Thought for the day…!

Journal on COVID-19 World crisis… 7th of May 2020


During this COVID-19 Crisis we have learned to be less robotic – and more humane… We have perceived this disaster and seen how change come swiftly to all…? This change was a flicker of a switch…!  We are moving from old programmes to new programmes… through these transits… These external dynamics are highlighting the conflicts within the structure of our human evolution. How we function through our atmosphere is vital for the cycle of our human development…? We are all connected to each other through this cellular movement. Our existence past this crisis will continue… As we learn to find our own empowerment through these pitfalls… We can find internal strength within this beacon of light – to enhance our individual wholeness that will allow us to meet with this universal law… Out of this industrialised society, we are learning to make humans – humane again…! Through these multiple dynamics or layers within our existence, we are learning to open our reality from within our central system… We are processing our thoughts from our core censor… COVID-19 will pass… This dark spell will come to a close… By allowing ourselves to alter our thought patterns from suffering to happiness, we can achieve so much more… Even if, we fall before we rise…  Through the complication of this social and economic crisis – don’t let go of these birth rights…!  When we have no control of our external influences, all we can do is focus on our internal truth… What we can change from inside this expedition, we will change externally too… We can regain so much more…  Through this process, we can find a successful identity that can lead us through this forward movement…  Read More →