We were all on this drip injected dopamine feed trying to find happiness no matter what our status…! In this reset process, we can find much more then simplicity – the co-creation of our existence is colossal… In this new world I hope we can all find happiness and joy – our survival is meaningless without this identity…! By reconnecting to our stardust material, we can find abundance – its all entwined within the by-product of our manifestation… This means this magic is inside us… It’s all about how we use our three brains…? By connecting to the commitment of the anatomy – we can find this expedition…


We are going placebo and beyond…! The universal law never runs out of answers…!






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