The chakra energies…!


The anatomy has the power to heal itself…!


Meditation is calming for the nervous system… 


The nervous system is the biggest organ…!


We take 20.000 breaths daily…! How do you use these breaths – how are you encouraging these negative and positive thoughts inside you…!


Inner knowledge is a beacon…!


“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”


– Yehuda Berg

The Introduction

The Placebo effect is a natural healing ability for the anatomy and the deeper we go into our internal conditionings the more aware we become with our consciousness. The chakra system is a structure that can help conform this biochemical machinery… This is the holistic aspect of the anatomy, where we can home our internal dwellings…! This can be considered spiritual or a psychological process – it’s all about the commitment of the anatomy…! Where are the atoms of evolution and revolution going to take us inside these chakra energies…?


“Every man is the builder of a Temple called his body, nor can he get off by hammering marble instead.”

– Henry David Thoreau


The commitment of the anatomy – is the key instrument when building our biochemical machinery…!


This is the engine of the body of knowledge. The chakra system is a sensory structure inside us… A place where all our energies dwell… It will be difficult to understand the whole process of the anatomy without this mechanism.  We all perceive our subsistence from the depth of our cellular memory… What we do in this external world will reflect our internal conditionings…?  It’s all about how we think, perceive and act that defines our authentic self…?  We need to be abstract about how we use this biochemical machinery…? The chakra energies function with the blueprint of the anatomy… We can highlight how the characteristics of our identity defines our process with the commitment of the anatomy…? Our desolation is an experience of our unknowingness…! Why do we conflict with these bio-chemical reactions…? Why do we fall into our pits – and reflect upon them like a loss…? What is isolation and what is happiness, how can we define these emotions in and around us…?  The body of knowledge is about how we survive…? Inside this vessel are many mechanisms that can aid our sustenance…  There are many apparatuses inside the anatomy that will help us to transform…! How we develop our internal survival will shape our external conditionings…? Beating subjugation and the process of fear is the battle inside the anatomy… Therefore, our emotional intelligence is vital for the commitment of the anatomy… We have our own internal instincts – a self-defence mechanism, a psychological recycling system, and a process that can help circulate our atoms of knowledge… The anatomy will speak back from all those ordeals – that a humanoid endures in their existence. The anatomy has its own navigation system… How we use these three brains are vital for the trajectory that we direct in life…? Take notes, when the anatomy speaks, it communicates in shapes and symbols…!  We all have different requirements about our sustenance – the fundamental needs of the body are the same… The chakra energies inspire the movement of our stardust material – these atoms are cells that build this biochemical machinery.  These cells have travelled – and humanity is since day and night…! We have moved through time and space…! This is all about our human movement. The primary argument about this investigation is against our stardust material and social conditionings.   Everything retains inside this anatomy…! We are all enthralled humanoids and complex by nature…!


We are a self-healing biochemical machinery…!

Everything is inside us…! Once we learn to master this anatomy and go all in – we will be able to understand the cycle of life. It’s all about understanding this biochemical machinery. There are many secrets and mechanisms all awaiting to be unlocked for our survival. The chakra system is an intellectual progression that can help guide and outline this vessel for our thought process… For any transformation to occur the anatomy needs to be prepared – we need to understand how the cycle of our thought process works…? The human mind has no barriers it can go anywhere… The anatomy is a container that functions from its external and internal atmosphere…! We learn how to retain inside our skin…? This is all about our belief system and how we condition our inner being…?

The chakra system is a sensory structure that can help us condition our internal identity in a conscious way…! What we project with our thought process is what we transport inside the fabric of our society…? Our bio-chemical reactions – centre around this system… This is a spiritual mechanism – but it’s an intellectual structure that is built for our forward movement. This directs our gravitational forces. Moving forward is the main priority for a humanoid…! This is what I’m going to focus on – to see how constructive this science can be for our subsistence…? Can we change the outcome of our atmosphere – by changing the process of the human body…? A second book will follow – the expansion of the chakra system will be elaborated more profoundly…! Can the law of attraction change how we experience life…?  Can we gain control of our own existence…? Or are we more complex as individuals…? Is there something more than this illogical rat race…? Finding our chakra points is vital, when we extend our knowledge through the pendulum theory, we gain self-control… This is all about the clarity we gain inside the beacon of light that is inside us. These are the windows of the soul.  When we function through fear, we allow the process of nothingness to function inside the anatomy.  Our energy field is hindered in conflict – our emotions will resonate with these emotions…  Therefore, the outcome of our internal and external structure will conform through our procrastination.  When we can utilise the anatomy in happiness. We will function through the flame of our human spirit – this process will help us to grow and expand… It’s all about how we create our successful mindset through our emotional intelligence…?

