It’s all about our growth mindset


“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”



The anatomy is a self-healing machine…!


What can we learn from this process…?


Every atom has power…


Atoms are micro-brains inside us…


Every thought is created from the by-product of our manifestation…! 








Living in the present

Biochemical machinery 

Mindset growth 

Emotional intelligence

Commitment of the anatomy


all result in



Progressive anatomy – will enhance positive communication…


When we are whole individually, we are whole with others…! We can share the same frequency within our atmosphere… When happiness turns into laughter – the magic will happen…! Our communication with one another should be free, joyful and delightful… Gravitate to happiness – the anatomy is self-healing…  



“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”

– Golda Meir


Every atom has ample energy


When our atoms of knowledge have a cycle of flow… Fear cells can turn into positive thoughts – that works for this biochemical machinery.



Our thinking process is productive


A progressive anatomy commits to our thought process…!



The emotional body, mental body and physical body all align together as one…


Emotional body, mental body and physical body



We work through every template inside the anatomy to restore our problems…!


The template of the anatomy



We learn to face our fears and obstructions…!

Every problem can be micro-managed.


It’s one step at a time…


Through this process we learn to face our fears and micro-manage the problems…



When we can build happy atoms, we can create a happy biochemical machinery… When our bio-chemical reactions are created from love and happiness – we can spread life inside the anatomy…


Happiness works like magic inside us…


Happiness works like magic inside the anatomy…!


We can end our depression by allowing ample amounts of happiness to restore and heal the anatomy…



We learn to see the world through our internal conditionings…!


Free yourselves from oppression



It’s all about going all in…!



Creative light


We learn to spread happiness…!


Our progressive anatomy is established according to how we micro-manage our atoms of knowledge…?  This philosophy is about how we structure each atom successfully…!  It may sound like hard work, but this emotional intelligence can structure and function through our sub-consciousness… Therefore, we can make this process effortless and at the same time have the skills to expand our knowledge. This biochemical machinery is signifying a skill about how we can transform the anatomy…? Once these skills have been learnt, we can use these internal mechanisms – as and when we anatomy requires… This process is uncompromisingly active and conscious – that is working cognitively to provide our actions for our present moment…


Life can only be experienced when we can sense our core processor through our nervous system…!


Gravity is the vital ingredient inside this process… Nothingness has no meaning – the commitment of the anatomy will provide logic and common-sense to our individual and social survival…


We start by planting the right intentions…! 


We learn to grow through this transformation process.


As we plant these seeds of intentions that enhances this tree of life theory… 


The anatomy is made of 70% water…!


The sun and the moon shape the movement of our tides… Through these gravitational forces… The ebb and flow of these cycles have the same impact on our emotional body, mental body and physical body… The anatomy has a direct connection to this universal law… This pendulum theory will help refine and define our thought process to our core centre…


We plant seeds of intention...
We plant seeds of intention…


We are all stardust material…!



This transformation process is all about the cycle of change – and how we grow through our emotional intelligence…



Growth is expanion…


Trust the process… and the tarjectory of gravity…!


Our internal happiness is our external happiness…!


Go all in…!

Commit to the anatomy…! 



Every atom is divine…



It’s all about the micro-management of our micro-brains…!


We learn to set ourselves free…!


When we follow the process – we will find our creativity…

We are looking for happiness and internal sunshine…!

Sunshine has the power to heal… This is the secret ingredient we are all looking for… 


Commit to the anatomy and look for this biochemical machinery…!


Be part of this creative process.


Clear the mind and overcome the obstacles… The mind plays games it’s all about delay…!  Clouds come and go…! 

Clear the mind and see the vision



Find the sunshine… Happiness multiplies…  When we are happy internally, we are happy externally… Have the muscle of will to re-ignite this inner flame… 



Be part of this stardust material…


The barometer of sunshine is the key to success – look for this internal happiness… It will help you rise above the lather…!


Everyday will be filled with happiness – give happiness a try…!


Everyday will be filled with happiness – give happiness a try…!


It’s all about self-love, a process that can help build our atmosphere – the concoction of happiness is endless… 


We can choose our atmosphere and how we subsist…! Rise like a star.


What is a progressive anatomy…?

