The chakra energies…!


The anatomy has the power to heal itself…!


Meditation is calming for the nervous system… 


The nervous system is the biggest organ…!


We take 20.000 breaths daily…! How do you use these breaths – how are you encouraging these negative and positive thoughts inside you…!


Inner knowledge is a beacon…!


“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”


– Yehuda Berg



The Placebo effect is a natural healing ability for the anatomy and the deeper we go into our internal conditionings the more aware we become with our consciousness. The chakra system is a structure that can help conform this biochemical machinery… This is the holistic aspect of the anatomy, where we can home our internal dwellings…! This can be considered spiritual or a psychological process – it’s all about the commitment of the anatomy…! Where are the atoms of evolution and revolution going to take us inside these chakra energies…?



This is the engine of the body of knowledge – the chakra system is a sensory structure inside us – a place where all our energies dwell… It will be difficult to understand the whole process of the anatomy – without this mechanism.  We all retain a lot of cellular memory – within us… What we do in this external world – will reflect our internal conditionings…  We need to be abstract about how we use this anatomy… The chakra energies all make-up the vital characteristics of our human identity… All this desolation we experience in life is because we don’t understand the temperament of our individuality… Why do we conflict with these bio-chemical reactions…? Why do we fall into our pits – and reflect upon them – like a loss…? What is isolation and what is happiness how can we define these emotions in and around us…!  The body of knowledge is about how we survive…! Inside this vessel are many mechanisms that can aid our sustenance…  There are many apparatuses that can help us to transform our hostile atmosphere…! How we develop inside our survival will help us to function in our society…! Beating subjugation and the process of fear is the battle for the anatomy… Therefore, the training we need, to learn and listen – to the body is vital… We have our own internal instincts – a self-defence mechanism, a psychological recycling system, and a process that can help circulate our atoms of knowledge… The anatomy will speak back from all those ordeals – that a humanoid endures within their subsistence – take notes, when the anatomy speaks…!  This will all be important and a significant milestone for an individual. We all have different requirements about our sustenance – the fundamental needs of the body are the same… The chakra energies inspire the movement of our stardust material – these atoms are cells – part of our human development. However, these cells have travelled – and humanity is since day and night – we have moved through time and space…! The primary base of this investigation is against our stardust material and social conditionings.   We retain all inside this anatomy…! These energies work with the body and the atmosphere to ground our emotional intelligence…  We are all enthralled humanoids complex by nature…!




The amount of knowledge we can gain from the anatomy is endless. There are many secrets and mechanisms all awaiting to be unlocked… to help our continuation. The chakra system is an intellectual progression that can help guide and outline this vessel for our thought process… The human mind has no barriers it can go anywhere… the anatomy is a container that consumes its atmosphere…! We learn how to retain inside our skin…!




The chakra system is a sensory structure that can help us condition our internal identity in a conscious way…! What we project with our thought process is what we transport inside the fabric of our society… Our bio-chemical reactions – centre around these transmissions… Yes – this is a spiritual mechanism – but it’s an intellectual structure that can give – our thought process – a progressive gravitational force. Moving forward is the main priority for a humanoid…! This is what I’m going to focus on – to see how constructive this science can be for our subsistence…? Can we change the outcome of our atmosphere – by changing the process of the human body…? A second book will follow – the expansion of the chakra system will be elaborated more profoundly…! Can the law of attraction change how we experience life…? Can we gain control of our own existence…? Or are we more complex as individuals – that conform to the laws and regulations of control and manipulation…?




The body of knowledge… is a system intended to help us identify – the succession of our atmosphere… How these cycles expand our thought process – is the vital growth inside the body…! Change is difficult – and this first takes place psychologically…! We need to distinguish our internal and external characters – we shape these collective restraints within the fabric of our society…! We are made up of cells… that connect to a molecule structure – all humanoids are part of this human development…! Why is the body of knowledge important…? What can we gain from this awareness…? This system gives us light and enhances our emotional intelligence – needs and desires – allowing us to manifest our by-product… The communication of our social interaction engineers – through our bio-chemical reactions – and this creates our continuation…! We are all energy…!




The chakra system spawns through our cultural communication – it’s all about our manifestation – and how we conform within our subsistence…! Humankind is a gathering… We all yearn for an internal satisfaction…! The pursuit of happiness – leads us into an expedition of unfulfilled dreams… It’s like being on a conveyor belt – we make choices looking for acceptance. The feeling of wanting to be ‘accepted’ are displayed – but people ‘pick and choose’ – and when they are finished, they place us back on this belt.   Therefore, we never find what we are looking for – because our need to please another person – is not fulfilled – but this is not what our subsistence is about… The body of knowledge is about self-control… about learning to love and accept the self…! Our by-product comes, after our transformation – this is a more promising structure – for our happy manifestation. These seven chakras have different apertures that conjoins our identity with our atmosphere…! This is a bio-chemical reaction inside the anatomy… Our social interaction is fundamental… These organisations are part of our internal identity. It’s part of our thought process – this is an energy transference method – through the atoms of knowledge – this system is orchestrating the structure in how we subsist…!  We are all enthralled humanoids – it is difficult to find stability in a hostile world…




Humans are compassionate beings… and to generate personal, social and domestic desire…  We need an equal amount of internal and external attainment and attachment…!




Humans need to learn through this cycle of subsistence… In this chapter; I’m going to look deep into the chakra system to unearth what engineers our individuality… Every chakra will reflect each aspect of our emotional identity within this mechanism – to see what humans require or need… for their continuation…!




What we need to understand in this chapter is the importance of spatial awareness… and how humans behave with one another in their atmosphere…! What are the dynamics of our communication within our society – it all matters…? We all need healthy conditionings to create a nourishing environment… We are all enthralled humanoids standing on a tightrope – that often dip into the cycles of control and manipulation. When we lather below our equilibrium… we conform dependent and co-dependent associations or circumstances…! This halts our progress as humans…




What can we learn from the chakra system and how can it help in the fabrication of our human movement…? The chakra system is a flow of moving vibrations inside the anatomy. However, the body of knowledge states a more profound connection to the fabric of our society, and it’s not only sedative for our attainment – it’s more grounding for our subsistence… The chakra system directs each humanoid as a moving gear… These wheels link us all to our atmosphere – which builds the movement for the fabric of our society…! The physics of our human behaviour – works with this electromagnetic field… It’s all about gravity and how energies circulate – our thought process retains inside this powerful congregation…! Humanoids are unknown about their own strengths… Negative and positive atoms build our atmosphere… This conforms our multifaceted network, both components of the earth and universe compile to this atmosphere… The anatomy can adhere to any one of these forces – for its subsistence…




The chakra system constitutes a vital role in the body of knowledge. The energies of evolution and revolution coil magnificent skills, flares and intellectual energies – inside the anatomy… Where these atoms of intricacy stipulate the production of the soul… The manifestation of the material and spiritual worlds stimulates our consciousness – to trigger our imagination… What we nurture inside this mechanism, we enhance within and around us.  These seven vortex energies bind with the movement of our emotions… to mould our experiences and characteristics within time and space…




This science is an art, a renaissance of the soul that can change how we view the world and how we perceive the self… These observations about the world and the reflections of our inner-self are instrumental forces in our thought process… Time and space echo with these vibrations as they toil with our manifestation… The incalculability – of our metaphysical science is unimaginable, and we are connected to this universe more directly, then what we think…!




