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Journal on COVID-19 World crisis… 1st of April 2020

COVID-19 crisis has now infected 853 200 cases and has reported 41 887 deaths worldwide… These are shocking figures. The first case happened in November last year… In a matter of months COVID-19 has taken over the world… This invisible beast has now exposed its true identity… Like every other pandemic we have had – this is no different…! I’m not sure where my hope lies with our modern-day science and our governing forces… So many countries have chosen to put their economic crisis over their human fatalities… When our birth rights are determined by our democratic rights… humanity becomes threatened by being compressed between these two choices…! When it comes to politics, the whole coordination of our democratic rights needs to function for our birth rights…!   

System Errors…
System Errors…

When system errors are at the expense of human life, we need to consider how the whole infrastructure of our governing system deliberates our birth rights…? After all,  without people there be no need for these authorities… Now when the trajectory of our automated survival has come to an end… The need for our administrations to help us has become more subjective… They create these industrialised societies and then have no plans to secure the majority… When human loyalty is the agenda between the fat cats and our civilisation, why are the scales out balanced… Why can’t these scales equalise…?


Doctors, nurses, police and most of the public sector are part of our middle-class societies, they are educated – and they have given their lives to these democratic rights – not to die through this COVID-19 crisis… Why ration with protective uniforms with their loyalty – this is a system that may not here their cries…! When other countries have not had much difficulty in processing these testing kits…  Why does our system have so much concern over the specific ingredients or chemicals to contain the finest testing kits…? What’s behind this delay factor…?  Are we an overpopulated society that governments can’t financially help any longer… and is this COVID-19 Crisis being used as a device for other political benefits…?  Because in our near future we will be more dependent upon them… Can the fat cats be allowing this pandemic work for them on a political basis…?  I wouldn’t be surprised by these tactics… but that’s an awful lot of power they have over our birth rights…! Is the coverup of COVID-19 delay factor about the fat cats being cautious about what they write according to what they actually intend…? It’s unbelievable, the fat cat’s loyalty is to the power of the administration… and the loyalty of the majority is to work for our democratic rights…! What happened to direct communication and working for the same purpose…?  This whole rat race has fallen in a matter of months… its always been corrupted. How much of this world was working for our democratic rights before COVID-19…?  Sweden didn’t put any laws in place to stop social distancing…?  Trump struggled to compromise between the economic crisis and the lives of the Americans…! However, he realised the cost of this disaster but he’s too late to stop the spike… India was quick to lockdown the country giving the public 4 hours’ notice and put the poor in the wildfire of this COVID-19 crisis… Again, Modi is far too late in stopping the spread of this crisis. Places like Africa are unable to articulate this disaster; these complications are becoming out of control…! Where does the principle of ethics underline with the decisions made by these leaders…? These are global problems… Every member in a civilisation is part of a democratic society… When we allow these scales to be out balanced for the majority of our societies, we consent to many system errors – that out balance more than our political rights…!  The cogs and gears of this system conform with our birth rights…! Humans are all loyal to the skin of their anatomy… When this loyalty is seared with betrayal and political compromise, they will rewrite the system…! More clarity is needed when it comes to the political dictators within our leadership…!  

We need social reform for the purpose of clarity and transparency among people… We are all equal..



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