What impact does a progressive anatomy have on our authenticity…? How can we enhance our human development through this process…?  When we unchain the process of our cellular memory.  What will we experience within this body…? How can we distinguish this progressive movement through the anatomy…? Happiness is more than laughter… It’s a natural healing component inside us. There are many benefits when we can allow happy bio-chemicals to enter inside the anatomy… Abundance from the by-product of our manifestation is at hand… We can co-create positively by enhancing our emotional intelligence to fuel this authentic anatomy. The needs we require for our survival is about our individual process… We all want to live a fully-fledged life – there is a process of being happy.  It all starts from the commitment of the anatomy… When we can learn to fulfil our emptiness and overcome our fear… We will understand what the anatomy needs.  Our fear is fuel for the body. When we can find inspiration and creativity through our failures, we can find contentment. We are all progressive individuals, but when our emotional body, mental body and physical body becomes conflicted. The anatomy suffers through pain and isolation… Happiness can’t be conformed through this trajectory… Therefore, in order to find happiness. We need to learn how to be content in the commitment of the anatomy…? This process is beyond self-love – it’s a practice about how we nurture the self…? True happiness can only really come when we can understand our pitfalls. When the anatomy has emotionally and mentally had enough of this drip injected dopamine feed. Our body clock will change… Humans have the ability to endure. We can subsist through unhappiness and endure through oppression.  When the anatomy speaks – take notes… Change from static to progressive is all about how we transmute through the energies of evolution and revolution…?  This is all about our transformation process.  It’s all about how we reason with the self…?  The process of how we commit to the anatomy will give us ample clarity…? As we are all emotional beings – it’s all about how we inhale these 20.000 breaths and how we think these 60.000 to 80.000 thoughts daily…?  When we learn to master our thoughts, we will direct this anatomy through our biochemical machinery. We are all stardust material – it’s all about going all in… When we want to find the soul purpose of our subsistence… We will gain structure and insight about how to create the anatomy…? It’s about unlocking our internal mechanisms to find the true potential of our authentic self… In our procrastination we will feel our isolation and entrapment. Through our progressive anatomy, we experience life from our inner being…!  The more we understand our self-worth the more we come to trust ourselves.  This is all about the commitment of the anatomy and how we connect to the universal law…?  The by-product of our manifestation is all about our expansion and mindset growth.  The anatomy needs to live in the present to be fully conscious.  What we are internally, we are externally with our environment… Profound changes first take place internally and then externally – it’s all about our transformation process… and how we adapt to change…?  When we can relight the flame inside us, we will advance our growth and expansion. When we feel constrained and confined, we are trapped and imprisoned.  When we are free and open, we can find happiness. The science in how the anatomy functions will be the key to our successful survival.  A well-structured mindset will project a creative and abundant subsistence… We are more than tissue and flesh…! When we can survive mindfully, we can open many doors for our continuation… We can inspire humanity when we can co-create our thought process… This is a profoundly deep philosophy all about the skin of the anatomy.  When we can learn to persist through happiness – we can create a firm foundation. The anatomy becomes a practice that is build from good -will. The process teaches us how the cycle of our transformation functions from inside us… How we learn to maintain the cycle of change is important for our forward movement…? This is the key ingredient of our survival… Change is always present, and to survive through our subsistence, we all need to adapt to this movement…  We are all conscious beings… Change is a flicker of a switch…!  The key to our progressiveness will always remain within our ability to change and how we can transform from isolation to happiness.  The cycle of change is vital for our forward movement and how we survive within our subsistence… When we have the ability to adapt, we can’t become static… The energies of evolution and revolution validates the importance within how we survive…? We are part of both realizations; change is a conscious movement about our mental wellbeing. A progressive anatomy indicates transition and growth within our forward movement.  It indicates wholeness and the fruitfulness of our survival. This is a place, way above the trajectory of fear.  It’s a place of stability and fulfillment due to the happiness that we can conceive through the by-product of our manifestation.  When we can enhance within our soul purpose, we can conform into this bio-chemical machinery. We can excel into the philosophy of our manifestation and this path is endless, progressive and liberal… We can sail our own trajectory by using our three brains. It’s a phenomenal place when we can stop searching for happiness and start being in the presence of happiness. There is a different emotional fulfillment when the trajectory of happiness can be emerged from love.  It’s all about how we commit to the anatomy…? When the anatomy speaks take notes. Learn to step outside of isolation…!    


What does happiness do inside the anatomy…?


The state of happiness inside the anatomy is about the fulfilment of our soul.  It’s about opening up this beacon of light… This ray of sunshine internally builds our confidence and strengthens our belief system.  It’s all about the commitment of the anatomy and how we project this beacon of light inwardly and outwardly within our subsistence…? The more fulfilled we are internally the more abundant we feel externally…! This strength provides us with truth, clarity and prosperity.  This foundation gives us an establishment to ground our philosophy on.  We feel completion and fulfilled because we are using every aspect of the anatomy for our forward movement.  We can build our authentic self with the blueprint of the anatomy through our birth rights…  The anatomy is being fuelled by inspiration and with the natural ingredients the anatomy requires for its survival…! When we are not living anxiously, we will feel more present from under our skin, we are surviving through the by-product of our manifestation… This expedition is phenomenal.