The complexity of this knowledge fabricates in both worlds of realisation… In-between this consciousness – we give birth to the origins of humanity. The chakra system is a unique energy offering everyone an individuality. This is a personal vitality that is governed to us from the divine law that works with two different energies… These vivacities fuel our thinking patterns, which drives the machine…! The knowledge of this theorem is exceptional…!




What happens inside the chakra system, when the laws of evolution and revolution enter within the body…? How can our anatomy form these complex and phenomenal energies…? How do these laws develop inside us…? Why do we endure as we subsist – these two energies are dynamical – they are part of our bio-chemical reactions that shape the body and our subsistence…? How do universal forces exist in the body, and how do they aid the concept of humanity…? It’s all about how we conform the anatomy against our social conditionings and stardust material…!




Each chakra holds a vital identity to our atmosphere… and these metaphysical molecules afloat around us – they manifest inside our subsistence. The chakra system can retain these energies… Our aim should be to awaken each chakra slowly – elevating a meaningful expedition…  What we need to understand in this process – is that we cannot conform our by-product until we have confronted and untied ourselves from our social conditionings… On the cervical spine, there are six chakras located inside the body. The seventh chakra sits on top of the head above the cranium… instituting our survival…!




There are different methods to how we can develop and utilise the chakra system… This process isn’t straightforward – when we limit our understanding – the anatomy suffers… If we constrain to the negativity of our subsistence, we under develop our anatomy…!  Our suppression that is deep rooted will damage our emotional intelligence…! These dynamics form our internal habituation… Our thought process – helps to work through the atoms of knowledge – creating the conditionings for our inner-being to retain in the body. Making us fall deeper into the ethics of control and manipulation – when we progress through this self-sabotage program… We continue – in the direction of destruction…! Misplacing our natural process within the body – because these skills are unused, they become inactive… The anatomy is just a vessel…! It dims our aura system and conditions our character according to our stagnation… and conjoins with the magnetic fields of negativity – and this bears weight on the anatomy.  This is our metaphysical knowledge…! Remember that our connection or the incentive inside our bio-chemical reactions are short-lived – when stimulated by negativity…! The anatomy will decide what is negative and what is positive… This is all about how we feel about our environment – and about how we subsist within our continuation…




Every chakra is defined by a law that helps the anatomy to shape a forward movement… each atom moulds our subsistence according to our trajectory…! What we construct sub-consciously is completely different to what we create consciously… this system is unique and can only be driven by our thought process… These naturally structured alignments inside the anatomy – are organic requirements that the body needs… We are more than tissue and flesh – we are not preordained to be isolated humanoids…!  Therefore, let’s briefly examine each chakra – conferring with the philosophy that we have built with the body of knowledge…! Forward movement needs to be progressive – stagnation inside our thought process – is destructive for the anatomy…




“Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders which make no sense.”


– Henry Miller




The base of our consciousness operates through two energies – these atoms subsist universally… We are all stardust material – our dynasty has travelled…!  This has been established in the body of knowledge… can we connect to this network and exist liberally – without the manipulation of power and control…? Self-discipline is our subsistence of free will – by connecting to our natural generic network – can we enhance the way we live…?




These energies are a continuation of our human development – can we ‘consciously’ – control our thought process and inner being…? Can we substitute what we don’t have in one world from the other… to balance our emotional, physical, material and spiritual existence…? All these contributions are elements that are made in our environment and anatomy – to shape our identity – metaphorically and scientifically… We are not only a material of tissue and flesh. If that was the case – we would be content in our human production… and not be affected by power and manipulation.   The body is a science of intellect that exists technically, we are a cellular manifestation… These compounds shape the manifestation of our continuation… Therefore, these orbs of energies are an accumulation of atoms – shaping the construction of the human body… These are mechanisms that aid our survival… If natural selection can impact the change in our subsistence – then self-control can impact on the laws of liberation…! Our upheaval comes from the dynamics of our subsistence – a large part of our conscious and subconscious behaviour patterns are confuted by the ethics of control and manipulation. Therefore, the deception we retain inside is deeply imbedded within our thought process… What we subsist inside – after our transformation – conforms our authentic by-product – this is our manifestation… The aperture of the body of knowledge is colossal… The chakra system can pave some phenomenal expeditions… Our thought process is a powerful mechanism. The magic that occurs when these two energies collide – will shape some incredible excursions. In this tree of life… we all have a story to tell – we all fall into our pits, we all become isolated and we all fall into depression – inside our social conflict we all endure… The chakra system helps the development of our atoms of knowledge – by giving our thought process an emotional identity… The vital aspect of this chakra system is about our forward movement and how we can use this chakra to aid our transformations – in how we form the by-product of our manifestation…   



“Every man is the builder of a Temple called his body, nor can he get off by hammering marble instead.”


– Henry David Thoreau



The Root Chakra


The root chakra…!



Why do we feel abandonment and isolation – these emotions are deep rooted characteristics in our anatomy… when we feel our segregation – we feel the loss of empathy within humanity, groups and associations. Our connection with our society – is part of our internal identity…!  Our external and internal atmosphere implicates the same emotion… The root chakra is about our security, foundation and self-assurance… How we function within our subsistence is key within our survival – and this is a communal congregation… How we develop individually we will grow nationally… this reflection is central for our development… We are all enthralled humanoids. These conditionings are part of our cellular manifestation. By prohibiting our growth – we are moving into the elements of control and manipulation – automation, routine and repetition…  All these energies build a part of our identity. Therefore, through this structure, we are character building. This is a vital aspect for the by-product of our manifestation…  




What do we discover in this energy…! Rage, passion, security and fire are all energies – that shape the dynamics of our emotional identity. This is all about our familiarity, the depth of our characteristics…  In this atmosphere – we embody and express the innocence of our animal nature… because deep down we are all loyal people… What is our self-perseverance about – it’s all about nature and nurture…! How we condition our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns is a vital process… We can change the currents of our positive and negative cycles… It’s all about gravity – and how we think…? This is the base of our chakra system – a mount will form on this foundation – this platform needs to be secure…! Can the root chakra stabilise all our emotional needs…?




We will continue to build our identity through this chakra system… What we need to consider is how strong this foundation is for our subsistence…  The atoms of knowledge need a solid structure – that is immovable for our forward movement…! Tremors and vibrations of sudden emotional impact or upsurge can move any identity…! We are not always prepared for the truth… Therefore, the chakra system is constantly being restructured…  This is the core foundation of our identity… Ego and compassion are two substances that will be in constant transformation. Recreating our thought process – to conform our forward movement.  Every emotion through our bio-chemical reactions is forming our thought process. We are constantly being moved by our subsistence. How we react to this chemical reaction is in our hands… we control this machine…!




Our chakra identity… connects with the whole body – our DNA structure, inheritance, culture and traditions… are all cellular energies – and these identities are memories. Atoms that conform our anatomy, and how well we build these particles of thoughts – will give the anatomy strength to rise above the lather… Our sub-consciousness and consciousness reside in all these principles.  This association is bound by instinct, conflict and logic – it’s a stimulation for our thought process… The anatomy has its own personal mapping. We can navigate our subsistence to safety by listening to the anatomy… Our social conflict is a hostile atmosphere… We manifest our subsistence with how we operate our by-product – it’s all about how we transform inside the anatomy…!  




