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Happiness is a conscious choice…!



“Difficulties are meant to rouse not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.”

– William Ellery

About the author, the body of knowledgeis a book that feeds the profundity of my knowledge… I enjoy absorbing information – there is no boundary to education…! However, learning outside these confined institutions gave memore freedom to develop my theory… Through my experience – educational organisationslacked the creativity of learningand I never got on with the politics around intellectualism…! It cluttered my thought process with unnecessary obstacles… Education for me is a lifelong experience and therefore, I am continually learning… As the author of this knowledge I have enjoyed investigating this complex theory…! Though, its not been easy to excess these inner abilities. I’ve endured many life experiences to be able to write this book…! 


I have two very important assistance, who are persistently aspiring me to learn and understand our subsistence… My two beautiful children Tanish and Tanishka advocate the laws of madness and always remind me that theory is one thingpractical is another matter…! Being a mother has changed the way I view the worldit’s amazing how these crazy innocent creatures can smileall your worries and barriers can come down instantly… Through them, I can see the simplest gesturesand how sincere a smile can be… as adults we forget… the power of a smile…! A smile doesn’t need to be an incentive or a reason of self-gain. A smile can go a long way in making this world a better place…! They are a bundle of joy…! 


However, I started writing on the body of knowledgewhen I was at University. I studied Interior- architecture, and always centred around the world of Art and design… Therefore, writing this theory was outside of the norm – trying to express using words instead of a paintbrush was challenging…! I have always had a profound passion for creativity – and through sheer determination I was able overcome my difficulties. Over the last few years I’ve re-ignited this flame to pursue my career… As I’ve developed this theory my knowledge has enhanced… Where I have started blogging and coaching… Everything that I have learnt throughout this journey has helped me to understand this philosophy and how the fabric of our society functions…? Our survival within our subsistence is extremely complicated and it’s not easy to process – therefore, through my weekly blogs to my mindful coaching service – I’ve been able to highlight this process by raising the awareness about where, why and how our mental and emotional triggers come from…? By investigating how the anatomy functions through our atmosphere…?  This is an interesting theory – indicating fascinating facts about the anatomy…!


After I left University, I made an unconventional decision to write this bookit went past normal scenarios, but this is where my heart found passion – and I was going to pursue this venture at any cost…! And 18 years later – though many life lessons and pitfalls, I have  come to the end of this expedition…! It’s not been easy – this knowledge has been a life-changing for me – and I wouldn’t change a thing…! I learned how complicated simplicity can beand was it worth it…? All I can saywhat an adventure… the realms of our inner being retains everything we need to know…! Time and circumstances don’t define us – who we are and how we endure through this process makes us who we are…?  Going on a quest to my stardust material was a epic adventure – breaking through my social conditionings proved extermely difficult but necessary for my forward movement..!


“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

– Buddha







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