The body of knowledge is a system intended to construct our survival… Our internal mechanisms will help conform our identity. We are all energy…! We need to understand how this biochemical machinery functions for our survival…? Change is difficult and this first takes place inside our thought process…! We need to distinguish our internal and external characters. We shape these collective restraints within the fabric of our society…! We are made up of cells that connect to a molecule structure – all humanoids are part of this human development…! Why is the body of knowledge important…? What can we gain from this awareness…? This system gives us light that enriches our emotional intelligence, needs and desires.  Allowing us to manifest our by-product for our forward movement… As a result, our internal truth will project outwardly within our society – it’s all about how we use this beacon of light…? We are all energy that expands through our gravitational forces… It’s all about how we nurture our internal conditionings for our external abundance…?

The chakra system works when we can project our authentic identity within our thought process that compels our forward movement. It’s all about the manifestation of our by-product – and how we shape our survival from this process…?  Humankind is a gathering… We all yearn for an internal satisfaction…! The pursuit of happiness – leads us into an expedition of unfulfilled dreams… It’s like being on a conveyor belt… We are yearning for acceptance moving through this process. We all want to be ‘acknowledged’ – but we display only one aspect of our identity to find comfort in others. In reality people ‘pick and choose’ us… When they are finished, they place us back on this belt…!  Therefore, we never find what we are looking for… The pledge for another person fulfilling our wants and desires will be left empty in the pursuit of happiness. This is not what our subsistence is about…? The body of knowledge is about self-control… ‘acceptance’ is attained inside the self.  When we can commit to the anatomy, we will find compassion and understanding…! The by-product of our manifestation comes… after we have conformed our transformations.  This is a more promising structure – for our happy manifestation. These seven chakras have different apertures that connect with our internal and external identities…! This is a bio-chemical reaction inside the anatomy… Our social interaction is fundamental… These instruments conform our whole anatomy.  It helps to construct our thought process.  This is an energy transference method that works with the atoms of knowledge. What this process is orchestrating is a structure rendering how we survive inside this anatomy… By allowing us to process our survival through our energy field…?  We are all enthralled humanoids – it is difficult to find stability in a hostile world… How we transfer and exchange energy is important for our human development…?

Humans are compassionate beings… and to generate personal, social and domestic desire…  We need an equal amount of internal and external attainment and attachment…! We are all energy…! We are not co-dependent and dependent structures formed to support each other through incompleteness.  We are independent individuals in this democratic world. 

What engineers our individuality…?

In this chapter; I’m going to look deep into the chakra system to unearth what engineers our individuality…? Every chakra will help us structure our internal truth.  The chakra system will uncover the blueprint of the anatomy, where these chakra energies will help to conform our identity. These chakra points are fundamental principles inside the anatomy – they allow us to generate the vital mechanisms of change inside us…! We need to know how to transform our thought process to allow change to occur from inside us…? The foundation of this energy field creates chemical concoctions that we build through our emotional intelligence… this process fuels our beacon of light. How we use the cycle of change is vital for this process in how we structure the body of knowledge…? We are all energy…!

What can we learn from the chakra system and how can it help the fabrication of our human movement…? The chakra system will help the flow of energy to circulate inside the anatomy. We are all chemistry… These atoms of knowledge need to be processed. Nevertheless, the body of knowledge states a more profound connection to this development, and it’s not only sedative for our attainment. It’s more grounding for our subsistence… When we can understand how this internal process functions for our biochemical machinery…?  We will gain more clarity within the commitment of the anatomy. It’s all about our internal and external process… The chakra system is the energy source of the anatomy… These wheels of knowledge are linked with our stardust material that joins the commitment of the anatomy with our universal law… This reflection mirrors the movement within the fabric of our society…! The physics of our human behaviour – works with this electromagnetic field… It’s all about gravity and how these energies circulate around us…? Our thought process retains inside this powerful congregation…! Humanoids are unknown about their true potential… Negative and positive atoms build our atmosphere… This conforms our multifaceted network, both components of the earth and universe compile to this atmosphere… The anatomy needs to adhere to all of these forces – to conform the entirety of the anatomy…


The chakra system constitutes a vital role in the body of knowledge. The energies of evolution and revolution coil and build magnificent forms of energies inside us.  The triggers within our intellectual energies fuels this biochemical machinery… Where these atoms of intricacy stipulate the production of the soul… The manifestation of the material and spiritual worlds stimulates our consciousness to trigger our imagination… This process is phenomenal for the body of knowledge… What we nurture inside this mechanism, we enhance within and around us…?  These seven vortex energies bind with the movement of our emotions… inside the template of the anatomy, which aligns with our universal law.  Once we conform to the commitment of the anatomy… We can explore the investigation of this philosophy.