The root chakra is the aperture of this expedition… and the inherent institution in the chakra system… The two identities inside this method… will shape how we progress and develop.  Our decisions can be based on our animal nature – or intuitively – and when the anatomy speaks take notes…! We learn through both identities one builds our physical growth and the other will enhance our emotional intelligence and this is all about how we character build…! Our body language communicates with our mental stimulations – this is a powerful mechanism that enables us to open-up the anatomy… being true to the body is the vital asset to the by-product of our manifestation. The three lower chakras help custom our physical, social and political identities. These energies are all about our material characteristics that work with the fabric of our society… It’s all about how we understand these bio-chemical reactions.  How do we compile in these atoms of knowledge – through our subsistence…? And in which way – do our magnetic gravitational forces take us …? 




Our misconceptions arouse through our insecurities. The pitfalls we witness within our societies will shape our discontentment… How does the body function inside its failures – when the anatomy goes into self-sabotage mode – our thoughts begin to eat away at us… The human body can generate numerous illusions and fabricate many inconsistencies – it’s all about how we conform our thought patterns and sustenance… Our thought process nurtures our emotional intelligence… the cycles of these atoms is inevitable – negative or positive – vibrations or toxins – we decide, which type of energy to exhume… The anatomy will shape us… and these energies will nurture us…!




The way we live, and feel can be self-contradictory… In these circumstances… we can become angry, frustrated and act incoherently… or we can be positive, loving and compassionate. These are all actions and inactions – within our bio-chemical reactions…! We can find contentment in the root chakra… and discover the science of reasoning through the by-product of our manifestation… This intensifies our conflict… with our animal nature – against our instincts – these reasons will shape our survival… These energies are influential in building our atmosphere… Through, this flux of movement – we are constantly adapting…!




We need both these characteristics within our body… We cannot survive without these two traits – both these intensities form our physical identities that ground our strength and willpower. What we should never forget in each chakra is the nature of karma is symptomatic – and this is the life force of our subsistence. The anatomy will reveal its deep-rooted discomfort – it’s all about our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns. The anatomy will transform – in its time and process… The science of this philosophy is profound… The path of endurance is instigated through this void of emptiness – this yearning is an expedition filled with many obstacles that subsist around our everyday habitation… This is the beginning of this expedition inside the body of knowledge – a pathway of self-reflection.




These energies help to resolve our conflict, struggles and insecurities, the anatomy retains all this information – that we build as we pass through the fabric of our society… We are all injured in some way emotionally, physically, materially or spiritually… can we change our circumstances – by taking control of these energies…?




The feeling of alienation, loss of identity, confusion and denial are negative energies – we allow these emotions to subsist inside us… Imagine – what we do to our subsistence – every time we neglect our problems, circumstances or woes… We misguide our identities… and complicate our connections inthe fabric of our society…? What each humanoid endures within this system… Affects our communication, interaction and existence… Therefore, we fail to acknowledge – and fail to enhance – as humanoids.  We become static characters inside our habitation… This affects the fabric of our society… Our cellular memory is constantlymanifesting… Our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns are important ‘markers’ inside the chakra system… They hold vital information…! Red flags and augmenting energies can be felt inside us… If we listen carefully to the anatomy, we can progress prudently…




What this system does is helps us to conform how we character build – according to what we retain inside our internal make-up…? We have everything inside us…!  What we are externally – is what we are internally…!   Therefore, we need to learn how to control the machine to control the anatomy… The chakra system is a tool that can help us to internalise – this concept in how we function.   This operational development is technically a complex process – it’s all about our anatomy… and how we unravel this machine… We find our own way through our life-experiences… Every transformation is unique and different to each humanoid…




What makes us feel comfortable…? How comfortable are we with others around us…? Every humanoid is whole – when we become segregated, we become weak, incapable and dependant… This feeling will only halt our progression – by understanding our fear we allow ourselves to understand what segregates us… This is part of our human movement – everyone goes through this conditioning…! We may be able to connect better with ourselves… It’s all about how selective we are to our social conditionings and stardust material…!  Fear controls the development of our self-sabotage process. The manifestation of our by-product enhances the development of the anatomy for our forward movement… Everything is about how we surpass the ethics of control and manipulation… 



“Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather.”

Martha Graham



The Sacral Chakra


The Sacral Chakra…!



This is a major nucleus – inside our chakra system – this is the womb of our creativity… In the sacral chakra – we can give birth to many ideas, methods and procedures to aid the manifestation of our subsistence… Our emotional intelligence is an incredibly sensitive organism…! This creates the dynamics of our personal projections – regarding our subsistence and what we feel we endure… We are all enthralled humanoids – we all set ourselves aside when it comes to our pain and conflict… Rejection and pain are ‘mindsets’, but we get bruised – these psychological scarring’s are obstacles that enquire a depth of understanding…!  We can connect with this tree of life – we can create our by-product for our subsistence. Our lifelessness is a stagnation, and this will indicate where the branches of this subdivision – progress. We are planting seeds all the time. What kind of seeds are we planting…?  This is the fundamental trajectory inside our human behaviour…!  We are always planting the seeds – which we can’t perceive – what we often feel is the consequences… This affects everyone – we can’t disregard the pits – we unknowingly fall into… but they fabricate our sustenance in life… When we mask our wounds – we effect the mirage of our identity…! It will get difficult for the anatomy to speak back… When it is layered heavily by our social conditionings.  It’s all about how we evolve that constructs our inner and outer being… The anatomy is always evolving through time – these atoms of thoughts adapt as time goes by… These dynamics will affect our human behaviour…! We need to be aware with how we create our subconscious and conscious behaviour patterns… without the implementation of control and manipulation… The anatomy is a machine…!




Fear can shut-down and reject the symbolism of love and affection… As a result, how we act with others is affected… If we all work in this congregation of manipulation – we will manoeuvre to subsist as tissue and flesh…!  Therefore, the science of gravity is how we manage our thoughts – and this plays a vital part – in our forward movement… Resentment will cause stagnation and this continuation will convert to our difficult, hostile and fragile surroundings… Our communication, interaction and interference as a community is hindered…! The reflection between our inner and outer character is where – we will find balance… We are more than tissue and flesh – this production makes the anatomy weak… shaping indentations not only as individuals – but in the fabric of our society… This production confines our isolation and we interweave in all this mis-communication… we all subsist in this cellular movement… By segregating ourselves away from our societies, this will not change our circumstances… we will create more confinements within our confinements… This is an oppressive element within our thought process – that will continue to raise our anxiety…