Positivity is the ray of light that the anatomy needs… We are all searching for this sunshine, when we find it pass it on…! Happiness fuels the anatomy stay abundant this is the success that is all around us…!  


What is our happy manifestation teaching us…?



Happiness is more than laughter. It fuels the anatomy with light and joy. Every mindful moment we can create around us will enhance our contentment.  We will fulfil our emptiness through happiness.  This process is more than pleasure, when we are positive, we are stable.  This is a self-healing mechanism.  Happiness has the power and light to empower and fuel our forward movement.  When we can commit to the anatomy, we can embrace this manifestation. 


How can we condition our thought process with love and affection…? How we look after our own independence is valuable to how we treat ourselves…? When we are nurtured by trust and esteemed within the commitment of the anatomy.  We will find contentment within the self.  In return we can give this quality to others.  When we can protect our own happiness by not harming another person’s happiness, we are in self-love… When we are surrounded by love, abundance and joy, we can give this to others.  When we can feel compassion, we have kindness all around us.    


When we can trust the commitment of the anatomy, we can trust this universal law.  When we can manifest abundance and joy through our own commitments, we won’t waste time trying to take it from someone else…! When we have trust within our actions, we can trust how we articulate our internal conditionings. When we have this confidence, we can find trust within ourselves that ‘this process’ can fulfil the by-product of our manifestation.  When we can trust ourselves, we can find happiness. It’s all about our subsistence and how we fuel the anatomy…!


It’s all about the freedom of the mind.  The core aspect of our growth and expansion comes from our mental freedom.  It will release the anatomy from oppression. This will unchain us from the ethics of control and manipulation.  We need to be free from all external influences to be part of the by-product of our manifestation. It’s all about how we utilise the process of gravity and how we subsist within our birth rights…? 


We take 20.000 breaths and think 60.000 to 80.000 thoughts daily.  When we can control our emotions inside our internal conditionings, we can gain control externally within our atmosphere. When we know how to retain our happiness, we can control the output of what we receive…?  


When we are grateful of what we receive – and appreciate what we have…!  We can find a stable environment – we can plant the right seeds of intentions.  When we set long-term goals for our gratification we can grow and enhance the method in which we find success.  Short-term gratification gives us instant gratification that fuels our drip injected dopamine feed… Our long-term gratification is all about how we grow within this tree of life…?  It’s all about building our objectivities through our purposefulness.     

Living in the present

We are living freely when we are living in the here and now…! When we are content in the present, we can move mountains.  It’s all about the commitment of the anatomy.  How can we find compassion within our every moment…?  When we can find joy and happiness around us.  We can fuel the anatomy on a daily basis – the by-product of our manifestation is all about the growth and expansion we have within our every mindful second, minute, hour and day…! It’s about embracing happiness and finding happiness all around us… By searching for a small amount of happiness in our present moment, we can learn to nurture the roots of this foundation into our success…!

Biochemical machinery

We are all energy…! It’s all about going all in and how we unlock our internal conditionings…?  We will be able to understand the process of this biochemical machinery.  This evolution starts from atoms that we inhale, and it ends within the production that conforms this anatomy.  Energy is the birthplace in how we exist.  When we can stimulate energy for our forward movement, we can find stability in our here and now…!  This process will indicate the growth and expansion that we can nurture through this tree of life… This is a conscious process.

Mindset growthmachinery

The expansion of our thought process is all about our mindset.  How we grow and enhance this philosophy within the three stages of our behaviour patterns will structure the anatomy…?  We are all mindful beings; this internal beauty is our external attractiveness…  What we create internally is what we create externally – it’s all about the power of our thought process. This knowledge fuels our consciousness…!  It’s all about the pendulum theory…!

Emotional intelligence

There are various stages inside our mindset growth – to gain clarity within our subsistence, we need to understand every stage inside the mind/brain. Our emotional intelligence is conformed by what we perceive and how we think…? This process is part of our cognitional activities, where we can gain clarity inside our visualisation. This fuels the anatomy both internally and externally…! This philosophy is profound – it’s all about how we relate to the anatomy and the conditions we give to the self…! It’s all about the commitment of the anatomy…!

Commitment of the anatomy

When we can embrace the commitment of the anatomy.  We will embrace our internal truth.  We are all part of this stardust material… We are all unique and without self-love we have no commitment and thoughts about our internal truth. We will have no growth and expansion.  When we bind to the commitment of the anatomy, we have universal knowledge and truth… We can gain clarity and purpose within the self that can fuel our forward movement…! It’s all about learning to be present within our subsistence.


Gravity through our progressive anatomy will help us to form our forward movement, by learning to flow with our natural energy through our bio-chemical reactions…!






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