The Philosophy…


The philosophy of the body of knowledge is profound and deep…! Penning the foundation of this theory did not come easy.  It’s all about understanding the anatomy and how it works through our bio-chemical reactions… It’s all about how we live inside our atmosphere…? What are the questions behind the original exploration of this investigation that led into the process of this biochemical machinery…?

Where this philosophy first started…?

“Life is a living experience, a phenomenalism of our thought patterns, a compassionate appreciation of emotions, circulating in coils of atmospheric moods shaping different perceptions of colours through the conception of thought… As our thoughts turn to atoms – we endorse into an expedition.


Knowledge through wisdom has the power to wonder – through many different spheres of intelligence.


Though, the differentiation will always remain distinct. This conspicuous material world, which we all scrutinise, will always remain an unpredictable system of hope…


Yet, it is an unthinkable conception, but the populace of society will always remain deceitful, dishonest and untrustworthy… This system will always remain unchangeable. The feeling of emptiness, and the sound of nothingness is the complexity of this conception.


How does our inner-self teach us to reflect and why is this knowledge – so important for the anatomy. Where do we go – when we fail this world of lost hope? What is deep within us that keeps us in wonder.


How does this soul survive within these two worlds of existence…?


This other world is an ineffable realm. Yet unseeable, but sensory to the atmosphere, what a coherent and mysterious place? This world will always remain distinct and precise towards the common-sensical systems for the anatomy. This other world is unshakable; it’s a world of principle, order and precision towards the meticulousness of the mind, soul and spirit.


There is no right or wrong, but only a journey of wonder reflecting our wisdom – through these intellectual spheres of knowledge. But what a place to see, past the shadow of illusion through this other world, there is a place to see, you haven’t lived – if you haven’t witnessed this circulating realm of realisation towards a true existence of life. Nonetheless, all is witnessed in the body of knowledge.


“There is something, within us that keeps us in wonder and why does philosophy begin in such wonder? We all live to question life and life’s atmosphere, but what is within us that always keeps us in wonder?


Why is our cellular movement so damaged…?