These stimulations circulate inside our atmosphere – our bio-chemical reactions operate through this circulation of science… When atoms become stagnated – these energies become synthesised atoms – moving in the same emotional cycle over and over again… When we refuse change – the process of the atoms of knowledge don’t progress effectively – this is the persistent rule in the ethics of control and manipulation…!  How we develop inside these identities will depict how we materialise inside the production of our sustenance… The obligation we face within this congregation – doesn’t allow hominoids to function liberally… In this cycle, we need to follow one another, and this builds our national consciousness with our behaviour patterns. We lose our generosity – independence and willingness… of love – when we pursue life in repetition – we are in constant motion through our sub-conscious behaviour patterns. We act against each other to be competitive, egoistic and controlling to our material obligations… Our main objectives as humanoids is to give affection, love and companionship – to all those around us… Being hostile, inverted, selective and discriminating – doesn’t nurture humankind… or our fellow members… This chakra is the birthplace of our creativity – we need to acknowledge the patterns within our thinking process to allow how we circulate these energies…




The sacral chakra is our emotional identity this grounds the law of compassion… developing and connecting our social identities to our conditionings. When we stir the process of our insecurities – we build anxiety – and these toxic energies will fill this vessel. As a result, our interpretation becomes complex – and we hinder inside the process of self-destruction – through the transits of self-doubt…  We will find it difficult to explore these habituations – we will only fabricate confusion inside the simple questions – that we ask ourselves…! Therefore, forward movement is prohibited. We are a cellular creation and work with this metaphysical knowledge that expands with our awareness… It’s worth nothing materially, though this is a conductor – that uncovers our transformations to reveal what the anatomy is saying – take notes, when the anatomy speaks… No one can control it or even access it apart from you. ‘You’re in charge, and this is the start of our independence’.  Allowing self-control to subsist in the fabric of our society – is the first aspect in gaining our self-consciousness… This biology is more than a bio-chemical reaction – this chemistry and interaction with the anatomy is phenomenal…! 




The sacral chakra is ruled by our desires… an energy that feeds on our creativity, elements that craft our aspirations. These energies help us to communicate and understand how we ought to balance our emotions… Our characteristics are built of many layers, conditioning our identities. Grounding is important… and consists in the root chakra… this is our first stratum. The sacral knowledge is our second system that rules our emotional independence… A place where we can connect with our loved ones and close friends… This energy builds our social identity and assists our determination in how we aspire…! It’s the birth place of our emotions, fragmented relationships will affect how we produce these energies…




The third layer forms our political identity that rises through our social system… These energies augment within the solar plexus chakra and then the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chakra condition a part of our thought process that builds the entirety of the anatomy… This chapter will discuss each layer of this thinking process. The atoms of evolution and revolution are laws governing our human growth, erecting our duties and desires in one manifesto… The sacral chakra is an emotional identity, fulfilling our desires to shape our inner and outer characters. These energies are highlighting our weaknesses and strengths. The flow of this vivacity is vital. This energy can be introvert or wild…! It’s how we control the machine… and our cellular memory…




The sacral chakra is an element of water… and water is unpredictable, which needs to sway equally in this chakra to shape synchronisation. Our emotional identities will manifest in various directions and tides.  How we react… depends on how we feel in the root and sacral chakra. Evolution and revolution are penetrating sources… connecting us to our emotional attachments… This is the beginning of a social predilection.  We want emotional truth or emotional understanding in this chakra… This energy is a ‘primary foundation’ that shapes our personal, social and political organisations. Our imagination gives us the structure of independency – the template of the anatomy is colossal. Here, we can advance towards a conscientious atmosphere that allows both mental and physical growth… This will encourage all three lower chakras to balance…! Nonetheless, it’s a different atmosphere when all these chakras are out of place…!




These aperture’s rift between our duties and our desires… and everyone is different, when conferring to likeness and similarity… The way we think, act and feel will predict how we connect with our relationships… We can’t always achieve these conceptions, though we can attempt to understand them. This energy can be challenging, when ego befalls on us – we will act out personally. If our emotions are right, then our attempts can’t be wrong… We strive for personal willpower, and the circulation of this emotional intelligence is vast – these chakras are cycles – building our emotional intelligence – against how the anatomy acts…! As we reform – this vitality will give us the determination to change… The law of compassion is the Lord of this energy.




Destruction against destruction can’t survive – when our subsistence is hostile – we can’t rebuild it with the same attitude…  Negative energies weigh the anatomy down…Our kind-heartedness is the bridge that can re-build our isolation – we can lift our spirits… It’s a mechanism that will engineer our dreams and desires… This production will flow around us and within our environments… constantly articulating our views. We need to understand these problems that we mirror in our social circumstances. These energies are tirelessly circulating with the atoms of knowledge – nurturing our thought process… Humanity is the key element in the sacral chakra… Compassion is a guide for this complex system. Everything in this system should balance between evolution and revolution. These energies circulate around our atmosphere shaping our emotional identities – through what we experience within our society – the anatomy is all about our atmosphere…




The activity in this orb is a warm and sensational one… This apparatus is designed so that we can share our affection with others. We desire to love someone, we wish to have our own family… We dream to fly; we aspire for recognition… We first inspire, and then we become what we desire…! The creativity of this chakra is vast… it’s more about the by-product of our manifestation – and about our individual identity… with the attitude we nurture to attract these relationships… How we love ourselves is how we love others…




How worthy are we of being loved…? How much affection are we capable of retaining…?  Self-love is an identity that gives us confidence – more importantly it gives a knowingness about who we are…?  This creativeness is a hub for our manifestation… It will eventually connect with our throat chakra – allowing this creativity to conform our manifestation… It’s a technical projection… we need to understand our feelings – this is the basic source of our forward movement… Our internal conditionings will illuminate our problems.  What is sub-conscious and conscious – and how do we alternate with these two reasons is important – the anatomy is all about science… 



“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”         


– Louisa May Alcott


The Solar Plexus Chakra…


Solar Plexus Chakra…!



The solar plexus chakra is a political identity… treachery inside our social predilection is untempered…! We are in the heart of political control and manipulation in this orb… The drive for recognition most often conforms our confinements, all this festers inside our material world… The dynamics of our characteristics will be uncertain…! These chakras are highly influential.  The battle between our social conditionings and stardust material is on… What can we gain from the solar plexus chakra…? Why is status, power and control a dominating agenda within the fabric of our society…? Why do we feel the need to control – to gain power and publicity…? This energy fulfils our desires through our accomplishments – it’s about our attainment and detachment – to how we progress inside this identity. We are a delicate assembly within the fabric of our society… but most often abused…! The question depends on our reflections – and how honest we are to the production of the self… The responsibility of this role is fragile, and transparent towards duty – to the self – and others… Asour establishments manipulate our human development, dishonesty will cultivate – forming destruction… How can we implore contentment within our societies when the impairment of the system is damaged…? The ‘fat cats’ haven’t a clue…! The production of what our societies need is missing in these legislations… How can they structure our livelihood…? They can prevent and prohibit – but the accumulation of problems only mount… they don’t get resolved…! Political complications effect all humanoids in how we subsist… Order often becomes control – curbing how our democracy conforms…!  How we handle our political attributes – depends on the template of the anatomy… Social conflict will centre this chakra… We know the system is fabricated around the ethics of control and manipulation… Therefore, this chakra will determine what we stand for – our social conflicts are obstacles within our pitfalls and struggles…  Understanding that isolation is not only a personal strive but a social imbalance – changes the trajectory of our subsistence…!    