The art of this philosophy…

This science is an art, a renaissance of the soul that can change how we view the world and how we perceive the self…? These observations about the world and the reflections of our inner self are instrumental forces in our thought process… Time and space echo with these vibrations as they toil with our manifestation… This metaphysical science is unimaginable, and we are connected to this universe more directly, then what we think…?

The complexity of this knowledge fabricates in both worlds of realisation… In-between this consciousness – we give birth to the origins of humanity. The chakra system is a unique energy offering everyone an authentic individuality. This is a personal vitality that is governed to us from the divine law that functions with the energies of evolution and revolution. We process this knowledge through our cellular memory and our emotional intelligence – therefore, we develop this information through the anatomy… These vivacities fuel our thinking patterns, which drives the machine…!  The knowledge of this theorem is exceptional…! It all starts from our bio-chemical reactions.  What stimulates from these atoms is phenomenal through our growth and expansion…? 

What happens inside the chakra system…?

What happens inside the chakra system, when the laws of evolution and revolution enter within the body…? How can our anatomy form these complex and phenomenal energies…? How do these laws develop inside us…? Why do we endure as we subsist – these two energies are dynamical…? They are part of our bio-chemical reactions that shape the body and our survival… How do these universal forces exist within the body…?  How do they aid the concept of humanity…?  It’s all about how we conform the anatomy against our social conditionings and stardust material…?  What is the science of this truth…?

Each chakra holds a vital identity to our atmosphere… These metaphysical molecules function inside our bio-chemical reactions. They manifest to shape our forward movement. The chakra system retains thoughts that builds our emotional intelligence… Our aim should be to awaken each chakra slowly – elevating a meaningful expedition… What we need to understand in this process…?  Is the trajectory in how the by-product of our manifestation functions for our internal and external conditionings…?  On the cervical spine, there are six chakras located inside the body. The seventh chakra sits on top of the head above the cranium… These chakra points aid our survival…! We need to measure our subsistence through the three stages of our consciousness.

There are different methods to how we can develop and utilise the chakra system…? This process isn’t straightforward. When we limit our understanding – the anatomy suffers… Oppression will under develop our anatomy…!  The suppression that is deep rooted inside us will damage this pendulum theory…! These dynamics form our internal conditionings… Our emotional intelligence will help us to work through the atoms of knowledge. Creating the conditionings for our inner-being to retain in the body. Making us fall deeper into the ethics of control and manipulation. When we progress through this self-sabotage program… We will continue in the direction of destruction…! Misplacing our natural process within the anatomy because these skills are unused and unprocessed… When we can’t use these mechanisms, they will become inactive… The anatomy is just a vessel…! This process will dim our aura system and will condition our character according to our mindset and belief system… Gravity functions through our magnetic fields.  We decide how we attract these atoms…? We work with this universal knowledge; it doesn’t work the other way around. This bears weight on the anatomy…!  This is all about our metaphysical knowledge and how we function through the by-product of our manifestation…? Our connection or the incentive inside our bio-chemical reactions will shape and stimulate everything and anything – it’s all about how we think…? We will attract what we process through the anatomy. The anatomy won’t get the fuel it requires to be happy if we are constantly procrastinating…


“Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders which make no sense.”

– Henry Miller

The chakra energies are universal energies…

The base of our consciousness operates through two energies – these atoms subsist universally… We are all part of this stardust material – our dynasty has travelled…!  This has been established in the body of knowledge… Can we connect to this network and exist liberally – without the manipulation of power and control…?  Self-discipline is about the survival of our free will – by connecting to our natural generic network can we enhance the way we live…?

Can we ‘consciously’ – control our thought process and inner being…?  Can we substitute what we don’t have in one world from the other… to balance our emotional, physical, material and spiritual existence…? We are not only a material of tissue and flesh. If that was the case – we would be content in our human production… and not be affected by power and manipulation.   The body is a science built by our emotional intelligence, which can be processed technically through our cellular manifestation… These orbs of energies are an accumulation of atoms – shaping the construction of the human body… These are mechanisms that aid our survival… Therefore, the deception we retain inside is deeply imbedded within our thought process… The aperture of the body of knowledge is colossal… The chakra system can pave some phenomenal expeditions… Our thought process is a powerful mechanism. The magic that occurs when these two energies collide – will shape an incredible journey. In this tree of life… We all have a story to tell – we all fall into our pits, we all become isolated and we all fall into depression. Inside our social conflict we all endure, it’s about learning how to overcome our fear…? The chakra system helps us to understand the development of our atoms of knowledge through our energy field. It’s all about how we conform our emotional identity…? The vital aspect of this chakra system is about our forward movement and how we can use this chakra to aid our transformations…? We are building the process of the by-product of our manifestation through these chakra systems… 


It’s all about illuminating this beacon of light from inside us…










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