The solar plexus energy is our political identity intending our public recognition and social power. One can achieve the highest distinctions of recognition – directing social governess or leadership control… On the other hand, one can view the capacity of our social destruction… It’s all about how we create the fabric within our society. The power of the solar plexus energy is vast. Our actions and inactions are abstract, and this imitates our public scrutiny. We have the influence to mould society as we incline… A person in this role of power can act selflessly or selfishly…! Our trials and tribulations – will always hinder between our ego and control. The consciousness of establishing a universal law is pivotal not only for the fabric of our society but for the body of knowledge. This is the science of unification… and the metaphysical equation of our human behaviour… Our national consciousness is a vital construction towards our individual process… Therefore, we work together within the fabric of our society. Everything depends on our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns… How we develop the template of the anatomy will enable the dynamical changes of our thought process to conform the depth of our identity – the body of knowledge is vast…!




The expedition of the anatomy is about finding nirvana – going past our societal barriers is evitable – when a humanoid learns to conform to the anatomy – a person will find contentment. The purpose of evolution and revolution – permits the cycle of change and this is pivotal for our anatomy, atmosphere and universe. We all come from the same birthplace – the science of each cycle will be the same… It is inevitable but the flux inside our social conditionings need to alter… this is to halt the process of stagnation…! These laws will have no place to advance and we will venture into the direction of self-destruction – if change is not allowed to formulise… Our materialisations will become bitter – and will create perplexity and stagnation in our atmosphere. There are boundless trends and fashions one can choose in this political system. No one wants to be at the bottom of any chain – and often people will act with ego rather than compassion – to materialise these worlds. Contradicting these energies will only create more complexity…




Our political identity is frail – to promote the right attitude of leadership… The anatomy has to learn how to stand… As this system is impaired by manmade structure. This process will become convoluted with ego and power, people will not contemplate, how to get to this mountaintop unselfishly… As humans, our desire is to rule without a consciousness… to exist in the ‘so-called involuntary’ conception of social freedom… We want to explore life on our own terms – regardless of our social responsibilities… We want to change the system to how it suits us.  What we don’t think is whether this system will work for us or not…? The metaphysical science within our society is delicate. The universal law is affirmative in its ruling; our contemporary thought patterns only work for a small amount of time.  If humans are the ones to tamper with this system, then humans will need to fortify…!




This system has two sides and both these laws are inseparable. The material and spiritual worlds are two rulings that correspond inside each other. However, there can only be one world that dominates at one time… Humanoids will continuously intertwine with the material and spiritual worlds – they compromise equally… The atoms of evolution and revolution progress consistently and justly to create the dynamics of our subsistence. These laws have been established for a reason, which gives us material recognition. This is an important aspect of the solar plexus energy – often abused for the wrong reasons… However, when ego befalls and the drive to achieve these aspirations is challenged – we contest our significance… We care less about compassion, and we aim to fulfil our desires at whatever cost. Ego is a powerful emotion – it can be limitless -with consequences… We manipulate this system and then we condemn this process…! Our constitution when in conflict is a disorderly place – with a lot of perplexity. We will fall into this concrete jungle – because we create this industrialised society – that is shaped by control and manipulation.  This survival will decline how we progress inside our human development… Creating a political family that suits one another is sympathetic in this predicament… We all conform to the ethics of likeness and similarity… Our social system can be a conscientious place – but selfishness resides inside the ethics of control and manipulation… The flux of anxiety will be crazy…! Mass production is the elevation of this congregation – it can only be bound to constraints and confinements… If order and process occupy our society – the anatomy is limited and cannot explore…!  Therefore, our political identity – is vital for the anatomy – we learn how to subsist through the dynamics of our existence…   




The conflict that we endure to remain grounded is difficult… This is all about finding our directions socially, personally and diplomatically…! Who we are and what are we demonstrating…? In our wholeness there is no ego – we are all authentic humanoids…! 



“When your heart speaks, take good notes.”                             

– Judith Campbell



The Heart Chakra…


The Heart Chakra…!



Believe it or not – but even this organ has a structure – it’s not senseless. The heart is not a frequency – of a spontaneous or even a senseless reaction…! The creation of compassion and love can build the depth of this existence – the more we open this energy the more open we are to happiness and towards the by-product of our manifestation… The heart chakra is an extremely powerful and a sensational orb – without compassion the anatomy cannot function – to feel treachery and not become emotionally unstable – is not imaginable…! This is what the body is all about, we are complex humanoids – that refer to isolation when we don’t understand these bio-chemical reactions…!  




Humanity is an interpretation of compassion – love is a powerful element within the fabric of our society… This is the only curative element that is substantial within our subsistence… We all have compassion – we can leather it … but what we can’t do as hominids is open it within the fabric of our society… Nevertheless, when it’s opened – humanity shows the power of love – we all come together… What terrorists couldn’t destroy is this compassion… Certain humanoids and societies can’t take this away from us either… hostility, discrimination and intimidation can’t infringe this emotion… Somehow – it’s consistently protected, it will always be naïve, fragile and tender… No matter how much it gets injured or how intensely its shattered – this feeling doesn’t impair… We can neglect it or forsake it… we can’t change how we feel…!




Love, hatred, hurt, anger and desolation… and all the other emotions of the human soul operate inside the anatomy… We know these are energies, atoms or bio-chemical reactions – that are triggered inside the anatomy… When these emotions are pursued in one solitary unit – we shape our overall persona according to our strengths and weaknesses… Creating our emotional needs through our imagination – they can create a cellular memory creating our fears – but these stimulations will build our atmosphere… we control our internal conditionings. We keep dark secrets inside us – a lot can fuel the anatomy… but all these energies are cellular memory – that we need to eventually clear up… This is the process of the atoms of knowledge… The body and our emotions need to learn how to circulate…




Every encounter we experience is an enhancement within our identity.  These chambers open up the anatomy – and will deepen the manifestation of our by-product… that help us move forward within our human movement…! The downfall occurs when we become ‘static beings’ and reject change for comfort – forward movement is the most important aspect of our subsistence…!




The heart chakra is the birthplace of our energies… Our thought process develops our forward movement – according to how we function inside this entire anatomy. What we produce here – is what we create inside this world of imagination…! For this reason, the heart is the centre of the chakra system… Our heartbeat is the power station of our energies that produces both negative and positive atoms… We are spiritual beings – more energy, than tissue and flesh… This chakra is the emotional wheel of the anatomy – this process create our atoms of knowledge through time and space…!




Evolution and revolution are energies that can become inconsistent… If not balanced these energies will become manipulated – wild and complex… The heart chakra is about a movement regenerating the solidarity and inseparableness of humanity… this directs the predominant drive within our thinking patterns…  But instead, we hide behind unfulfilled hopes and dreams and scattered energies… We react with conflict because we are unable to express our true emotions – humans have a tendency to hide behind fear…! The real exposure of the self – is of shame or vulnerability… This is the place to be… we are all authentic humanoids…  A heart without logic is naïve – and one can feel – whatever they wish to sense…!  We undertake what we simulate – whether its real or not… This is the greatest illusion within our senses. Our emotions need to be grounded by logic and truth because our misconception is the greatest enemy of the soul… How we build our atmospheres and how we behave in the public sector will matter a great deal to everyone – there is pride in all. These energies are transforming forces that are yearning for survival…




These are highly active atoms conditioning each human being. The heart chakra is an apparatus that ought to work simultaneously with the mind and soul – because these laws shape the apertures of our consciousness. The higher these apparatuses travel, the deeper we immerse inside our inner knowledge. Evolution and revolution are two vivacities that we must align in the chakra system, if we want to enter with the ascendancy of this process… from here on… these energies will need to shape the two and 3-dimensional laws of the chakra system – to conform the entirety of the anatomy…




We need to explore uphill and downhill… this will give us a different elevation towards our thought process – developing the swiftness of change to come easily. As we develop this consciousness meticulously – the flexibility and willingness to change will come rapidly. The soul is the vital characteristic of the heart chakra. The laws of evolution and revolution are those subversive systems that intensify these identities. The soul needs to enhance these pellucid emotions to reflect in both worlds – to find contentment.




The most common problem inside these energies can result in emotional neglect… If we fail to understand the true reflection of our emotions, we will become bemused with our own identity… We should be conscious of what type of energies we manipulate in this chakra. What we exercise in this chakra system is important – because this is our reflection… This system is vital. Here, we can balance every aspect of the soul, when looking at the different facets of our identity. The heart chakra acts as an antibody against our conflicts – and this orb is a key principle of self-control and willingness…




In these expedition – we will continue to hither through the material and spiritual worlds.  Finding a mediation will be difficult – we will conflict with these two mechanisms – this builds each humanoid… We are all stardust material that undergoes a process of refinement – to enhance our by-product… This orb of love – holds the unification of our subsistence – and what gives each anatomy hope, resilience and courage for our determination… Humanity is a movement of ‘our’ togetherness…




The most important aspect of the heart is how we allow it to behave – when we are hurt or in fear, we shutdown. We build barriers around this delicate organ – to protect ourselves… We sub-consciously confine and constrain the heart… When the anatomy is complete, we are loved – we can open the soul and be free to explore… The anatomy is about gaining self-control… Through an open heart – our willingness to explore is enhanced and this is stimulated through the by-product of our manifestation.  The conflict of abandonment and isolation is deterrent– that consumes our insecurities… that changes how we function and how we perceive our subsistence… Everything inside the anatomy is about our forward movement…



“To speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks.”


– Ben Jonson


The Throat Chakra…


The Throat Chakra…!



The throat chakra is a base for our sensitivity – this energy is about our internal expression. We are free souls – that are entitled to subsist individually… In this structure, we can be the muppets or the by-word of our by-product…   Intellectualism is a reasonability… that allows the fabric of our society to function… Manipulation and control is an unconstructive methodology – and an array of illusion within the fabric of our society… It’s so easy to take advantage of the innocent and the unknown… Extremists, radicals and spiritualist can change how we think and how we form within the fabric of our societies… If these tribes commune – ‘no mother – no father – no brother and sister’ – then this is the command and so-called belief of this tribe – a concoction of fear, manipulation, control of deep-seated initiation towards sociopath’s and beyond…! The elevation of self-control is a conscious mechanism – that adheres to the principles of humanity… Therefore, to practice and allow the materialisation of our imaginations to operate ethically is part of the body of knowledge… We are so entangled with the material world that we forget the process of the anatomy… Our external growth comes from our internal manifestations… Extremists views are drawn when we see the world in an emotionally inept way…




The following three chakras will transit between our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns… through their identities.  It’s all about building a closer relationship with the anatomy… Listening to the body is the most important aspect for our expeditions…  Accept that every part of the anatomy is required to open for this transformation, cognitional activities can be overly-hyped – lessons are to be learnt … This is all about our expedition…! We paint our own expeditions and often get into our own way…   




The throat chakra is based around our creativity – this knowledge is intended to develop our imagination… The movement of these energies exercise our thought process to simplify our views and opinions – more consciously within the material and spiritual worlds. This platform is a stance of our independence… and what our belief system is in this world… The characterisation in this nature acts as an instrument of communication… for both our internal and external conditionings…This chakra is connected to our sixth sense; thereby, our spiritual conclusions will interlink within these experiences. We may sense forth-coming scenarios – whether we dream them or feel them – this astral knowledge guides us all… In innumerable ways – for various reasons…




These inclinations come in small emissions – this knowledge is a personal transgression. However, this path is about finding a steady consciousness – and as the spiritual world is mystical, don’t get hung up on these transits of communication. The aim to understand our self-awareness through the elements of humanity is meticulous through our thought process…




The perception of our national consciousness will be formed through the enrichment of the throat chakra. We don’t always need a physical communication – about what our energies or thought process is communicating. What we implore into this system will work with the universe – we can express our views in many ways. A painter will naturally communicate better with a paintbrush, rather than voice what they feel…! This chakra is an elevation of our senses – contributing a deeper understanding   for our knowledge… This is the main objective of the throat chakra – our individual perception of the world stems through this conception. Our knowledge in the throat chakra teaches us how to communicate – determining how we develop in our political, social and personal identity… Our individual opinions will infer with the activities we gain in the throat chakra. A person in this chakra will be of a strong authoritarian nature… An individual, domineering and influential in our social outlet.




Intelligence is the key to our awakening. As we progress with these two realms, we will refine our cognitional activities more thoroughly and deeply… This process will develop through time, as we mature our thinking process. We have a choice in how we shape our environments and those around us. We can support the material or spiritual worlds… both intensities will eventually entwine within each other. Allowing us to engineer a balanced social, political and personal existence… We will shape our own conclusions about our subsistence in this chakra. As we all have a different growth pattern – these reflections will fabricate with our individual feelings… The expedition of individualism is being instigated – as we begin to see outside the confinements of our social conditionings…!  This energy is intense – we can understand the difference between the conscious and sub-conscious realm – but we may not be able to distinguish the difference between these two transitions in clarity… because this exploration comes in the third eye chakra…




The way we survive in our social and political world is what we will communicate and teach others. It’s all about how we demonstrate our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns… This emphasis will create our public identity… Here we can create the greatest revelations or make stronger the laws of evolutionism – through the vibrations of what we depict about our subsistence… These energies circulate with our experiences cultivating our emotional identities to form our political opinions – giving us a public platform…




The knowledge of the throat chakra will enhance our six senses. Thereby, the atoms of evolution and revolution will increase the knowledge of our creativity, by permitting our consciousness to forge with our farsightedness. The intellectual field of this substantiation will help communicate these vitalities into a common language translating these energies within our psyche – it’s a science of reasoning, the anatomy has a way of communicating to us… These translations can help us to communicate through both worlds of knowledge, and this awareness will reflect in our societies…




Communication is the key instrument for our societal interaction… We need to connect with these vivacities inside us. How we coincide with these forces in our civilisation is consequential. For the majority, this journey will end here… We may feel the other two chakras – but will not be able to progress further… These vivacities are intended for the hierarchies of the spirit world – for those who advance in this metaphysical knowledge – visionaries, inventors and highly developed scholars…exist in these biospheres…




This orb gives us the independence to express. Our intellectualism is an aid to educate and not to eradicate humanity… The elements of evolution and revolution are distinctive and separate; it’s our experience in our wisdom that tie these worlds together – as one…




In this concrete jungle it is difficult to express who we really are – our sub-consciousness is a congregation that is oppressed – going above this lather is difficult… Therefore, our transformations are pivotal…!




“We have five senses in which we glory and which we recognise and celebrate, senses that constitute the sensible world for us, but there are other senses – secret senses, sixth senses, if you will – equally vital, but unrecognised and unlauded.”

– Oliver Sacks


The Third Eye Chakra…


The Third Eye Chakra…!


Well, this is the most essential orb inside our manifestation, the process of control and manipulation will only get distinct – when these energies open expect the unexpected – the anatomy is the only way forward…! Humans aren’t perfect – these energies don’t determine our stability – until we align with our whole identity… Take notes when the anatomy speaks… We cannot disregard this energy – and it may not be comprehendible – but humanoids flourish when inventors, creators and initiators change the way we subsist… We enhance our learning and growth towards our sustenance through our material and spiritual development…! When planes were invented – humanoids could explore different cults and creeds…! When vehicles devised, we could travel and when light was created our continuation towards day and night – altered…! Change inside our society is permanent…




Up until now, the chakra system has been rational… However, from here on – it may be challenging to comprehend these transits inside us. These energies aren’t illogical… Intellectualism is a challenge – and our knowledge bares weight… This subsists for all individual’s – a duty, desire or obligation is part of our identity. We are all enthralled humanoids – our search for freedom is colossal…! This is a perceptive – knowledgeable trait – that again is a bio-chemical reaction… How profoundly can we understand our atmosphere…? This is an elevation for our imagination – a journey within us… People inside this orb – are assistants for humanity… In various ways – activist, scholars, spiritualists, highly-developed artists, architects and designers, etc… Intellectuals – creative thinkers, scientists and inventors are born here… Assisting the renewal within the fabric of our society. Intellectualism is a mechanism to aid our societies… to help the production of our human development… For his ‘reproductive success…’ It was an apple that fell on Isaac Newton’s head when he first discovered gravity… He implored a different method in how humanoids subsist… There is a natural instrument inside our body, and this is a vital communication for our thought process… These intensities are part of our intelligence waiting to be explored. We mustn’t ignore these energies, if anything… We should try to understand them and accept that higher energies are in and around us… Spirituality does exist, and these energies guide us to the kindness of humanity. The cycle of new beginnings and endings of situations is the theme inside this chakra… and how well we understand this process will help us to progress inside this expedition…! The anatomy holds all our secrets towards our success – we are our own by-product… The real transformation in this chakra is when our gravitational forces change how we see the world and ourselves… 




The reason why terrorism exists so extremely is because we lack the understanding to this knowledge… If we accept that such energies exist within the world – we may understand why psychological problems subsist within our existence… Our human conditioning is not fully developed. We need both forms of identities within us, we can’t see these problems, but they are part of our social fever – that keeps us away from our natural habitats. By opening the doors of our spiritual knowledge in the material world – we will open the gates of communication and acceptance and a possible end of extremism. People yearn for inner truth – and if extremist groups take advantage of this notion, they will manipulate the undeveloped to carnage humanity…




As we come to learn about the energies of evolution and revolution in this chakra – we will cognise these elements like the north and south poles… We will understand the differentiation of the material and spiritual worlds.  However, when these energies unify – we will recognise our connection to the universe. These two different energies will be unpredictable for our thought process – because our positive and negative energies will react…! These bio-chemical reactions will strengthen   our awareness within our atmosphere.   The more we understand them the more knowledge we will gain… What we will learn in the third eye chakra is truism – and this subsists within our inner eye – a visionary eye that connects with the pineal gland…! The illusions within our society will no longer be distort in the mind’s eye…! How to deal with the ethics of control and manipulation is a different matter…! However, these energies yield with our celestial knowledge; this builds our realisation directly with the universe and earth… The aim of the third eye chakra is to gather all the knowledge and information of these universal energies and develop them as one concept to work with the material and spiritual worlds… We build our thought process with our inner and outer consciousness…




The third eye energy sits in the middle of the forehead. This chakra is like a transporter for the inner and outer worlds… A gateway that forms the core base of our inner truth… An opening will occasionally flicker – allowing us to understand, further past our human intellect… The throat chakra will give us a small glimpse of this knowledge – as we build our thought process within the third eye chakra – we will nurture extrasensory communications…! These are our natural abilities within the human body that the material world finds difficult to accept…! What’s inappropriate within this intuition is when our hierarchy’s trademark this identity – as a personal gratification. Knowledge is a purity – it’s not a power – it’s an education – our highly active scholars are researchers, inventors and creators…! It’s all about how well we understand our sub-consciousness… it’s not a personal gratification…




These energies within the body will compel the atoms of evolution and revolution to exert vivaciously… Evolution and revolution are literally turned ‘upside down’ in this chakra. The friction of these energies will change our insight into how we view the world…! This is ‘the awakening’ of the soul that manifests inside the anatomy. This stamina will release an uncontrollable energy…




The vivacities of evolution will circulate in one direction, and the drive of revolution will circulate in the other – both intensities will be working against one another… This experience will deplete our system and ‘this is the’ awakening of this realisation… What we first insinuate within this chakra will be of an uncontrollable power – however – it is a bio-chemical reaction within our consciousness… A person in this vitality will shape a highly influential charisma, attractiveness and magnetism… This energy is an uncultivated intensity, defining our character uniquely. The third eye chakra is a superlative knowledge within this natural network in our chakra system. The forces of evolution and revolution will be distort in the beginning… but will balance overtime…




What we once perceived as being right or meaningful will become inappropriate… In this energy, we will notice the smallest details of unease – in our social interaction. We will be swift to recognise any problems within the fabric of our society… being alert and aware with our social atmosphere is a key…



          “Every man is the architect of his own fortune.”                                                        

– Sallust



It will take time to adjust in the third eye chakra. It is imperative to meet with this intelligence to establish how to control these vitalities. The expedition of this chakra is self-healing. Our knowledge will help us to understand our own pitfalls… Everything will make sense in this chakra. All those transgressions in our thought process will be restored… This energy will shape new transits creating laws, new rituals, new thinking patterns and new paths – erecting various cognitive activities that exhume within the body…




These energies flow with our bio-chemical reactions – modifying our thinking process… The breaking down of old thinking patterns and the makings of new thought patterns is all about how we transform… The knowledge we gain in this chakra will give us considerable control… This chakra is bound by our higher energies – however – humanoids are permitted to travel anywhere – materially or spiritually. The vital projection within the body of knowledge is simply humanity… There is nothing more important than the anatomy – because our realism is attached to our survival… Nothing above – and nothing below – but only the earth that we walk on – is important… Humanoids above this notion need to come down and – humanoids below this system need to come up…! This is the imagination of our human identity towards humanity…! Our knowledge is about our atmosphere – the details of our subsistence and how we create our worlds.  The battle about our survival is in regards of how we feel with our social conditionings against our stardust material… It’s about how we manifest our energies to work for us… We are the by-product of our subsistence… How we see the anatomy and our subsistence matters – our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns will come under substantial scrutiny…    



The Crown Chakra…


The Crown Chakra…!



Manifestation, manifestation and manifestation – this is what the crown chakra is about…! When humanoids first walked on the earth, they devised a perplex civilisation – their curiosity and inventiveness was from within… Today machinery and the lack of mental simulation – has suppressed our perception – and this restricts how we subsist… The circulation of our human development – is to change and not to hinder…! Regeneration and renewal… are mechanisms of change within our subsistence for the fabric of our society – we all have a choice to allow the process to transform.  Self-control and willingness is all it takes…! The movement and intellectual understanding that we gain from this system – is about allowing our breathing system to flow…! This is all about the manifestation of our by-product…




The enlightenment of intellectualism – doesn’t occur instantly – it is a process… It’s not a blank cheque for material attainment…! As our spiritualist’s acclaim. Our higher forces play a vital role in the fabric of our society… whether we sense or experience these potencies… The sensitivity of this impact is the same… I often think that the word humanity itself is a simple practice – but to get to this pinnacle manifesto is complex… Spiritualists will intoxicate and devote enchantment by the name of the divine… Scholars will educate – metaphysical science and philosophers… will form a better understanding to the fabric of our society. Our hierarchies are searching for the answers about our subsistence… Intellectualism is a yearning… constructed through our bio-chemical reactions – allowing individuals to question, reflect and resolve… This is a mathematical calculation for our metaphysical knowledge – about our human development… An inventor will attempt to implement change – for our society – to make our subsistence habitable and prospers… The crown chakra energy will grant us want we pledge… Everyone will yearn for something different, but this journey is the same for all… We will meet all our accomplishments here…! Our universal knowledge does not have one image; these higher forces have multiple characteristics… be open inside the process of this expedition…!




The crown chakra is a completion of a cycle. This energy has an immense vivacity; and is the vital science of this metaphysical knowledge… The crown chakra is the ultimate transmission of the universal law for the human system. The elements of evolution and revolution will finally come together – encounter and amalgamate in the crown chakra. We are enthralled humanoids – our thought process is about shaping this truthfulness… The laws of materialism and spiritualism will not adjust… humanoids change… Through their transformations – that circulate through the energies of evolution and revolution… Time needs to transform, develop and cultivate – this is all about our cellular movement – that we change as a society… The dynamics inside the atoms of knowledge take us on a journey… stagnation cannot be prosperous… Therefore, forward movement is about our forward movement… mentally, spiritually and physically…!  




No one is almighty or superior in this consciousness – nothing in our subsistence will change – though how we think will… This bio-chemical reaction is of goodwill – our subsistence will cultivate… finding self-control is all about the body of knowledge. All our conflicts in these two energies will make sense… our questioning, reasoning and resolution will convene… There still maybe situations that are left unaccomplished within our existence… Before, and after this perceptiveness… continuation will meet contentment…!




There is so much knowledge that we can gain from ourselves that will inspire our subsistence. By allowing change, imagination and compassion – to instil inside the anatomy. We will allow one structure within the fabric of our society to transform… When one transformation occurs – another one follows. This spreads within the fabric of our society – forming a production of success… The energies of evolution and revolution will always circulate and inspire this outcome. These energies will not withdraw from us… This experience will embolden through the science of evolution and revolution – and how we reform the human system with these energies. As the chakra system evolves. We will view the world in a different point of view. Furthermore, what we experience we will want to share with the world in a diplomatic way… As this knowledge refines… the vivacities of evolution and revolution will become more sophisticated… The circulation of this chakra system will cultivate, as we captivate our knowledge from inside these energies… The movement of evolution and revolution will keep exchanging within time. Our experiences will develop to extend with this circulation of consciousness…




 “We could say that meditation doesn’t have a reason or doesn’t have a purpose. In this respect it’s unlike almost all other things we do except, perhaps making music and dancing. When we make music we don’t do it in order to reach a certain point such as, the end of the composition. If that were the purpose of music then obviously the fastest players would be the best. Also, when we are dancing we are not aiming to arrive at a particular place on the floor as in a journey. When we dance the journey itself is the point, as when we play music the playing itself is the point. Exactly the same thing is true in meditation. Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment.”


– Alan Watts




            We grow from our inner worlds – in how we form our thought process. All these undertakings enhance our cognitional activities – we need to understand that change and transformation is key for our freedom… Allowing us to progress forward within our expeditions. The stresses and strains the anatomy endures builds our experiences – we are achieving something out of these unhinged times.  Our knowledge is our identity. Every activity defines our characteristics – and we decide which path we follow not our circumstances. We decide whether we want to feel liberated or suppressed… Our destiny is in our own hands… The chakra system gives us a deeper insight and a profound inspection inside our anatomy… This knowledge is an education of our life experiences… It tells us everything about the body – and how our by-product enables us to manifest… without the complications of our insecurities.  




“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”

– Buddha




How beautiful would it be – to see humanity with wings… instead humanoids are in shackles tied down to tireless material obligations…! We are all a production in the fabric of our society – compiled in this network to subsist – and we are all looking for change – that we believe will never come… We are unaware that each and every one has the magic to subsist – and if only, we can open the heart – the base of compassion, a little and allow the movement of time to persist… We will make humanity move again… In our continuation – we may open new laws and new civilisations to satisfy new and transformed humanoids… to remain as we are – is a threat to humanity…!




The body of knowledge is now established an inner identity… the understanding of these energies has been created – and these atoms have at present – paved a structure within the anatomy… Our subsistence develops through our cellular movement that we conjoin with our metaphysical knowledge…! This process allows us to explore and understand the components of the anatomy…   In our transformations, we will manifest what we create – and as we evolve, we will enhance our strength… We will be able to visualise our creations – after all, this is about the imagination of our world… Before this, we will need to untie ourselves from all those energies – that makes us feel oppressed… We need to unearth these problems – to allow our original self to authenticate… by detaching all the situations that don’t serve us – to permit what enhances our by-product to function our manifestations…




However, I want to search further to see how and where our stability can create more self-control… Can we function in our truest potential – how can individual change help the fabric of our society…? What will we achieve out of self-discipline…? Well, any type of bio-chemical reaction – willingly or unwillingly released within the body – through cognitive or bodily complications… needs to be self-controlled…? If the anatomy is not animated for change – then our metaphysical structure will not register… Being appropriately balanced is vital – for both our physical and mental stimulations…  The anatomy wants stability – to subsist… Continuity and swiftness is a key constituent within the body of knowledge… being able to recognise and utilise these apparatuses is a skill – when in need – these mechanisms can be expanded for our subsistence within the fabric of our society…




Self- control gives us – inner strength – confidence and knowledge about how we function as humanoids… If we can cognise the process of the anatomy, I believe – we can comprehend with the production of the body of knowledge… Humanoids are complex organisms – we are ‘hard work’ – and this process needs to be recognised – our internal system is more crucial today… because we are struggling to relate to the anatomy… The anatomy is a vessel – we need to acknowledge the responses towards our subsistence – otherwise anything and everything will fill this container…!




The next chapters are going to consider – the separateness of evolution and revolution – to see how these identities challenge the fabric of our society. How they influence our atmosphere – and how they change individuals among the fabric of our society will be investigated…? What is the importance of these energies…? What can we generate from these proficiencies…? We will be investigating the following two chapters by looking at the prime elements of evolution and revolution… and what our involvement is within these two energies…?  We are all enthralled humanoids… the depth of our identity is profound… 






Jagdeep Takk 2017


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